Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord?

If you are renting in Singapore, be it first or not, there is a tenant agreement that needs to be signed. When it is prepared by a landlord, this official contract should be properly studied before signing it up. Both landlord and tenant have to sign the agreement and once done, it is effective for both parties. Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord? This is a common question that several tenants ask and have confused.

What part of the Aircon cleaning is included in the tenant agreement?

Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord?

The Air Conditioning system operates at its best when it is maintained regularly and the filtered are cleaned at regular intervals. This will ensure you get better air quality without any airflow blockage. The blockage can raise your energy consumption and minimize equipment efficiency. The tenant agreement of Singapore generally includes the cleaning of filters of an air conditioner as a tenant’s responsibility and should be done every 3 months. It is always better to clean to avoid any allergies, sinus issues, and asthma.

Repair/Maintenance liabilities

Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord?

A tenancy agreement includes about 100 to 150 Singapore dollars for Repair/Maintenance liabilities. Over this amount, the landlord should be managing the issues.

What is included for AC for a tenant?

Under this category, air-conditioner maintenance is included under the tenant’s responsibility. Every 3 months, air-conditioner servicing should be done. By the end of the lease, the servicing bills are submitted to the landlord.

Any major repairs of the AC are the landlord’s responsibility. It is best to give a definite amount for maintenance expenses, say about 150 to 200 dollars. For any repair or maintenance over this amount, the landlord has to bear the cost of the exceeding amount.

It is also best to mention that you have a right to choose the maintenance personnel for affordability.

You should be given a minimum of 30 days to reflect on the defects data in the air conditioner.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord?

For aircon chemical cleaning, if the budget falls below the price range of 150 SGD, then you can pay, as per the tenancy agreement. If the range is above this, either you can contact multiple service contractors to get the price right. When you go for regular maintenance, ensure chemical cleaning is part of their service. If this is not the case, then approaching the landlord and mentioning the amount payable by you, request him/her to pay over the range.

Ensure this clause beforehand during the signing of a tenancy agreement.

Singaporean servicing companies usually offer a service package for 1-2 years. They usually include a chemical clean annually. When you as a tenant take up this package, you should ensure to back up your receipts. They are required to be produced to your landlord when your lease ends.

The other thing to check for is whether your building maintenance covers any free AC services as in the case of a condominium. If this applies to you, then you can take advantage of these free services to cover up your AC maintenance expenses.

Any major problems in the AC unit that doesn’t fall into the standard AC servicing, then your landlord is responsible for these repair costs. This is to be double-checked when signing a tenancy agreement.

If you are renting through an agent, ensure the clause that specifies the landlord coverage with respect to the Aircon repair. A clarification about the maintenance expenses when you invest your 150 to 200 SGD is very much essential. It will help in case the aircon ceases to operate.

A typical tenant and landlord agreement regarding Aircon maintenance expenses include:

  • The AC in the mentioned premises is in a good state.
  • It is in a tenantable condition and repair.
  • The AC units are to be maintained and serviced a minimum of every 3 months.
  • The expenses of the 3 months service will be paid by the tenant with a reliable AC contractor.
  • The Landlord agrees to take up any replacement and repair of AC parts installed in the mentioned premises.
  • The Landlord agrees to pay the extra amount in case chemical cleaning is not a part of the standard service.

Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord? – Conclusion

Must Tenant Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning Before Handover To Landlord?

As per the Singapore tenancy agreement, a tenant is responsible to take up standard aircon servicing every 3 months. The standard service ought to include chemical cleaning too. The tenancy agreement should clearly define the maintenance expenses in the agreement, beyond which the landlord holds the responsibility of the maintenance and repair costs of an aircon. This clause of chemical cleaning of an Aircon before rental handover should be clearly outlined in the agreement.

This is because it depends on the landlord and tenant when chemical cleaning is not included in the regular servicing. Ensure the chemical cleaning is included in the regular service or work out this clause with your landlord before moving in.

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