7 Reasons To Choose Daikin Air Conditioning For Your Singapore Home

You live in Singapore, a hot, humid country, so you are going to need air conditioning all year round so what make, model and type to choose? You want to be comfortable in the home that you pay so much for. Before you make your choices about your air conditioning, you need to work out your priorities first. Then armed with your list go shopping.

Here are seven reasons to choose Daikin air conditioning.

1) The Best:

Dakin is the market leader and is renowned for being environmentally responsible, using renewable energy in its manufacture. Singapore is a beautifully clean country and you want to do your best to keep it like that. As a Singaporean you care about the environment and want your purchases to cause as little damage as possible to the world we all live in. Not all air conditioner companies can boast these credentials. Every little component of the air conditioning has been manufactured to the most ethical standards possible.

2) Cool and Clean:

Air con units will keep your units cool, but Daikin can keep your room clean, purifying the air from potentially harmful fumes such as car exhausts. Living high in the air as many of us do, we know that there are winds around that bring up the smells of a hot country into your apartment. A Daikin air con unit also cleans the air that passes through each unit, thus only clean, cool air is circulated around your rooms. Not only is this a more pleasant environment but also it is cleaner as well, leaving little dust or dirt on your walls, ceiling, windows, furniture and fabrics.

3) Fully Programmable:

You can programmed your controls to have different temperatures in each room. After all you do not want your bedrooms to be as cool as your living areas. Your kitchen is going to be warmer when you cook so your Daikin allows for this and works harder in this room. This amount of flexibility enables you to live as you want to, sure that your Daikin will support your heat and coolness needs.

4) Quietness:

They are quiet – in fact Daikin have received awards for being quiet. They have been measured as quiet as 22db which is as loud as rustling leaves. There is nothing that can ruin a TV programmed, a big screen film or your kid’s homework more than a noisy fan! Think about it. You have just settled down after a hard day’s work and a large noisy fan kicks into gear to adjust the temperature that has just risen as everyone comes home. Maybe your children have just settled down to their homework. You want them to work hard but they are looking for any excuse not to apply themselves. Well the Daikin fan is not going to be one of them. Settle down in front of your favorite film comfortable that the only noisy intrusion you are likely to hear is your children squabbling in the next room.

5) Efficiency:

A Daikin air conditioner is efficient. It is cold when you want it to be, cool when you would rather be a little warmer and turns off when you want to enjoy the Singapore sunshine. Not only does this mean that you are comfortable whatever time of the year or day, but it saves you money. Maybe this should have been the number one reason for choosing but there are so many reasons. The technology used to control the air conditioning has been developed over many years, honing its controls until the maximum efficiency has been reached. You can be sure that when you set up the controls the cool air will be where you want it when you want it at the best possible low cost.

6) Wide Range:

And Different Types: There is a wide range of models to choose from. Whilst Singapore housing is fairly standard, there are still differences in sizes of rooms and apartments. Some lucky Singaporeans even live in houses. Whatever your income level or size of home, there is a model that meets your cooling needs. There are several different types of air conditioning units. You can have your air con fixed to your ceiling, your walls or through your ducting. This allows you not only to chose an option that fits your pocket, but one that will fit the way our live as well. You might want to keep your children cooler and their fingers well away from your air conditioning. This means that a ceiling air con unit is ideal. Maybe you want a statement radiator on your wall, they do those as well. You might be lucky and have the ducting built into your home. Daikin air conditioners can utilize these as well. From the smallest rooms to the largest mansion there is an air con unit and programmable system in the Daikin range.

7) After Sales Support:

Unlike some air con companies, Daikin has a superb after sales support structure. After all the company sells in over 160 countries, you do not get that big without looking after your customer. In Singapore there is a customer support service, available by phone that understands the demands on sir conditioning that a hot, humid country has. They will not leave you fuming, in so many different ways, because the air conditioning is not working correctly. Similarly air conditioning is so important that they will arrange for regular maintenance to keep it working at its best all the time.

Once you have made your choice of air conditioning company, you now need to find a reputable company to buy from. Take the details of your home, your living requirements and how cool and comfortable you want to be. Talk to a skilled technician and ask for advice on which model, type of air conditioning and programming will suit you and your budget. I just know that I want a well known, fully programmable unit that gives me a pleasant environment to live in for a cost that I can afford. Don’t you?

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