What Is The Correct Aircon Servicing Procedure?

We are all in agreement that an aircon is a vital element in our homes as it plays an important role in regulating the temperatures inside the house and making our lives bearable even when the temperatures outside are too high. For the aircon to be effective in ensuring that the temperature in your home is within a comfortable range, regular servicing is required. Servicing works to ensure that the aircon remains energy efficient hence saves you money that would have otherwise been spent on high electricity bills and also ensures that all aircon parts are in perfect condition.

If you want to service your aircon, you should be aware of the steps that are necessary to complete the job. Below is a guide that touches on all the important steps and offers some guidance on how you can service your aircon and safeguard its quality and performance in the short term and in the long run as well.

1. Shut off the power supply

This step is more of a safety measure before any servicing work can start. Look for the power connections to the aircon and switch them off or shut off the circuit breaker before you begin your work. This will save you from electric shocks and other electric power related hazards that may leave you injured and unable to continue with your servicing routine or compromise your aircon.

2. Clean the aircon filter

The filter is one of the aircon parts that require regular maintenance for optimal performance. Dirty and faulty filters will shorten the lifespan of your aircon while greatly reducing it efficiency which comes at a great cost in terms of power consumption. Just inspect the filter every fortnight or so and check if there is any dirt or parts that are faulty. To locate the filter look for it close to the return air duct at the furnace. If the filter contains some dirt and is reusable, use some clean water and soap to clean the dirt and take care not to push the dirt further in to the filter core. Ensure that the filter is totally dry before you can put it back in place and ensure that the aircon is off as long as the filter is not in place. If the filter is not reusable and contains a film of dirt it may be time to get a new filter for your aircon. Ensure that you get the right filter for your icon and install it properly after purchasing.

3. Clean the condenser

Your next course of action after cleaning the filter should be to clean the condenser. First rake any leaves and debris away from the condenser and clear all plants and bushes that may obstruct the outdoor coil and result to damages. After cleaning the outside, open up the unit and clean the inside as well. You may need to remove some leaves and other debris before cleaning the condenser coils with soap and water to get rid of the dust. You should be careful when cleaning the inside as there are sharp metals that can be dangerous if care is not taken. Most condenser units will have an easy to open side panel that will make your work much easier where cleaning the condenser unit is concerned.

4. Level the aircon outdoor unit

The outdoor aircon unit is supposed to be in a level position. If this is not the case, aircon fan motors and compressor will feel the strain and wear out much faster than normal. A level unit will also ensure that the drain is working perfectly. If the unit is not level, you can place something underneath it to keep it level. The problem should however be checked and fixed by a professional in the shortest duration possible to safeguard the aircon and ensure normal functioning is maintained.

5. Clean the return air grill

A vacuum cleaner will come in handy when cleaning the air grill. You can also use a soft brush to get any dirt film off and clear the dust in the filters. Remember to turn off the thermostat to prevent the dust from the grill from getting in to the air supply while cleaning. Also ensure that there is no furniture or drapes that cover the air grill and hinder proper circulation of air.

6. Fix any water pooling problem

You should first of all be on the lookout for any leaks that may be causing the pooling. Check through the tubes for any cracks and holes that may need to be sealed. If the tubes are fine, check the floor drain right next to the condensation pipe. Clean the drain to get rid of any debris that may be causing the pooling. To check whether the drain is working properly, simply pour some water on the drain pan and check whether this triggers any action from the condensation pump. If this does not trigger any action the condensation pump could be the problem and you may need to get a professional to check it out and make the necessary repairs.

7. Get professional maintenance

Professional aircon maintenance is necessary at least once every year. While professional maintenance comes at a price, the cost is minimal especially if compared to the cost of major repairs on the aircon or replacing the entire aircon altogether. Contact a professional company that specializes in aircon maintenance and get a quote for routine professional maintenance. A professional will get any part that is not working properly replaced and get all the aircon parts professional cleaned. The steps discussed above cover most of the procedure required to keep your aircon functioning and in top condition. An aircon functioning will to a large extent depend on the manufacturer. To have a clearer picture on what routine aircon servicing is all about, read through the manufacturer manual on maintenance and servicing. You can then follow the above steps to keep your aircon clean and perfect. If however this is not your thing, get a professional to do the servicing for you. This will make early diagnosis possible and also ensure that your aircon is handled by a people who are trained to offer aircon cleaning services.

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