Can Aircon Clean The Air In Your Office

Your aircon can clean the air of your office in Singapore if it is maintained frequently and properly. Your air conditioner is a beneficial appliance for you and your staffs at the workplace until it is serviced regularly. But if it cools your workplace too much or too low then there must by some problem in its functioning. You can start feeling sick if the problem in the air conditioner at your workplace is not eliminated as soon as possible.

In fact aircon is installed at workplaces as well as homes for creating comfortable work environment for the workers and family. It helps you to be comfortable in hot summers when you sweat even after taking a cold shower as it lowers the temperature of your office or home to a suitable level. Another benefit of an air conditioner is to keep air clean with the help of its filter by keeping away the dust particles and pollen present in the air it sucks from inside as well as outside. Thus they become beneficial for those having asthma or other types of allergies. The air conditioners also help in breathing cleaner air and avoiding the chances of heat stroke by reducing the humidity of the environment.

But if your aircon at your office is not working properly then it can cause various health problems like soreness in your muscles and feeling of being more tired etc due to poor quality of air. It can also worsen the condition of people suffering from allergies and asthma. Actually, in order to enjoy all the benefits, these systems should be checked and cleaned properly and regularly. You can call a professional air conditioner servicing company for to avoid these negative consequences. 

Causes of unclean air in your office

Recirculation of indoor air: Most of the times the quality of air gets poor because your air conditioner is not eliminating the negative effect of indoor air by expelling it out.

Restricted air flow: If the filter of your air conditioner is not changed well in time then it can worsen the quality of indoor air of your office.

Dirty filter: The entry of pests, allergens and other irritants cannot be checked into your office if the filter of your aircon is dirty.

Improper seal: The working of your window air conditioner can get affected if its surroundings are not sealed properly. It may have to work harder to cool down the temperature of your workplace to desired level. 

Problems caused by low air quality in your workplace

If your aircon is not giving clean air in your office then it can cause various health problems like:

Headaches, fatigue and unwell feeling: Many people feel headache, unwell or more tired while working in the office with an aircon. These symptoms, also known as �sick building syndrome’, usually resolve after going out of the room where air conditioner was on. If it is happening to you then surely the air conditioner of your workplace is not cleaning its indoor air. Sometimes your air conditioner cools the indoor air very much so that people present in the room start shivering due to its improper working. In such condition you should either go out of room frequently to normalise your body temperature or raise the temperature of your AC. 

Problem in breathing: If the filter of your air conditioner is dirty and has not been cleaned or changed since long then it can create fungi and become breeding place for various types of bacteria. The condensation formed in your AC can help in developing moisture build ups in the duct and coils of your AC when cold air passes through them. These build-ups can cause breathing problems due to huge amount of air-borne microorganisms. It can cause various fatal and infectious health problems like Legionnaire’s disease and infectious pneumonia etc. It can be avoided by cleaning or changing the filter of your office aircon after every month. 

Contamination: Your workplace air conditioning system can expose you more to indoor pollutants than outdoor pollutants if it is circulating old air instead of bringing in fresh air. So if there are viruses, moulds and dust particles in your workplace then they will go on contaminating the indoor environment along with making your sick. You can avoid such situation either by servicing your aircon or open the window of your office to let fresh air in and contaminated air go out.

Skin dryness: Your skin losses its moisture when you spend more time in the environment cooled by an aircon as you feel colder as your skin get dryer. It also affects your hair. You can avoid such dryness by using some good quality moisturiser. 

Frequent visits to doctor: It has been proved through various studies that people who spend more time in the air conditioned offices usually visit their doctor more frequently than others due to the ill effect of air conditioning on their health. Most of them visit their health care providers due to respiratory, dermatological and ENT problems. It also increase the number of absents from work.

Protection from the problems caused by aircon 

In order to protect yourself from the problems caused by the unclean air due to improper working of the aircon in the office you will have to focus on following suggestions.

– Clean or change the filter of the aircon as per the instructions given in the users’ manual provided by the manufacturer.
– Maintain circulation of air in your workplace by letting fresh air in and flushing out polluted air by opening windows frequently. 
-The annual maintenance of the aircon should be performed by some professional HVAC contractor
– After every 10 years replace the AC of your workplace.
– Regulate the temperature of your AC as per the occupancy in your office. 
– Along with your workplace AC you should also maintain the AC in your car to keep you healthy everywhere. 

Thus by following such small steps the aircon in your Singapore office can surely clean the air throughout the year. You can keep yourself and your staff healthy by avoiding the contamination of air caused by the air conditioning unit at your workplace.

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