Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash

Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash – If you have aircon in your room, you have probably heard about aircon chemical wash. Broadly speaking, it is an efficient way of removing dust and harmful bacteria from your unit.

However, there are some disadvantages that might make you prefer chemical overhaul to chemical wash. Here are 5 reasons you should give up on chemically washing your aircon.

Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash –
1. Potential corrosion

Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash

Chemical wash uses strong chemicals to kill bacteria and a high-pressure water jet to wash the tough debris off. Oftentimes, the strong jet moves the dirt on top of the fan coil, which is a hard-to-reach area. That’s why, you will end up with debris leftovers on top of the fan coil, which is going to corrode over time. The corrosion will cause coil damage and reduce its performance.

To prevent unwanted damage, you may want to choose chemical overhaul instead of a chemical wash. It is a more profound cleaning procedure, where the technician dismantles the aircon totally. Making it easier to work with and getting access to all parts.

In this way, the technician will reach out even to the top of the fancoil. Removing all debris and eliminating the risk of corrosion.

2. Incomplete fan coil cleaning

As you may have figured out from the first disadvantage listed, chemical wash doesn’t wash away all dirt. And guilty for this is not low-quality products and weak water jet, but rather an incomplete dismantling of the unit. With that said, tearing down the aircon only partially leads to limited access to dirty parts. Let’s take the fancoil.

During the chemical wash, the technician doesn’t dismantle it fully. This denies him access to critical areas of the coil, specifically the top and the bottom.

You can clean these only if you fully tear down the aircon. Hence, doing a chemical overhaul would be a more reasonable choice when it comes to cleaning the aircon. It is more expensive, but you make sure that you get rid of all tough and stuck debris inside your unit.

3. Impossible back tray cleaning

Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash

Along with the fan coil, it is also hard to clean the back tray. Well, better say, it is impossible to clean the back tray. While fancoil allows for some access, the back tray is totally out-of-reach. The only way to get to it to dismantle the air-con fully. Thus, you will get access to the tray that is normally full of water and dirt. That originates from the evaporator coil condense.

The worst part about the back tray is that it has limited space and the evaporator coil can fill it up fast. If you don’t remove water from this area in time, it will overflow and cause leakage in fancoil. So again, opting for a chemical overhaul would prevent you from unwanted damage and provide a top to bottom aircon cleaning.

4. Potential harm to electrical components

There is always warranty coverage for a chemical wash. Nonetheless, it doesn’t prevent it from causing damage to critically important components. For example, electrical components at the fan coil, which is at risk of flooding considering the back tray overflowing. Since chemical wash doesn’t remove water from the back tray, it may reach the fan coil and damage the electrical components.

Hence, you need to repair the damaged parts which means some days without cool air. It may take longer than you expect because the company will take some time to find suitable spare parts.

5. Risk of getting no cool air

Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash

This doesn’t happen with a high-quality chemical wash, but it may occur in case of an unprofessional procedure. The water can damage the electrical components of the compressor, leading to its failure. Hence the compressor will not provide refrigerant to cool the air. In this case, you will have to contact an aircon technician to fix the breakdown.

Why You Should Not Do Aircon Chemical Wash – Conclusion

To wrap up, while doing great at removing dirt and impeding bacteria growth, the chemical wash has some downsides too. It may be a potential source of corrosion and provides and fails to clean all dirty parts of the aircon. It fails to remove dirt from the top and bottom of the fan coil and from the back tray.

Also, it can lead to the malfunctioning of electrical components, prompting you to call an electrician for necessary repairs. Alternatively, you can opt for a chemical overhaul, which will remove all grime and bacteria found deep inside the unit.

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