11 Signs When You Need To Change Your Aircon

The weather in Singapore is always hot and humid throughout. As such, having an air conditioner is the most important thing if you want to be comfortable. Air conditioning makes life to be much more easier and comfortable in Singapore as it helps cool down the room temperatures to enable one relax well at home. However, just like all electrical appliances an aircon too has a limited lifespan. There are various signs that an air conditioner depicts to show that it needs to be replaced real soon and some of them are highlighted below.

1. When it is just not cool

This is the most obvious of signs that your aircon needs to be replaced when it just does not cool anymore. This will however, depend on your air conditioning unit and the climate that it operates in as an air conditioner that is serviced and maintained regularly ought to last for over 10 years. When one observes that their air conditioner is not cooling the house or room as it used to do in the past then it would require to be replaced. One should also check the product manual to see whether the air conditioner has reached the end of its life.

2. House taking forever to Cool Off Completely

If you notice that the time taken to cool off the house is more than it normally takes then you ought to check what the real issue could be. It could be that the aircon is low on its refrigerant thereby minimizing the rate at which it absorbs the heat that is present in the air. This would necessitate you to have your air conditioner checked to assess whether you would need a new one or just repairs.

3. Energy Bills Escalate

When the weather in Singapore is a bit cool and warm it affects the energy bills that you get for your house heating and air conditioning. However, if you notice that the energy bills are escalating at an alarming rate then you would need to find an expert to conduct an energy audit in your house. This will help you determine whether the aircon in your house is working well or it needs to be replaced in order to drive the energy bills lower.

4. When it gives off strange emissions

Whenever you put your aircon on and you notice that it gives off some strange emissions like noise, moisture and smells than it is a sign that it needs to be taken for repairs or get replaced. These emissions are an indicator of an underlying problem inside the air conditioner itself that ought to be rectified for one to continue enjoying fresh and cool air once again. If there is moisture inside the house that has an air conditioner then it is a huge indicator that such an air conditioner requires to be replaced.

5. Inconsistent Temperatures

A normal working air conditioner ought to provide a temperature that is consistent with the setting that you will have chosen. However, if one notices that there are some spaces and rooms in the house that remain cold zones while others do not get any cool air then that would be an issue. This could be an indication that your aircon could be on its last days and on the way out. This would be a warning that one needs to replace their air conditioners soon.

6. When the repairs become excessive

An air conditioning unit ought to be serviced regularly in order to assure cleanliness and also avoid any form of blockages. There are some instances when the aircon might require some extra form of service or repairs. However, you should be careful about these repairs because if they become more regular then it would not be economical to carry them out. One ought to calculate the amount of money needed to carry out these repairs. If they are almost equal to the cost of buying a new air conditioner then replacing it would b more economical.

7. Age

Most air conditioners usually have a lifespan of 10-15 years and if your air conditioner is within this range then that is a sign that it needs to be replaced. One should look at the product details to ascertain the true age of their air conditioner in order to know when it is due to be replaced. When one replaces it then the new aircon to choose would be the modern one with high energy efficiency standards.

8. When the system seems to be always running

This is another indicator that one needs to replace their air conditioner as their current one is inefficient. This aspect is easily noticeable when the air conditioner seems to be running continuously for long without really cooling off the house. The problem could be as a result of equipment failure or suffering from insulation issues or ductwork.

9. A rise in the Indoor Humidity

When you notice that there is an increase in the level of humidity in your house in Singapore then you ought to take it as a sign of your aircon failing. It could also be a sign that your air conditioner is small and hence cannot be able to cool the whole house well on its own. This should be a wake up call to get another air conditioner.

10. Increase in Dust

A good air conditioning unit ought to filter out the harmful dust particles and dust from the house. The moment you notice that there is an increase in the amount of dust inside your home then it could be a sign that your air conditioner is failing. The problem could be as a result of the ductwork having leaks or a system failure altogether.

11. An Air Conditioning System that is Outdated

In the recent wave of technological advancements more and more home appliances are undergoing vast improvements. The same advancements are being experienced in the world of air conditioning appliances. If your aircon does not have a thermostat that is programmable to ensure that it runs efficiently then it could be a sign that you need to look at replacing it with a more modern one.

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