When Should I Start Servicing a New Aircon?

When Should I Start Servicing a New Aircon? You’ve got a new air conditioner system in your home, and you’re feeling great about what you have. The aircon system is moving clean air throughout your home, plus it may cost less to operate than your old model.

But like with every other aircon system, it will require regular aircon maintenance to stay efficient. Servicing new aircon functions isn’t something you might have on your mind, but you’ll need to consider it soon.

Hiring a professional who can help with servicing new aircon efforts is critical to your system. You also don’t want to try and service it yourself, as it could be dangerous, and you could void your warranty.

The Rule of Thumb

The best time to start servicing your new aircon setup is about 3 months to 6 months depends on your usage after it starts working. You can schedule a service for your aircon system around the same time each year to ensure it keeps operating as well as you hope.

Reviewing your aircon system beforehand ensures it will be ready and that you’re resolving any possible issues before they become a concern as it gets hot outside.

What Does Servicing Entail?

The servicing process will include many functions to ensure your air conditioning system remains intact and functional. The servicing process can feature many steps that focus on various features surrounding your setup:

  • Checking the Air Filter – The air filter needs regular replacement to ensure it keeps outside particles and dirt from entering your vents. You can tell your air filter needs replacing if you notice a dark color in the filter body.
  • Cleaning the Inside Coil – A technician can clear the dust and debris from the coil inside the aircon system. A clean coil ensures a more efficient HVAC system. It supports proper airflow and drainage.
  • Cleaning the Condensate Pump – The condensate pump collects condensation produced by refrigerated air. A dirty pump will collect excess condensate and can develop sludge. A clean pump allows the moisture to flow through and to avoid influencing the pump quality.
  • Reviewing the Wiring – The aircon system might feature some lines or components rubbing against one another. The extra pressure or stress from the wiring could be risky if not handled well.

A professional who can service your aircon setup can handle all these tasks. The process of servicing new aircon functions will be worthwhile when you have the right person on hand to help with your work.

Filters and Vents May Be Cleaned Sooner

When Should I Start Servicing a New Aircon?

You could always clean the aircon filters and vents in your aircon system sooner if necessary. You can review your vents and filters every sixty to ninety days to find surprise issues in the space and to fix them. Such items are usually easier for people to handle themselves and do not require an outside professional’s help in the effort.

What If You Need It Sooner?

There’s a chance you might need to get your aircon system serviced sooner than 6 months after it starting working. Your aircon system will require servicing sooner if you experience any of these threats:

  • Warm air is coming from your vents.
  • There isn’t enough air flowing through your vents.
  • The humidity levels in your home are higher than usual. Your aircon system can regulate humid conditions in your home. Any case where your home is more humid than you expect could be a sign of concern.
  • The aircon system is running through multiple cycles regardless of the weather. Any sign where it keeps cycling on and off at random may be a problem.

When Should I Start Servicing a New Aircon? – Conclusion

When Should I Start Servicing a New Aircon?

Be sure you look at how well your aircon system is working and that you have a servicing plan in hand.

An annual service is necessary, as you’ll need a review every year. But watch for how your setup is operating and that it works well. Don’t forget to contact a professional for help if you note something wrong with your current system.

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