When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner?

When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner? The air conditioner should be able to properly transport heat from within the house to outside to function properly. A layer of hair, debris, or other junk on the A/C may hinder this by isolating the unit from the ambient air and lowering the heat exchange mechanism’s effectiveness.

What is the best time to clean the air conditioner?

When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner

Whenever the HVAC system gets unclean, the air conditioner will not generate cooler air. The effectiveness of the cooling is compromised when heat transmission is limited. Get the HVAC system checked when it becomes evident that the air conditioner is still not chilling your home.

A skilled expert should clean the aircon once a year. There are several things you must do meanwhile to maintain the unit functioning, but the system should be inspected by an expert once per year.

Cleaning aircon filters

When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner

The most crucial task for ensuring the AC’s effectiveness is to change or wash the filters regularly. Filters that are blocked or unclean prevent flow and greatly diminish the efficiency of the system.

Because regular airflow is impeded, dust may be costs incurred into the coil, reducing the coil’s absorbing ability. Changing a filthy, blocked filter with a new one can reduce the energy usage of the air conditioning unit by 5 to 15 percent.

Filters for air conditioning systems are usually positioned someone across the length of the duct. Filters are commonly found in ceilings, roofs, fireplaces, and even the aircon unit. A filter is positioned in the grills of an aircon that projects into the apartment.

Certain filters can be reused, while others should be changed. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as different levels of efficiency. During the cooler months, wash or change the aircon system’s filters after two months. If the ac unit is in continual use and is exposed to dirty circumstances, or if you have hair of dogs in the home then the filters will require additional care.

Cleaning AC coils

The evaporator coil blades are highly sensitive and can be twisted with a small amount of force. The rest of the washing should be left to an aircon technician, who should wash the coil as part of standard maintenance. Aircon service must usually be done twice per year, however for certain installations, once is enough.

The evaporator coil can be maintained between sessions by eliminating big particles and washing the coil with water after turning off the electricity. Because an evaporator is sometimes hard to reach, it really must be serviced by a specialist.

Getting Professional Help

When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner

Find a decent service expert if the air conditioning unit requires more maintenance work.

The professional should:

  • Inspect for the proper quantity of coolant.
  • Use a leak sensor to examine for leaks.
  • In central ACs, repair duct leaks.
  • Collect any gas that has to be removed from the device rather than unlawfully discharging it into the environment.

When to clean the AC?

Cooling efficiency of aircon decreases

Whenever the evaporator gets unclean, the air conditioner will not generate cooler air. The effectiveness of the cooling is compromised when the thermal transmission is limited. Cleaning aircon can enhance cooling efficiency.

Air Conditioners run for a longer period

Another sign of a malfunction is if your air conditioner starts to operate for a longer time to get the same level of conditioning in the house. Whenever the air it generates is not quite as frigid as you want it to be, it has to generate more to reach your desired degree. If you observe this, the HVAC system is at fault.

While functioning, the coil accumulates frost

A filthy evaporator can trigger the air conditioner to stop working entirely. This occurs when moisture develops on the dust and hardens during the functioning of the air conditioner. The accumulation of ice prevents heat exchange from the apartment’s air, causing the air conditioning system to halt chilling air.

When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner? – Conclusion

When Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner

The AC must be cleaned regularly once every year to save energy and money on electricity bills. The filter, circuits, and blades of an ac unit must be maintained daily for the machine to perform successfully and effectively.

Ignoring basic maintenance guarantees that air-con performance continues to deteriorate while power consumption continues to rise

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