Why Carry Out Regular Air Con Cleaning

Everybody desires a comfortable and full filling life. Irrespective of where you are in the world, installing an air conditioner in your home is a sure way of improving the comfort you feel when you occupy it. Just like any other electronic, an air conditioner requires regular maintenance and it has to be used properly (based on the manufacturer’s guide). That said, cleaning your air conditioner is one of the ways of maintaining it. Most experts recommend that the best way to clean any air conditioning system is to use the right cleaning chemical. The chemical should have high penetrating properties so it reach all parts of the system. With this in mind, you now have the option of deciding on whether you will carry out the cleaning process yourself or you will hire an expert.

As a highlight, the main areas that have to be cleaned during this process include:

– The condenser coils
– The indoor or outdoor unit’s fan coil
– The filters

Depending on the type of air conditioner that you own, you may need a spanner among other tools to access this areas and reassemble the unit after the cleaning process is complete. To be on the safe side and to avoid either damaging the unit or completing a shoddy job, it’s advisable to hire an expert. In addition to cleaning the air conditioner well, this expert may also identify possible problems or wear and tear. This done, he or she may either fix them or make recommendations on how handle the problems before they overgrow into big repair or replacement problems. With an expert, the task is completed fast and this will allow you time to handle other important issues of your life. If a perfect cleaning job is done, then you are likely to enjoy the benefits discussed below.

It Improves the Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Continued use of an air conditioner leads to a buildup of debris, pollen, dust among other particles within the unit. The presence of these particles exerts a lot of pressure and stress on the unit anytime it’s working. For example, if your air filters are clogged, normal airflow is impeded and your air conditioning unit has to work extra hard to achieve any good results. Also, the ability of your evaporator coils to absorb heat is reduced with accumulation of dust on them. To ensure the unit is working efficiently, clean it.

1. It Reduces Your Overall Electricity Bills

In most instances, a larger portion of the total monthly electrical consumption of a house results from its air conditioning system. As aforementioned, a clogged unit must work harder to deliver expected room conditioning. To achieve this, it will use more energy. Usually, the extra electricity is anywhere between 5% and 10% more. Cleaning this air conditioner will mean that the extra energy needed for the unit to work harder is saved. You will feel the difference when you get your next electricity bill. After cleaning is complete, this bill would have reduced.

2. It Helps Reduce Possible Future Replacement and Repairs

In most cases, this repairs and replacements are very expensive. If you decide that you won’t clean your air conditioning unit no matter the warnings and associated bills, you risk witnessing its complete failure. Also, the more time you take before cleaning the unit the harder it becomes to complete the task. Also, problems such as overheating are likely to arise because the evaporator coils are dirty and not working efficiently. Remember, it’s during maintenance and cleaning that you will notice possible problems and try to fix them before they become worse. To avoid any unnecessary replacements and repair, it’s important to ensure that your unit is cleaned properly. Always ensure that you are using the right tools as a way of reducing damages and possible replacements.

3. It Will Better Your Indoor Air Quality

It is important to remember that a good air conditioning unit isn’t just meant for cooling your indoor air, it’s supposed to ensure that the circulating air is healthy and clean. This is what brings out the health benefits of installing an air conditioner. If your unit is clogged and dirty, then it has become the best breeding ground for germs, bacteria, fungi and mold. This means that any time this unit is running, these harmful particles are being blown into your house. The health effects of this particles are bad and hard to cope with. When they contaminate the air, you, your loved ones and all possible guest in the room become susceptible to respiratory infections. Regular air conditioner cleaning will help protect you and your family. With quality air in your house, the possible expense of treating and managing respiratory infections is reduced. This is a reliable way of ensuring that you are maintain a happy family.

4. It Helps Prolong the Overall Lifespan of Your Air Conditioning System

A good air conditioning unit isn’t something that you just wake up one morning and buy. You have to plan, budget, get recommendations and shop around to get one that best suits your needs. This means that its durability is paramount. A regularly cleaned system is likely to serve your for long and vice versa. The running of any clean air conditioning system is always smoother and easier, this reduces the rate at which wear, tear and rusting occur. Achieve this aspect and you will have your system serve you for years.

5. It Directly Affects Your Cost Of Living

You will realize that a clean unit will reduce your overall cost of living. This is because you will be saving on your energy bills, possible medical bills as a result of respiratory problems and possible expenses on expensive repairs or complete unit replacement. Also, it’s cheap to hire an expert because of the reasons aforementioned. Just remember that the expert you are using is experienced enough and can help you complete the other maintenance requirements. Most providers will offer you discounts if you use them to handle more than one aspect of your air conditioning maintenance. Take advantage of this aspect. With all these great saving options, the money spared can be re-channeled to other important family needs.


In a nutshell, cleaning your air conditioner is paramount. You don’t have to wait until you identify a problem with your air conditioner or notice that it isn’t efficient anymore, before you request for its cleaning. The health and monetary benefits of this process should tell you that regular cleaning is for your own good. Remember that, unless you are so sure of what you are doing, request for help during cleaning. It is also advisable to embrace other air conditioner maintenance requirements.

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