When Should You Top Up Your Aircon Gas?

Our daily activities cannot go on smoothly without aircons. Consider a situation where there is an increase in temperature in our homes or office. In such scenarios, lack of aircons would result in disaster. Aircons enables us to set temperatures in the range that will enable us to remain comfortable. As you can see, they are vital elements in any home.

Care and Maintenance of Aircons

Aircons should be services and maintained periodically. Failure to do so will affect their performance. An aircon that functions optimally demands more than just cleaning. There are several other maintenance procedures that should be carried out. Gas top up is one of the little known problems that is associated with aircons. In order to refresh our minds on why gas top up is necessary, consider the scenario below:

Suppose the tubing system of your aircon is damaged. Definitely, it will start to leak. With time, the leakage will finish the available gas. Basically, almost all aircons leak once in a while. As you can see, topping up the aircon with gas is a procedure that should be carried out regularly.

Gas Top Up

Gas top up is the process of filling up the gas so that the aircon unit can work as expected. When there is insufficient gas in the system, the aircon will not work and even if it works, it will not be able to restore the room temperatures to the required levels.

When should you top up your aircon gas?

This is one of the questions that tend to bring challenges to aircon users. A good number of individuals believe that their aircon should only be topped up in case a leakage has been noticed. That is not always the case. There are various situations that should prompt you to top us your aircon gas. For instance:

This is the easiest and the surest way to confirm that the aircon gas should be refilled. Basically, the gas facilitates the conversion of hot air into cold air. That is the rule of the thumb. Therefore, if your system cannot produce cold air, you will definitely confirm that the gas is insufficient. Establishing that your aircon no longer produces cold air s easy because the cold air is transferred in the house evenly. Therefore, high temperature in the house is an indicator that the gas level is down.

This is another perfect way to confirm if you should top up the freon gas. Normally, water leakages in the aircon unit indicate that gas top up is necessary. Water leakages results from incomplete vaporization processes. Incomplete vaporization occurs when the gas is exhausted. However, the leakages may also result from other issues. In that case, it is necessary to consult an expert so that he/she can troubleshoot if the problem is related to gas shortage or not.

The results of an inspection process will enable us to know if a gas top up is necessary. In Singapore, you will find reputable service providers who will give you reliable information on the required maintenance procedures. A simple inspection procedure will allow you to fix all aircon problems including gas issues. Always bear in mind that an inspection process should include checking if you should top up your aircon gas.

We all know that aircon systems are critical systems that require proper maintenance and care. When our aircons are damaged, we are forced to look for repairmen. A qualified repairman will be able to tell what caused the damages or failures. A good repairman will carry out the repairs while at the same time correcting to factors that brought the damage which may include refilling the gas.

When you install your aircon, you should always check its performance regularly. This tip is essential especially if you want to enjoy fist-class aircon services. If you can perfect how to monitor the performance of your aircon unit properly, you will be able to tell if gas refilling is necessary. An aircon which doesn’t function as expected may mean that you should check the gas.

The Working of an Aircon

Having looked at some of the factors and conditions that should prompt us to refill the aircon gas, learning how the aircon works is vital too. It will facilitate troubleshooting of problems that may require gas refilling. Here is a summary of how the aircon works.

An aircon has 3 components i.e. the compression unit, the condensation unit and the evaporation unit. All the three components work in harmony is order to condition the air that comes from outside. Actually, the functioning of an aircon unit resembles that of a refrigerator. The only difference is that the aircon regulates temperature in a larger area that the fridge. Aircons utilize special chemicals that have the ability to convert air to liquid (fluid) and back to air which facilitates the dehumidification of indoor air. Both the compression and condensation units are located outside the house.

The compression unit carries out its functions by taking air then compressing it into a liquid. The fluid then proceeds to the condensation unit. In the condensation unit, heat is filtered out. No evaporation occurs either. The fluid then proceeds to the evaporating unit (located in the house) where it evaporates back to air. The air is what cools the house.

For the explanation on the working of the aircon, we can conclude that an aircon that is not in good condition cannot function as expected. The same thing applies when the gas is exhausted.

The tips the have been given above are handy when it comes to gas refilling. They are vital when we want to check and refill the aircons. Home owners are advised to consider every factor seriously since each factor will count in the event of trying to maintain the aircons. The factors will also enable us to enjoy maximum services from the aircons.

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