How Often Do We Need To Change Aircon Filter?

Air conditioning is the most important thing for all the homes or offices in Singapore. If you don’t have an effective air conditioning system in your home or office, then it might get very difficult for you to work in the humid environment there. But you can have an efficiently working Aircon only if you take good care of it. In order to take good care you need to do regular maintenance for same and changing the aircon filter is one of those maintenance things. But a lot of people do not know when to change their aircon filter and how often they should change it. If you also have the same dilemma and you are wondering how often do we need to change the Aircon filter, then I am sharing some information that can help you in this regard.

Basically you don’t get any thumb rule for changing the Aircon filter, but there are certain situations that can give you a hint for same. If you are dealing with one of the situations that I am mentioning below, then it is time to change the Aircon filter for you.

When you have allergies:

If you have a good quality working Aircon in your home then you should not have any kind of allergies in any manner. But if you are having some allergies in your home, then changes are high your Aircon filter is not able to trap all the minute dust particles for you. In that situation, you should not wait any further and you should replace the Aircon filter with a new one. Once you change the Aircon filter, then you should have control on your allergies and it should give cleaner air to you. And if you still don’t get better result, then consider it some other problem and contact your doctor immediately.

Your Aircon do less cooling:

If you think your Aircon works perfectly fine but you are not able to get proper cooling then you should check your Aircon filter before doing anything else. If you notice there is a deposition of the dust in it, then you should change the filter without any delay. Many times Aircon does less cooling because the deposition of the dust and dirt in the Aircon filter reduces its efficiency. Once you change the filter then it should increase the performance of your Aircon and you should not have any issues for the cooling as well. Here you need to understand that the loss of cooling may occur because of various reasons and dirty Aircon filter is only one of those reasons.

You get increased electricity bill:

If you have a dirty Aircon filter in your air conditioner, then it will not only affect the cooling, but it will also affect the electricity consumption as well. In case of dirty Aircon filter your Aircon need to do more work and that increases the load on your compressor. This is no brainier that increased load on your compressor will result in to the increased electricity consumption as well. So, if you notice some higher electricity bill and you added no extra electrical appliances in your home, then checking the Aircon filter would be a good idea. After changing the Aircon filter you will reduce the load from it and you will be able to get better cooling as well without using much electricity.

After the haze period:

In Singapore people face the problem of haze every year. During that haze period the air pollution increases by many fold and it affect the efficiency of your Aircon as well. The time of this haze period may vary depending on different situation, but one thing is certain that it will make your Aircon filter dirty enough to change immediately. So once you get out of that haze period in Singapore, it is a wise idea that you change the Aircon filter from your air conditioning system. That will make sure you get better and cleaner air inside your home and you get comfortable living environment as well. And if you changed your Aircon filter few days back, then also you should change it after the haze period.

In every three months:

If you don’t see any problem as mentioned above and time of three months are already gone, then also you should change the Aircon filter for better result. In humid and hot places like Singapore, the dust and dirt keep on increasing and any Aircon filter may not last longer than 3 months. So, if you have not changed your Aircon filter in last three months and you use this machine regularly, then you should think about changing it as soon as possible. I am not suggesting it may have problem in it, but if you will change the same then you will be able to get better results with it for sure.

During the servicing:

It is also very important that you change your Aircon filter during the services. During the servicing of your Aircon, your service engineer may suggest you to change it depending on the situation of Aircon filter. If he suggest you to change the filter, then you should change it without any delay. Some people may think about using it further to save money. But you need to understand that a dirty Aircon filter will increase the electricity bill for you and eventually you would end up paying more money for same. Hence, you should not try to save the money that you cannot and you should change the filter instantly.

In addition to above things, you should also check other external or internal factors to change the Aircon filter. If you have cat or dog as your pet, then you may need to change the filter earlier than 3 months. I am saying this because these animals leave their fur very often and due to warm weather of Singapore, that frequency could be very high. As a result of that Aircon filter may get dirtier very often and you may need to change it earlier than 3 months. So, make sure you keep this thing as well in your mind for optimum result

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