6 Mistakes To Avoid When Going For Air Con Cleaning At Home

Just like every other machine, even your air con unit is likely to show a bit inefficiency over time. To ensure a smooth functioning of the device, some people clean the air conditioner properly to keep the components free from any debris or dust that may reduce the machine’s lifespan. It’s a great thing to clean the unit every once in a while. In fact, most of the brands producing air con units specify it quite clearly that you must go for regular cleaning of the major components of the air conditioners. However, the problem arises when one is not well aware of the right techniques of cleaning the systems. As a result, it harms the unit or leads to the warranty of the machine getting voided in some cases. To help you avoid going through the hassle, we are listing below 6 common mistakes to avoid when going for a thorough air con cleaning at home.

1. Failing to Use the Right Chemical Cleaners

Heading to the store, you will find a whole bunch of chemical cleaning products. However, all the cleaners meant to disinfect plastic or metal surfaces must not necessarily be suitable for an electronic device or an air con unit. Before conducting a chemical cleaning of the parts of your machine, it is recommended to identify the chemical product that’s apt and appropriate for the job. The products meant to serve the purpose are properly labeled to make the process a lot more easier for you when scrolling through the shelves. Apart from buying the wrong products to clean the units, most people forget to compare the products available out there in order to save money and time.

2. Forgetting to Turn Off the Air Con Before Cleaning

Good quality air con units produce less sound than the regular options available out there. The manuals specify that it is necessary to first turn off the device before going for a cleaning. But, some people are likely to ignore these instructions when they actually conduct the cleaning of their units because they could manage to get it done a few times without damaging the device. Just in case, water gets into one or more essential components of the machine, it can damage them almost instantly. So, the key is to disconnect the air con from the source of power before beginning with the cleaning process, even if it only involves wiping the surface. It may also call for removing some components of the device first. This will make sure that the user is able to wipe away all the debris and dust from the smaller, hard-to-reach areas too.

3. Failing to Conduct a Regular Air Con Cleaning

At times, people forget to clean their air con units regularly, while at other times they are simply lazy to do so. However, it is extremely significant to clean the device at regular intervals, according to what’s mentioned in the user manuals. In fact, some expert professionals recommend cleaning the unit every 3 months. This not only keeps the device running efficiently for a longer period of time, but also saves money otherwise spent in fixing the same once its broken. To experience the best possible results, it is advised to clean the device with a combination of water and chemical cleaners.

4. Ignoring the Cleaning Guidelines

It is truly important to go through the cleaning instructions before actually getting into the process. Often people ignore the same as they find it a bit extra time-taking or hard to follow. However, the amount that is associated with buying a new air con unit in Singapore is totally worth putting in some extra time in following the instructions. Most chemical products come with labels that mention those instructions in depth to make it easy for reading, comprehending and following. If the user is still not able to figure out what’s the right cleaning technique to practice for their air con unit, they can always look out for the instructions and the right practices of tackling the machine on the internet.

5. Not Rinsing the Unit After Cleaning

The air conditioner requires a thorough rinsing after being treated with chemical cleaners just as much as our clothes do after washing them with chemical detergents. But, the problem arises when people don’t rinse the unit because of the need to get it started quickly, or simply not finding it a harmful thing to do. However, cleaning chemicals contain a number of impurities that need to be washed away once the whole cleaning job is over. If not washed away, those harmful inclusions lead to a gradual corrosion of different components of the unit. Eventually, it can even lead to the breakdown of the parts in the long run. Going for a replacement of those broken components is not only a hassle, but also a costly affair.

6. Ditching The Idea of Professional Air Con Cleaning

It’s surely a great idea to carry out a regular cleaning of the unit by yourself, but it is equally essential to let a professional service do it for you at least once a year. The professionals have extensive training in cleaning the units, and that’s why they can manage everything much more efficiently. In fact, despite of cleaning the air con at home, they are mostly still able to remove a significant amount of dirt or debris from the machine that wouldn’t even be evident to you when you cleaned it. Trying to cut on the cost by ditching the idea of calling professional cleaners is not a good option as it will eventually cost you a great deal of money to get things repaired or fixed.

According to a number of studies, most people are likely to commit one or more of the aforesaid mistakes when owning an air con unit in Singapore. It is very important to avoid these mistakes to save unwanted repair costs as well as any physical risks. After all, no one would want to wake up to a broken or poorly functioning device, that too because of a few silly handling errors.

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