Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore

Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore
Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore

Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore – Air conditioners have become more integral in most of Singapore’s residential and commercial buildings, with over 34% of people using them for over seven hours. The country’s positioning within the tropics makes it a hot temperature zone, driving enormous demands. However, their use declines during cold weather since only minimum heating may be necessary.

If you plan to install aircon in your residential and commercial buildings, this article is for you. We’ll offer insight into all things to consider when installing an aircon. Read on!

Types of Residential and Commercial Aircons

aircon installation service in Singapore
aircon installation service in Singapore

Residential and commercial air cons come in various types that you should be aware of before installing. These air conditioners typically fit different functionalities, including portability and situational positioning. Moreover, they differ in energy efficiencies and costs, which helps to make a better choice when selecting each. Below are the types of aircon you can install in your Singapore’s commercial and residential buildings:

  • Window air conditioners: You can mount these air conditioners on your windows and a wall opening. They can still be perfect for installing through wall openings. Window air conditioners are ideal for residential buildings where rooms can be tinier.
  • Multi-split air conditioners – With two separate units – indoor and outdoor – can be ideal for more ample rooms. They’re also energy efficient and perfect for commercial building installations.
  • Ducted air conditioners: You can centrally install these air conditioners to distribute cool and hot air throughout a room centrally. The air conditioner usually has ducts dispelling air outside and is ideal for large commercial buildings.
  • Portable air conditioners: As free-standing air conditioners, they usually aren’t suitable for large commercial spaces but tinier residential rooms. This aircon offers perfect temporary cooling; you can move them from room to room.

Knowing more about the type of air conditioner you should use enables you to get the most out of them. That includes determining whether they’re suitable for domestic or residential installations.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Type of Aircon

energy efficiency in aircon
energy efficiency in aircon

It helps to consider a few essential factors before choosing an aircon for your commercial or residential installation. Your choice for the various air conditioner varieties above should depend on the factors below:

  • Energy efficiency: If achieving higher energy efficiency is your goal, you should pick multi-split air conditioners to help you save on costs. Remember, air conditioners consume a lot of energy and can quickly get you into footing high monthly bills. So, an energy-efficient air conditioner can come to your rescue.
  • Repair and maintenance: The ease of repair and maintenance may determine your choice of aircon for your commercial and residential buildings. More permanently installed aircon has robust chasses and may not easily break down compared to portable and window aircon. And although maintaining the former can be quite costly when they break down, it’s often rare compared to the latter.
  • Air quality: Choosing an air conditioner that provides the best indoor air output should be your priority, and it’ll help if you experiment with available options. Some aircon can be more efficient and render cleaner and more refreshing air into your home.
  • Ease of installation – The key to quickly having your air conditioner up and running in your commercial and residential building is finding an easy-to-install aircon. Portable and window aircon can be ideal for residential buildings as you can even DIY-install them. Ducted and multi-split aircon require more installation procedures, can be incredibly procedural, and may need a professional’s help.

Understanding how to pick an aircon based on the above factors should offer you a more practical appliance that would be more seamless to manage and maintain over an extended span.

DIY Vs. Professional Aircon Installation In Singapore: Which Is Better?

DIY Vs. Professional Aircon Installation
DIY Vs. Professional Aircon Installation

You might find yourself torn between opting for professional commercial and residential building aircon installation and doing it yourself. The good thing is both options can work well. The only difference would be the time it takes to complete the installation and how easier it can be to work with a professional.

Below are what you should look for when installing aircon using a professional installation company in Singapore:

Experience and expertise: 

Your preferred aircon installer should have numerous years of practice. Besides, they should have a proven track record of proficiently installing aircon with happy clients vouching for their services. That should guarantee you safe and excellent aircon installations.

Certifications and licenses: 

Certified aircon installers have the proper accreditation and can display relevant certificates and licenses. That shows they can legally operate within the country’s laws. Moreover, working with registered companies can come to your rescue when filing for claims and demanding compensation should things go wrong.

Pricing and Warranties: 

An ideal aircon installation company should fit within your working budget and not strain you much financially. They should be willing to negotiate and sometimes compromise on their charges to accommodate your budget.

Customer service: 

Excellent customer service is a no-brainer when working with an aircon installation service in Singapore. Your preferred company should be available whenever you need their services, including follow-up repairs and installation adjustments. That should help you ensure that your aircon works perfectly on end.

Reputation and reviews: 

Your aircon installation company should have a solid reputation for its past dealings with happy clients. Please check your installer’s company website for customer comments on their services. You can still ask around people who’ve worked with the company and listen to what they say. That should help you understand more about whom you want to talk with.

Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore – Conclusion

Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore - Conclusion
Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation Singapore – Conclusion

Residential and commercial aircon installation in Singapore is quite a breeze, and you can leverage help from reputable installation companies. Also, you can still do it yourself if you understand your way around it. However, it’d be best to work with a professional installation company for commercial installations if possible.

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