How Long Can Aircon Piping Last?

How Long Can Aircon Piping Last? It is a very crucial component of an AC system. It has to be in the right condition for the AC to work efficiently. When it is well maintained and set up correctly, it generally lasts for many years.

But, for it to last long, you need to be careful with certain factors. These factors maintain and increase the longevity of the pipe. If not taken care of, there is a danger of the pipe breaking down.

Types of Aircon piping

How Long Can Aircon Piping Last?

The material is employed for exchanging heat within the system. There are two types of piping material used in AC units.

They are Copper and Aluminum. Aluminum has faded in its use with time, and the majority of the units have gained in the use of copper piping. Both come with their advantages and disadvantages.

Importance of Aircon piping

All AC components, a condenser, an evaporating coil, and a compressor are linked to each other through internal piping. The cooling of the AC unit occurs within an enclosed circuit. Piping plays a very major role in the entire cooling process.

This is why they should be made from high-quality material. If the quality is inferior, then cracks and leaks can occur, which results in improper cooling. Clean pipes will not retain heat within and result in inefficient cooling and a long lifespan of an AC unit.

How long can aircon piping last?

How Long Can Aircon Piping Last?

Aircon piping can serve you from 12-15 years in general, considering that it is appropriately maintained and well taken care of. The lifespan depends on factors like its proper initial set up, well maintained, and regular aircon service.

An aircon pipe will serve for a lesser time if these factors are neglected. Since it is a crucial AC component, their lifespan impacts the lifespan of the AC operation itself.

The factors that can impact the lifespan of aircon piping

Initial installation

How Long Can Aircon Piping Last?

It is important to ensure that quality materials are used in their initial installation. They determine the aircon system’s lifespan and operation. Also, every component should be set up appropriately, a haphazard and improper set up can result in gas leakages, premature rusting, water clogging, malfunctioning, etc. A professional installation is recommended.

Quality of pipes

Piping should of good quality materials as the pipes have to withstand high pressure during their functioning. Weak piping can cause premature failure of the AC system.

Insulation type

This factor impacts the life of aircon piping as if the insulation is not of high quality, it can enhance the condensation rate of the piping. This in turn results in pipe leakages. The consistent condensation rate can result in pipe damage over time.

Occasional checking- 

Regular maintenance of the system to help you identify the issues in its initial phases is mandatory. Any kind of foreign material and dirt that can potentially clog the pipe in the future can be eliminated. Any kind of pipe clogging can result in a decline in the AC efficiency. This can harm the piping system.

Copper piping over Aluminum piping for longer lifespan of aircon piping

There are reasons why Copper is recommended over Aluminum in aircon piping. They are:


Copper is anti-corrosive as compared to Aluminum. This property is important during the cooling, the air that is oxidized in the pipes can be handled much better and longer. This adds to the lifespan of AC.

Quick cooling

The cooling process is faster due to lesser specific heat. This enables rapid heat dissipation to the outer environment causing quick cooling. Aluminum needs more heating and cooling time in comparison to copper.


Copper is more durable and less fragile than Aluminum. They can be soldered in extreme cases like cracking or puncturing.


Copper is a bit expensive as compared to Aluminum. However, considering their durability, lower specific heat, efficiency, anti-rust, and longevity properties, Copper is recommended as aircon piping.

When it comes to the long-term efficiency of the AC unit, it is worth the price rather than settling for lesser priced material, end up putting your money on repairs and replacements.

How Long Can Aircon Piping Last? – Conclusion

To enhance the aircon piping longevity, you need to pay attention to the set of the AC unit, quality materials in the setup process, the durability of the aircon piping, and regular maintenance.

Compromising on any of these can result in earlier pipe damage and to the AC unit. When it comes to the recommended aircon piping material for a longer lifespan, Copper takes over Aluminum for its immense beneficial characteristics.

Overall, an aircon piping can last 12-15 years with all the factors taken care of appropriately.

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