What Aircon Maintenance You Should Never DIY

Aircon is one of the most important electrical appliances for any home or office in Singapore. The burning heat and humidity in Singapore can make it impossible for you to live a comfortable life. But if your Aircon is not properly maintained, then you will not be able to get any good result with it. Good thing is that there are so many DIY maintenance thing that you can do for your Aircon and you can get a comfortable result with that. But some Aircon maintenance things are there that you should never try to DIY, in any condition. In case, you want to know what air what aircon maintenance you should never DIY, then following are some suggestions that can help you in this regard. 

Handling refrigerant: The refrigerant in your Aircon is an important element for cooling and proper temperature in your house. If you will have 10% reduction of coolant in your Aircon, then it will increase 20% load on the system. That means it will give 20% less cooling, it will consume 20% more electricity and you will have problems as well. If you are assuming you can fill the coolant with DIY your method, then you are very much wrong about it. You have to understand that the coolant refilling needs special tools or equipment’s and that is not safe either for you. If you will do it in an improper manner, then you may end up having various health issues. 

Also, if you will do it in a wrong way, then you may remove all the coolant from your Aircon instead of topping it up. But if you will call an expert instead of DIY, then you will not have to worry about the damage or loss part. Nor you will have any issues because an HVAC expert will take proper steps for topping up the coolant inside your Aircon and it will make sure you get the best cooling after this work is done.

Cleaning from inside: If you want to clean your Aircon from outside, that is ok, but you shall never think about cleaning it from inside in a DIY project. You must understand that an Aircon can have several small instruments in it that may be very delicate and if you will handle them in an improper manner, then you may end up damaging that. To avoid any kind of damage in your Aircon or its internal part, you should simply avoid cleaning it from inside. 

When I say, avoid cleaning it from inside, then I say that for internet and external unit both. Sometimes people think they can clean internal or external unit without having any damage to it. That DIY project can give negative impact to you and you may end up investing more money into the repairing part instead of correcting it.

Replacing parts: If you want to change the air filter for your Aircon, then you can always DIY, but apart from that you should never think about replacing other parts of your Aircon. You must understand that if you will try to replace the internal parts by yourself, then you may or may not get the optimum result with it. In case, you will replace the parts in a wrong way, then you may end up damaging your Aircon as well.

So, it is advised that you should try to replace only those parts by yourself that are allowed by the company. Other than those things, you should never try the DIY method for part replacement. It will keep you away from any kind of complication and you will be able to get a good result as well with your Aircon maintenance.

Changes in electrical: If you get any kind of complication or issues in your Aircon due to electrical issues, then you should never try to DIY for the resolution of it. If you are well aware of the electrical connections and other things, then I can’t ask you to stay put, but if that is not the case, then you should not do it yourself. If you will do it yourself, then you will end up having a lot of issues in it and you might get some electric shock as well. 

Another drawback of changing your electrical cables or other things is that it may create a short circuit in your entire house as well. I don’t need to explain that, it will not be a safe thing or your house or for your family members as well. So, try not to make this kind of Aircon maintained as well in any condition.

Replacing the location: If you want to replace the Aircon from one location to other location, then DIY will be the dumbest mistake by you. In shifting or replacing the Aircon location, you will have to do a lot of things that need special tools and preciseness. Other than this, you may need to take extra hands as well for shifting your Aircon from one location to other. 

If you will do the replacement work by yourself, then you are going to have a complication as well. So, if that is this kind of situation, then you should make sure you hire someone who is an expert and experienced in this work. That will make sure you do not get any kind of issues or complication in the final outcome and you get the best result as well with ease.

In addition to these things, it is also advised that you ask some expert to check your Aircon in a regular manner. The basic DIY maintenance tips can keep you away from some bigger issues, but if you will completely ignore experts help, then you will have nothing else but the problem in this work. Also, in some DIY work, you may get few troubles while doing the work. If you notice such issues, then also you should call and expert instead of doing that work by yourself and increasing complication in the work instead of solving it.

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