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Why you should never hire unreliable aircon servicing, chemical wash & repair services?

7 Danger of Hiring Unreliable Aircon Company

If you are a resident of Singapore, then you can easily understand the difficulties that you face on a sunny day without a properly working air-conditioning system. Therefore, it is very important that you should always hire a best aircon company for all the work related to your air-conditioning system. In case of wrong selection you may face so many problems and here is a list of 7 danger of hiring unreliable aircon company.

An unreliable aircon company may not have very knowledgeable and experienced technicians with them. Due to lack of knowledge and experience these technicians might damage your air-conditioning system and can create so many other problems as well. As a result of this your might end up paying more money to some other company and you might need to suffer as well.

Regardless of the best quality of products air conditioner and all the related machines are just electronic equipment and it can stop working due to some minor fault as well. This problem may occur due to short circuit, voltage fluctuation or any other issue as well that has nothing to do with Aircon Company, but if you choose a wrong company, then you might not get support at odd time of the day for these problems. However, a reliable aircon company will remain available 24×7 for you and they will send someone to solve the problem as soon as you call them.

Air conditioner not only cools your place, but it also cleans the air as well. If you choose an unreliable aircon company that does know how to service your air conditioner properly, then your air conditioning system may spread so many micro organisms in your home or office environment and it can create so many health problems for people.

A reliable aircon company will not only resolve the visible problems, but its technician will always look for other issues as well that can affect the performance of your air conditioning. After evaluating these problems, they will resolve these problems as well so you get the best performance from your Air conditioner and you do not get any problem in near future as well. However, an unreliable company will solve the problem only superficially that will make your system vulnerable for future problems and it will decrease the performance as well.

Older electric parts start consuming more energy and if you do not replace these old parts it will keep on increasing the problems and electricity consumption as well. An unreliable company or its inexperienced technicians will never look in this problem, but experienced technicians of a reliable company will not only look in these problems, but they will suggest you to replace these old parts as well. They will also tell you the reason of replacing and benefits that you can get from it.

Proper service on regular time interval can avoid so many problems in your air conditioning system and you might not get this quality in an unreliable aircon company. An unreliable company will not give you prompt and timely service and this delay can create some other issues in your air conditioning system. However, a reliable company will always meet the servicing calendar and they will promptly reach to your place on any complaint so you get minimum problem in any condition.

Selection of an unreliable aircon company will lead you to wastage of your money in many ways. First, you will pay a lot of money to unreliable aircon company for poor services with no positive result from them. Other than this these poor services will increase your electricity bill, can create health problems that can increase your medical bills, and poor servicing might damage other parts of your air conditioner as well that is an added expense in it. After facing all these problems, you will need to hire some other reliable company or you might need to buy a new air conditioner as well. This will double your investment and most of this extra trouble and additional investment will be wastage of money due to wrong selection of Aircon Company only.

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The importance of choosing a trusted aircon servicing, chemical wash & repair services

6 Reasons To Choose Reputable air conditioner Company

Are you a residence of Singapore looking for a reputable air conditioner company? The truth of the matter is that air conditioner servicing companies in Singapore do come in handy making it a bit tricky to select the best service provider. A client needs to be keen enough to ensure that he/she pays for what qualifies and shows the value for the money spent. You may need to install or repair an air conditioner and in most cases, you will need the help of professionals to do this task. An air conditioner is obviously an investment to any Singaporean hence it needs to be given the attention it deserves. One needs an air conditioner Repair expert who does not gamble but does the task based on experience. To evade from extra spending or losses, it is mandatory to advocate any task related to air conditioner repair and maintenance to professional in Singapore. How then do you go about choosing a reputable air conditioner servicing in this place where they are not one, two or three but numerous? You will have to choose a reputable company that guarantees the following benefits.

A reputable air conditioner Company will not be basing their skills on trial and experience but several years of successful repair and installation. Don’t just choose a company because you saw its auspicious advertisement. When was that company established? What do others say about them? By choosing a company that has a vast of experience, you are sure of getting a well done job. Your time in Singapore needs to be cool and serene all day long and that is why you must choose an air conditioner repair with experience.

You should not dare advocate air conditioner repair services to bogus companies that do not even have insurance. A company in Singapore that has been insured with proper coverage will leave you safe. In case the company causes defect to your air conditioner device, it is not time to face the loss with both fist but let the insurance company take its course. Always ensure that the company you choose has an exclusive insurance coverage to avoid total damage/loss.

