Tips On Aircon Duct Cleaning

Want to know tips on aircon duct cleaning? Air conditioners are one of the most popular home appliances used extensively around the world. These appliances are used throughout summer which makes it very prone to maintenance regularly. Aircon duct cleaning allows passage of air circulation through the air conditioners. Aircon ducts require maintenance and can set the conditioner to malfunction if not taken proper care. These ducts should be cleaned regularly to keep airflow normal. There are various tips one can follow in order to clean aircon ducts.

Below are tips on Aircon duct cleaning.

Use a vacuum cleaner:

Tips On Aircon Duct Cleaning

Vacuum cleaner is a very good device that can be used for air duct cleaning efficiently. Make sure to take the duct to an open place as dirt from the air duct might dirty the room. Vacuum cleaners help suck out all the dirt from the conditioner which is very hard to remove.

Unscrew the air duct from the appliance carefully:

Tips On Aircon Duct Cleaning
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It is very necessary to unscrew the total air duct unit from the appliance. Make sure to use a screwdriver for better grip. Once all screws are opened carefully remove the duct from the appliance. Make sure to use a glove as ducts contain dust.

Clean both supply and return air registers:

Tips On Aircon Duct Cleaning

There are two filters that allow the circulation of fresh air to the room while eliminating hot air outside. Clean both the filters very efficiently using a clean cloth. One can also use sprays that are widely available in all leading stores. These registers play a very vital role in determining the quality of airflow.

Use a soft scrub:

Tips On Aircon Duct Cleaning
Cleaning sponge

There is a lot of rigid dirt visible but stays intact to the duct due to prolonged use. In order to remove such dirt it is advisable to use a soft scrub. Gently slide over the dirt continuously to remove hidden dirt all over the air duct. Make sure the surface of the scrub is soft in order to get maximum cleaning.

Use chemical cleaners:

Cleaning Materials

There are a lot of chemical sprays that help eliminate all dust and germs on the duct. Use certified spray cleaners that can be sprayed and wiped with a clean cloth. These sprays have chemicals to kill all germs allowing fresh and clean air to the room. Spray cleaners are advisable for air duct cleaning as it is safe and economical.

Change filters regularly:

Technician repairing aircon

Filters play a very vital role in air conditioners allowing clean and fresh air. Filters get worn out after regular use especially during summers. In order to keep the air fresh and clean entering the room, it is very necessary to keep changing aircon filters regularly.

Buy an extended warranty:

Warranty Stamp

Air conditioners are complex appliances that require constant supervision by professionals. In order to keep air conducts clean and allow the entry of fresh air throughout the day, the warranty is very necessary. Professionals provide just the adequate cleaning required to the duct to keep air conditioners running efficiently. Taking a warranty eliminates the hurdles of cleaning the air conditioner regularly.

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