9 Reasons Why It’s Essential To Opt For Chemical Air Con Cleaning

Having your air conditioner cleaned at regular intervals of time not only prevents any sudden breakdowns of the machine, but also ensure an efficient performance with a longer lifespan. But, with so many different types of cleaning options and services available out there, it might seem to be a little troublesome to figure out what’s best to get your air conditioner serviced – whether to go for a regular cleaning or a thorough chemical wash.

We have bundled up 9 reasons why it’s essential to go for chemical air con cleaning, making the process a lot more easier for you.
1. Chemical Wash Eliminates Mould and Mildew

Any bacteria that begin to grow in the various components of an air conditioner can be easily cleaned with the different high quality products employed in a thorough chemical wash. Not only is the air con a major breeding ground for harmful bacteria due to dust build up and accumulated moisture, but is also associated with lots of mildew and toxic mould. A chemical cleaning eliminates all the mould and bacteria, while also preventing any future growth the same for a considerable amount of time.

2. Increased Electrical Efficiency

Opening, cleaning and deeply flushing out each and every part of the complete unit is what a chemical washing is all about. This makes it almost effortless to identify any kind of inefficiencies arising due to faulty components or build-up of dirt, further making it easy to fix the same. If the AC runs smoothly it also consumes lesser amount of electricity to reach its optimal level of performance. The results are increased electrical efficiency and reduced bills.

3. Removal of Blockage in The Unit Components

Removing the coil, of the air conditioner unit, followed by clearing it out is one of the most significant elements of a chemical wash. Over time, lots of dirt can get accumulated in the coil or the pipes of the unit, which can only be cleared out with a chemical overhaul. The removal of any blockages with the wash reduces the chances of the air conditioner unit breaking down or operating with less efficiency.

4. Chemical Overhaul Increases The Unit’s Overall Lifespan

If the air conditioner makes weird sounds or noises, or if it starts to blow out warm air, it is a major sign that the unit requires a thorough chemical cleaning. Whether a part needs cleaning or a proper replacement, a chemical washing is a complete overhaul of the unit and involves technicians working according to the needs of the system. This not only ensures a proper operation, but also helps to keep the air con last much longer.

5. Uninterrupted Functioning

If the air conditioner is not thoroughly cleaned, it is likely to experience a dismal performance due to numerous reasons. The growth of bacteria and toxic mould buildup can end up in the unit getting clogged. If the same persists for elongated periods of time, the equipment might break down and end up in water dripping down the machine, which can also spoil your valuable assets placed underneath the unit. What comes to the rescue is a chemical wash that ensures an uninterrupted functioning of the unit.

6. Cleaner and Healthier Air

The foremost benefit of an AC is that cool and refreshing air that it releases, and that’s why it would be a huge problem if it starts delivering contaminated air. While fresh air is essential for an optimal health, dust or other harmful particles accumulated in the air conditioning unit can prove to be hazardous to your well-being. If someone in the household or workplace suffers from any allergies or asthma, a chemical wash can prove to be no less than a boon for them, ensuring that the machine releases breathe-safe air. Chemical cleaning involves a thorough clearing of the air filters of the unit and other major components in order to make sure the air circulation remains clean and germ-free.

7. Elimination of Foul Odour

The deposited dirt in the air con causes bad smelling air around the whole space if the machine isn’t cleaned adequately. Foul smell in the unit can also be a result of the mould build-up or bacteria collecting within the air conditioner. The moment you notice that the air released by the air con smells unpleasant, make sure you book a quick chemical wash to get rid of the menace. An air con chemical washing will not only get rid of bad smells, but also combat future bacteria from growing and developing. It is undoubtedly, the most effective way to cherish a high quality air.

8. Minimized Risk of Frozen Components

Air conditioning units feature numerous parts that are likely to freeze over in case the different cooling components and the refrigerant aren’t maintained in the right fashion. Frozen components in the air con not only are potential enough to hamper its overall working, but they can lead to a sudden breakdown of the whole unit, which is a very expensive deal to repair. Chemical air con cleaning ensures that each of the components of the machine are working correctly as well as the coils are cleared up to avoid any freezing.

9. Reduced Chances of Machine Breakdown

Surely it’s a great idea to get rid of the accumulated dirt by cleaning the air conditioner after opening up the equipment, but it can even lead to the parts getting damaged if not done with appropriate care. What chemical washing makes sure is to clean the machine with all the equipment intact, thereby eliminating any chances of damaging it.

Undoubtedly, it takes quite a good deal of expense to purchase a high quality air conditioning unit in Singapore. And this makes it essential to ensure a proper maintenance of the machine to keep it functioning efficiently for as long as possible, which in turn, calls for a thorough regular cleaning of the unit. A proper chemical air con cleaning can prove to be extremely beneficial for the same, so it is recommended to seek professional assistance of a air con cleaning service to get it all done at a reasonable price.

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