A reputable air conditioner company will always use trained personnel. Using skilled professionals when it comes to matter to do with air conditioner, you are guaranteed of a successful service. To gauge if a company constitutes professionals, observe them from all angle. What was your experience with them during the first interaction? Did they answer you politely and timely? Was the delivery done on time? These are some of the many questions that can help you know whether this air conditioner Company is reliable or not.

Were you dissatisfied during the first sight with them? Did the air conditioner break down not long after they did a repair? In most cases, don’t be compromised by the price because cheap services may be expensive in the long run. Did they perform air conditioner chemical wash to your AC unit? A reputable company will ensure that everything they do is up to date and acknowledges state of the art technologies.

A company that has got good reputation will not have any hidden cost. In case they stated that they do offer free price quotation, then that should be fulfilled. Unscrupulous companies will hike their servicing cost especially when many Singaporeans need to use their AC units most. You should always be cautious when comparing air conditioner repair cost between different air conditioner Servicing companies to avoid being taken advantage of. A reputable air conditioner company will not lie to you.

The best air conditioner servicing company will not be limited on the range of services that they do offer. They should not be too selective when it comes to an air conditioner repair. They should be in a position to handle each and every AC units unless otherwise. Finding a reputable AC repair company that can handle a vast of task implies that you will no longer have any difficulties when it comes to air conditioner servicing.


You now have a thorough clue on what it takes to identify a company that has got good reputation. Don’t just choose any AC repair company simply because they are within your Singapore vicinity. Always entrust air conditioner servicing companies that will give you value for your money.

Why choose us as your aircon servicing, chemical wash & repair services

8 Reasons To Choose Our Company For Your air conditioner Maintenance Needs

Are you aware that if you do not maintain your air conditioner regularly, it will cost you more? It will use more energy thus increasing the cost of electricity, something most people are not aware of. Besides the high cost, it may also breakdown during a hot and dry day. Whether you will find it comfortable sitting in such a room on such a day is doubtable, can you? This makes it very important for you to consider getting proper air conditioner servicing companies for the job. One may ask, where do I find such companies? Many people find it necessary to peruse through local directory books, but it is easier to search on the internet.

There are so many companies on the internet that one can choose from. This makes it complex process to get the right one. There are several aspects of the service provider that you must be aware of. Don’t confuse, this article is not trying to incline your decision towards our company. It only aims to position you well on how to select the best provider.

Features of a perfect air conditioner service provider

It is advisable to settle for a certified company; one that has been approved by the state. The conditions and qualities that any company has to meet in order to be registered and certified in Singapore are very strict. All the licensed companies must follow the set guidelines to ensure high standards of services provided. While searching for one, it is advisable to check if they are certified to offer the service in Singapore.

For how long has the company been working in Singapore? It may be a well known country outside the nation, but that does not guarantee quality service provision in Singapore. Checking on the effectiveness of the provider is very crucial. You can ask from friends and relatives on which one they prefer most. Ascertaining the skills and training levels of the expert you want to call in your house or company is essential. Bearing in mind that not all air conditioning units are the same, it becomes important to understand if the personnel you want to hire can deal with your type. It feels bad to pay for something that has not been effectively done.

Getting to assess a company’s reputation will be very vital. How can you do this? Get customer reviews on the internet, but be very keen to note fake ones. It is even convenient to get reviews from the current clients. They are better place to give you a clear picture of the company.

They are simply descriptions of the service offered. You should always ask for quotes to get information on what kind of service to expect. Furthermore, you can sample quotes from many companies to help yourself choose the best provider. The good thing with this is that you can always refer to the quote anytime the provider brings about complications.

A good provider should always respond immediately to customer requests. For instance, if a person wants air conditioner repairs, a good provider must do it in the next 24 hours. This stretches to even how customer calls are answered. The one that treats customers with courtesy should be preferred.

Some companies choose to work on weekdays only. This makes them unavailable on Saturdays and Sundays. If a client’s air conditioner breaks down on such days, he/she is inconvenienced by such providers. A good company should be reliable and accessible on any day. In that case, there are very few companies in Singapore which operate on this basis. With our company on top of the list, you can call them any day and there you will get what you need.

A good provider should be well vast in dealing with different brands of air conditioners. Ranging from window to commercial air conditioner systems, the company must have well trained staff to handle them. In addition, it should be able to provide extra service such as teaching the customer some basic air conditioner maintenance skills.

Finally, one thing we highlighted earlier on as a reason to why one must service an air conditioner was to reduce costs. It should offer good service, but at an affordable cost. Though most qualified companies offer good service, their costs are slightly higher compared to ours. It is thus important to opt for that which will suit both your needs and your pocket. Visit us and request for our quote for more information.

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