What Is The Best System 3 Aircon For HDB?

Having the best aircon installed in your house or office helps to maintain fresh air throughout. However, before you go through with the AC installation, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you really need an air conditioner or you are okay with a fan? If you are okay without a conditioner, then you shouldn’t bother having it installed.

Remember an air conditioner comes with extra electrical costs. So, are you willing to pay more for your monthly electric bills? If yes, then you can go ahead with the installation process.

There are many types of air conditioners in the market. You should, therefore, take your time in order to settle for the best system aircon for HDB. The best way to make this decision is by determining the size of the building you want to have the conditioner installed. A big house, probably with three bedrooms, will require a system 3 + single spilled or system 4. HDB, system 3 aircon’s come in a variety of brands.

In order for you to find the best one, you can seek recommendations from friends and family, you can also look for various customer reviews available online.

The following factors should determine the air conditioner you purchase:

-Size of the house you want the conditioner to be installed in.
-Your specific requirements. For example, you might want the most energy-efficient or a silent conditioner
-The main use of the air conditioner; it can either be for cooling, air filtering or moisture removal
-Whether you will look for a professional installer or you will do it yourself.

There are many aircon brands available in Singapore but the following are the most common and the three best systems 3 aircon for HDB. These are:


This air conditioner brand is very popular in Singapore due to its warranty offer of 10 years. As a buyer, you are assured of having your air conditioner repaired and maintained for no extra cost as long as the warranty is valid. To make it better for customers, the brand has a variety of air conditioner products to help cater to requests from different customers as well as fit their budgets.

Other qualities that make this brand of aircon’s popular include
-High-efficiency aircon products
-High-quality energy-saving powers
-High rated inverter systems which are of great help in bringing down the monthly electricity bill
-Have a variety of products that work well with different compressor speeds
-Very efficient for air filtering purposes and therefore the best for removing pollutants

Panasonic offers the best ductless air conditioner system, therefore, making them among the most popular HDB, system 3 in Singapore. Some of its favorable features include:

-Highly affordable and readily available in the market
-Energy-efficient: it has an inverter that helps manage the energy used
-High-quality products
-The best for air filtering with additional qualities such as washable air filters, bacteria filters
-Quiet air conditioners
-Uses Bluefin technology and has the R410 refrigerant system
These features help to improve the user’s experience with the system making them the most favored system 3 aircon brand in Singapore.


For the environmentally-conscious people, this company offers the best eco-friendly AC systems. It also has an inverter and non-inverter conditioning systems depending on the customer requirements. Daikin air conditioners are made of very high-quality materials which in turn help to increase their durability. You can, therefore, use one air conditioner for a really long time without having to change it.

As long as you have your conditioner maintained as required, you will enjoy its efficiency for a long time. Some of the favorable features of this aircon brand include:
-Highly affordable.
-Availability of easy to install systems.
-Has both commercial multi-split and multi-room air conditioners.
-Requires minimum maintenance.

When choosing the right aircon for your home or office, you can read through the many customer reviews to understand the brand that suits you best. There are of course other available brands in Singapore but the above three are most favored due to the beneficial features to all customers.

Choosing the right size air conditioner

After deciding on the right aircon brand, the next thing you should consider is choosing the right size for your needs. This decision is for your best interest as with the right size, you get both efficiency and effectiveness from the systems.

Choosing an extra big air conditioner will force you to use lots of energy and hence increase your electricity bill. A smaller air conditioner on the other hand might fail to deliver as expected. This is why it is important to follow the following tips when deciding on the right size.

-Using a tape measure, take the measurements of the room you will have your air conditioner installed. For rooms that are not square, divide them into square sections and use a tape measure to determine their actual size.

-Using the measurements you have, calculate the square footage of the room.
-If you are installing a centralized aircon system, you are required to take the square footage of each room to be served by the conditioner. Remember to put all these measurements down on a paper.
-Determine the amount of cooling or filtering required in your house.

If you feel you feel that this is not easy to do, you can seek the services of a professional air conditioner installing company in Singapore. In fact, there are many reputable firms, so you don’t have to worry. A professional installer will be in a much better position to advise you on the best brand and size to meet your needs.

There are some simple aircon systems that you can easily install by yourself. However, some are complicated and will require a professional to install them. Also, using the services of a professional installer comes with added advantages such as;

-After-sale services where the installer you get the privilege of calling the installer to check your system in case of a problem.
-Efficiency and professionalism while installing the system.

When it comes to air conditioning systems, it’s always a good idea to go with a reputable company. Buying cheap products might end up costing you more than you think, especially in terms of repairs and maintenance.

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