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Air conditioners, like any valuable appliance within your home or workplace, require regular maintenance to serve its purpose effectively. Functionality and durability are both factors that make up for an efficient and long-lasting unit. When maintenance is neglected, you will most likely encounter various problems and can be very inconvenient. Not only is the performance of you air conditioner affected, but its overall state will depreciate at a faster rate. It may give up working sooner than expected. Moreover, energy costs rise even when your are not getting the coolest air blown and circulated throughout your place. What’s worse is certain particles and contaminants can be brought about by unclean air, which are potentially harmful to health.

Hence, you must see to it that you provide utmost care to your own air-conditioning unit for your utmost comfort as well. Whether it is for the family you are looking after or the wellness of employees as your best interest, Singapore aircon servicing can ensure that your needs are surely met.

Aircon Servicing

Common Air Conditioning Problems

The most common issues that people experience upon finding fault in the normal performance of their unit includes:

1. The unit turns on but does not produce cold air.

An aircon unit is comprised of two parts, the indoor fan coil which elicits the cooling effect, and the external fan which blows the air but is not designed to cool the air. This is the reason why some units would turn on and seem to blow air but the room does not get cold at all. In this case, a knowledgeable technician would know exactly what to do. Primarily, the problem will be diagnosed accurately, which then would be fixed accordingly.

2. Water is leaking out from the aircon system.

Condensation is part of the typical operation of an air conditioning unit, however, this must not leak out of the machine. What’s worse is it can leak into your room and drip over carpets, and can pose as an electrical hazard. This situation would usually be a misaligned, clogged or damaged drain pipe. This drain pipe is connected to the internal fan coil where condensed water comes from, which leads the water to where it should be disposed of properly Otherwise, aircon servicing will be needed to make certain that leakage is addressed immediately.

3. The aircon unit produces weird smells or makes an annoying noise.

It is possible for bacteria to thrive inside an aircon unit, and it can be a tedious task to eliminate this growth. A chemical wash may be required in such cases which you can learn more about later on. On the other hand, if your unit makes a lot of noise, it may be an indicator that a part of it has gotten loose. This could be the fan inside the machine or there could actually be something stuck right within the unit. This could entail pulling your unit apart or having an aircon overhaul done, to find out what exactly is causing these problems, which is best done by experienced aircon servicing people.

Chemical Wash

One of the best forms of maintenance is the chemical wash,. This deals with water leakage, strange smells fuming out of your aircon, and whatever concern that even thorough cleaning of your aircon cannot fix. More importantly, dust, dirt and bacteria buildup are eliminated which can lead to worse things than a poorly maintained aircon unit. This is why a chemical wash is ideally done. The process may seem like something dangerous and harmful at first, on the contrary, the chemicals used are absolutely safe. It simply means each part of your aircon system undergoes a chemical bath which will wash away all harmful elements and give you air that’s a lot safer to breathe. In line with a few precautions, it can be performed in the best manner by professionals.

Aircon Overhaul

During a chemical wash or any other procedure, a thorough evaluation must be performed. A reliable technician would take time to look into your entire air conditioning unit and go way beyond typical service. Professionals would see to it that all parts are in perfect condition. The outdoor fan unit will be examined and checked if it is misaligned or in any way broken, screws are kept secured in place, and anything that needs repair will be addressed. Depending on the functionality, how old your unit is and how frequent maintenance has been observed, if the aircon requires significantly more repairs, it may be time to consider having your aircon overhauled. In this process, the whole system is dismantled and its components are completely inspected. Parts are cleaned and replaced as needed. It prevents deterioration and is recommended to be part of maintenance at least once a year.

Troubleshooting, Repair, and Airconditioning Maintenance Benefits

Now that you are aware of the common problems that many owners of air conditioning units experience, it is good to know that you can rely on Absolute Aircon services in Singapore. Whenever you require, repair and troubleshooting professionals can ensure that the filters, coils, fins and each part of your system is in its best working condition and executes excellent performance. Cleaning the unit filters on your own must be done every two weeks which reduces the likelihood for future repairs. However, you must also keep in mind that you would still have to have your system checked regularly even if you do not notice the exact same issues. It is essential such that you achieve air conditioning maintenance benefits which are listed below:

-Scheduling aircon servicing regularly can greatly help you with proper maintenance to prevent aircon problems.

-Extended life of your air conditioning unit, allowing it to serve you its purpose well for a long time.

-Improved overall performance of your system and you get its optimal benefits.

-Promotes safety and peace of mind with minimized health risks through better air quality in any room it operates in.

-Regular maintenance would prevent unexpected breakdowns, not to mention those that happen at the hottest time of day or the most inconvenient circumstances.

-Steer clear of expensive, costly repairs or even having to get a replacement a lot sooner than you may truly require.

-Energy costs are kept at minimum, and when added up for the entire year can give you big savings!

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