Top 10 Key Reasons Why Regular Air Con Cleaning Is Necessary

With Singapore’s warm and humid weather throughout the year, you need an air con unit to keep your room cool. With this kind of environment, it is necessary to maintain the unit clean especially due to humidity. The collected dirt and dust can easily lower the efficiency of the unit and at the same time pollute the indoor air quality. It is, therefore, important to have the unit cleaned regularly. Keeping the air con clean can reap you numerous long term and short term benefits.

These are some of the top 10 benefits from regular air con unit cleaning:
Clean air

Apart from cooling the room, aircon also plays a major role in cleaning the indoor air circulating. The quality of the air depends highly on the condition that the air conditioner is in. A new aircon will provide the cleanest air in the room, but as the time goes by and its performance deteriorates due to various factors, the quality of air becomes polluted. The dirt and debris building up in the unit can be released to the air thus lowering the quality of the air. By cleaning the unit regularly, you will be removing these pollutants to allow only clean air to circulate.

Improved efficiency

As they air condition continues to operate, its effectiveness goes down with every day. This could be due to wear and tear of the movable parts. The dust and debris building up on the unit are also a major cause of the low efficiency, and this gets bad with time. With poor efficiency, it means that the performance of the air con will low and may not deliver as per expectation. By cleaning the unit, you will be removing all the dust and debris build up, and this will reduce the stress and pressure to the unit. This will improve the air conditioner efficiency significantly.

Extended life lifespan

How long the air con unit serves, you will be determined by how well it is serviced. By keeping the air con system as clean as possible, you will be prolonging its life span. Dust and debris build up are some of the main reasons many air cons breaks down within a short time of operation. Some of these particles corrode with part if the air con and they can easily cause a permanent breakdown. By cleaning the unit, you will be reducing the rate of wear and tear of these parts, and this will undoubtedly lead to an increased lifespan.

Improving power efficiency

Your monthly energy bills or energy cost can be reduced significantly by cleaning the air con. It is well known that poor performance and low unit efficiency have a negative impact on the energy efficiency. If the overall efficiency of the unit is low, it requires more energy to run it. The effect of this is hiked monthly energy bills. By cleaning the unit ensures that all parts of the unit are operating efficiently thus little energy will be required to run the unit. This will bring down your monthly energy bills and at the same time improve the level of comfort at no cost.

Stop/Prevent mold and mildew build up

Mould and mildew is a bacteria causing infection and can be harmful the occupants of the room if it is not dealt with. Dealing mold and mildew is a common problem with air con units. It works best when you are using a chemical wash to clean the unit. When the dust and dirt in the unit combine with moisture, it provides the perfect breeding grounds for these bacteria. Apart from removing it, chemical wash also helps in preventing it from growing back. This ensures that you continue enjoying clan and uncontaminated air.

Stop/remove bad smell/odors

If you start experiencing persistent bad smell in the room, then you need to check if it is coming from the air con unit. The primary cause of the bad odor is the build-up of mold and other bacteria particles. The smell might also be coming from a dead animal in the unit such a lizard or rats. A chemical wash would be the perfect mode of cleaning to stop or remove such bad smell. You will be able to remove the mold build-up and remove and also prevent it from growing back anytime sooner.

Reduce possibilities of freezing

Over freezing of the parts of the air conditioning parts can be a huge problem. This is a problem that is mostly associated with poor maintenance of the cooling elements of the unit and the refrigerant. Apart from the stopping the air con from working properly, the frozen parts can also cause breakdown of the whole unit. You can only guess how much this is likely to cost you. A regular cleaning the unit particularly the chemical wash will ensure that the coils and pipes are cleared to prevent them from freezing up.

Reduce the cost of repair

Wear and tear especially if the movable parts of the air con are the reason why you will have to do repairs now and then. The cost of repair can hit the roof if the unit is not well cleaned and maintained. By cleaning the unit, you will be reducing the rate of wear and tear particularly of the movable parts of the unit. This means that you will take longer to the parts repaired and thus the cost of repair will be reduced significantly.

Reduced breakdowns

The worst thing that can happen to your air con unit is a breakdown. The cost of reviving a unit from a breakdown can almost be equated with buying a new. Also, note that it will never function the same again even after restoration from a breakdown. Many factors can lead to a breakdown including freezing, broken parts, dirt and dust accumulation. By regular cleaning, all these factors will be dealt with before a break down occurs.

Value for money

By cleaning your air con unit regularly, you will definitely get value for your money. This value can only be realized when the unit serves you right. This is when it is providing you with quality air, extended life span, maximum performance and low energy consumption. All these can be achieved by having regular cleaning of the unit.

These are benefits and reasons you need to have you air conditioner unit cleaned regularly. It will not only keep your room cool but also improve the quality of the air in circulation. You will get value for money, and the unit will serve you for a longer time. The bottom line is that air con cleaning is necessary for its efficiency in operation.

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