Can I Still Use My Aircon If It Is Leaking? (Updated)

Can I Still Use My Aircon If It Is Leaking?
Can I Still Use My Aircon If It Is Leaking?


An air conditioning unit is a vital home appliance, especially in tropical regions where the climate can be uncomfortably hot. However, a common problem faced by many homeowners is a leaking aircon. The big question that arises is, can I still use my aircon if it is leaking? The short answer is yes, you can, but it’s not advisable. Read on to understand why.

Understanding Aircon Leaks

Aircon leaks can occur due to various reasons, including blocked drain pipes, an improper installation, faulty parts, or even a refrigerant leak. A leaking aircon not only reduces the effectiveness of your unit, but it can also lead to bigger problems such as water damage, mould growth, and increased energy consumption if left unattended.

Implications of Using a Leaking Aircon

Energy Inefficiency

When your aircon is leaking, it needs to work harder to cool your home. This means more energy is consumed, leading to higher utility bills.

Potential Damage

Continuing to use a leaking aircon could result in water damage to your home or even cause the aircon unit itself to short circuit.

  • Mould and Mildew Growth: Prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew, posing a serious health risk.
  • Damaged Walls and Ceilings: Consistent leaks can damage the structure of your home, including walls and ceilings.
  • Decreased Lifespan of the Unit: Operating an aircon with a leak can shorten its lifespan and lead to costly replacements sooner.
Aircon leaking water
Aircon leaking water

FAQs About Aircon Leaks

Q: What should I do if my aircon is leaking?

A: First, turn off the unit to prevent further damage. Then, consult a professional aircon servicing company who can correctly diagnose and repair the issue.

Q: Can a leaking aircon lead to serious damage?

A: Yes, a leaking aircon can cause serious damage if left unattended, including water damage to walls and ceilings, mould and mildew growth, and an increased risk of electrical fires due to short circuits.

Q: Can aircon leaks be prevented?

A: Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent aircon leaks. This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, ensuring drain lines are clear, and regular professional check-ups.

Professional Intervention is Key

While you can still operate an aircon with a leak, it’s crucial to resolve the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage and potential health risks. Regular professional servicing can help maintain the optimal functioning of your aircon unit and ensure a comfortable living environment.

Energy EfficiencyFixing a leak in your aircon can greatly improve its energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills.
Prevents Further DamageA leaking aircon, if left unattended, can lead to serious structural damage to your home, including water damage to walls and ceilings. Repairing it promptly prevents these damages.
Increases Lifespan of the UnitA well-maintained aircon, free of leaks, can have a significantly longer lifespan, saving you from premature replacement costs.
Improves Air QualityLeaks can lead to mould and mildew growth, negatively affecting the air quality in your home. Fixing leaks can improve the air quality and prevent health issues.
Reduces Risk of Electrical FiresWater leaks can cause the aircon unit to short circuit, posing a risk of electrical fires. Fixing a leaking unit reduces this risk.
Enhances PerformanceA non-leaking aircon performs at its best, providing optimal cooling and a comfortable indoor environment.
Benefits of fixing a leaking air conditioning unit


In conclusion, while you can still use your aircon when it’s leaking, it’s not advisable due to the potential damage it can cause. Always consult with a professional to address the issue promptly. Regular aircon maintenance can help prevent leaks and ensure your unit operates efficiently. A well-maintained aircon not only provides comfort but can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress in the long run.

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