6 Reasons To Opt For Yearly Aircon Servicing Contract

The use of aircon systems has grown over the years, resulting in an increased demand for quality servicing services throughout Singapore. Therefore, getting quality and cost-effective services is very important and requires proper research before hiring an aircon service provider. In addition, there are different service contracts, with yearly contracts offering some of the most significant advantages.

Your air conditioning system requires regular servicing and maintenance to help it run efficiently. This should be done by a reliable and experienced professional to guarantee you long-lasting quality results. Always look for a credible and reliable servicing company to reap these benefits. A good aircon servicing company should have the best knowledge and service options for maintaining and servicing your air conditioning system.

Below are six reasons why you should opt for a yearly aircon servicing contract with a professional AC servicing and maintenance company: –

Benefits of yearly aircon servicing contract

It is cost-effective: –

One of the most significant issues many air conditioning system users face is high energy costs. However, this can be arrested by ensuring that your unit is serviced regularly, and the best way to do this is by signing a yearly contract with your maintenance company. Signing such a contract is equivalent to buying goods wholesale and comes at a lower cost, thus helping you maximize your investment. Annual agreements come at a lower price than a once-off contract, allowing you to keep the servicing cost low. Additionally, regular servicing of your air conditioning unit helps the system function efficiently without consuming much energy, reflected in your monthly utility bills. Maximized energy efficiency means low operating costs for you!

Helps pre-empt major system breakdowns and repairs

Your air conditioning system is prone to imminent breakdowns, which can be very costly. However, your professional AC servicing company can help prevent this by doing regular servicing to your system or even detecting the problem early before it occurs. Simple servicing and repairs can help avoid costly maintenance and part replacement, thus saving you unnecessary stress and costs.

Optimize your aircon system operations

Yearly contract opens up your system to frequent servicing schedules, which helps improve their operation. This kind of contract means that the professional AC servicing company will schedule regular cleaning and replacement of the system filters, vacuuming of the drainage system, and cleaning the evaporator coils and blower wheels, among other things. All these and other servicing needs are usually catered for under the terms and conditions of the yearly aircon servicing contract. You can save a lot of money while at the same time optimizing your system’s operations.

Optimize your aircon system operations
Optimize your aircon system operations

Prevents system breakdown during severe weather conditions

Nothing is more stressful than having your air conditioning system break down during severe weather conditions. This can cause serious discomfort and make your home or office inhabitable. However, with an annual servicing contract, you can prevent such an occurrence as your unit will be in good shape throughout the year and immune from imminent emergency breakdowns. Always ensure your AC unit is properly working as the high-temperature month approach.

Provides you with consistent and comfortable humidity and temperature levels

 Improperly serviced aircon system translates into inconsistent, uncomfortable humidity and temperature levels. This means your home or office will be uninhabitable and could even expose you to health complications. Signing a yearly contract helps you call your professional without worrying about extra costs. This means you can enjoy a consistent and comfortable atmosphere throughout the year without paying additional charges. A properly serviced system helps you regulate the air conditioner in the living space, thus making things comfortable for you and others.

Prolongs the life of your unit

Since emergency aircon services could be expensive, many people ignore them, not knowing how this could affect their units. However, yearly contracts remove these worries and help you schedule the servicing timetable with your professional AC servicing and maintenance company whenever needed. In many cases, people relying on emergency services must pay for transport fees and the actual servicing needs. This increases the cost of aircon system servicing, thus making many people shy away from calling for help unless the problem seems extensive. With a yearly contract, you will have access to these services regularly, which helps extend your unit’s life, meaning no expensive repairs and replacements are needed immaturely.

Aircon ServicingOne-Time Aircon ServicingYearly Aircon Contract
CostUsually higher per serviceLower per service due to contract
ConvenienceNeed to schedule each timeRegularly scheduled without hassle
MaintenanceMay not include full maintenanceOften includes comprehensive maintenance
Repairs & TroubleshootingMay cost extraOften included or discounted
Preventive CareLess effective as it is irregularMore effective with regular servicing
Customer ServiceStandard servicePriority service, faster response
Savings in the Long RunLess likelyMore likely with regular maintenance preventing major issues
One-Time Aircon Servicing VS Yearly Aircon Contract

When choosing a professional company to handle your unit, it is essential to consider several things, including their reliability, extent of experience, and licensing, among other things. Additionally, always study the contract terms and conditions to ensure you get good value for your money. You should take time to scrutinize the contract and see what the company offers, thus comparing different offers to allow you to choose the best. You must not fall for cheap annual servicing contracts as this could prove very expensive at the end of the day. Always look for quality services at a reasonable fee as this will help you stay on top of things.

In addition, a good company should have a reputation for honoring their client agreement. This will help ensure you are not stuck in a mess when you need help. Always check past customer reviews and see whether they are satisfied with the services they have received from the company. If not, then you better not sign the yearly contract as this could mean a full year of drama and frustrations. It is also essential to check whether the company of choice is well equipped and has the necessary skills to deal with aircon systems. This will help avoid unnecessary mess from unqualified technicians.

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