8 Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Stopped Working (Updated)

Want to know Why your Mitsubishi aircon stopped working? I do not need to prove it that Mitsubishi Aircon is the best in its category and always offers great services to people. But sometime you may face some problem in your Mitsubishi Aircon as well and it may stop working completely for you. In that situation, you keep on wondering about those reasons because of which your Mitsubishi Aircon sped working.

In case, you also have a non-working Mitsubishi Aircon and you not sure about the reason, then the following are 8 Possible Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Stopped Working and some possible solution as well for the problem.

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Old and dirty air filter:

You might not believe this simple fact that a dirty Aircon filter can stop your Mitsubishi Aircon from its regular functioning and you might not get any cool air from it. You need to understand that filter of your Aircon suck all the dust and dirt particles from your room and it gives you better and clean air in your room.

But if you do not replace the filter on a regular basis then it will put extra load on your Mitsubishi Aircon and eventually it may stop working completely. So, if you have a non-working Mitsubishi Aircon, then I would suggest you check the air filter and if it dirty or older than one month, then you shall change it before using the Aircon again.

Mitsubishi aircon condenser
Mitsubishi aircon condenser

Blocking of condenser:

The condenser is one of the most important parts of your Aircon and if you will have any kind of blocking in it, then your Mitsubishi Aircon may stop working because of that issue. Dust, dirt, and other similar small particles can easily block the condenser and in that case, your Aircon might not work properly and in most cases, it may stop working completely.

Therefore, when you notice that your Mitsubishi Aircon is not working and you do not have any issue in your aircon filter, then you shall check the blocking in the condenser. If you have any blocking then you need to get rid of that blocking before using it.

Freezing of condenser:

If your Mitsubishi aircon does not work properly then condenser of the Aircon may get frozen and your aircon may stop working completely. You can easily avoid this problem just by taking good care of your aircon with the help of regular maintenance and services.

But if you already have a non-working Mitsubishi aircon in your home or office because of the frozen condenser then you can talk to your Aircon technician and you can ask him to correct the problem for you. In most of the cases your technician will solve the problem in a few minutes considered the problem is not very big and you will be able to get a working aircon in the least possible time.

A leak in coolant:

Aircon leaking
Aircon leaking

Coolant is the heart of any Aircon and these rules does not change with Mitsubishi aircon as well. Due to the drop of coolant in your Mitsubishi aircon, it may not work with its full potential and it may have a lot of complications in it. In most of cases it will just reduce the performance of your Aircon at a certain level and you may not get any cooling from it, but in some cases, it may completely stop your Mitsubishi aircon.

To avoid this problem you can simply take some preventive measures or steps for that. For this, you notice any lack of cooling in your Mitsubishi aircon, then instead of the waiting call an expert and ask him to check the coolant level. Also, if he says there is a drop in the cooling then ask him to do the needful without any delay.

Electricity supply issues:

Sometimes we look for bigger problems and we end up realizing that problem was very small. The same thing may happen with your Mitsubishi aircon as well. If you have any kind of electrical supply issue in your home, then your aircon might stop working because of that issue as well.

To notice the problem in your electricity, you can simply check other heavy equipment such as fridge, washing machine or microwave oven and if you notice those instrument also have some problem then you can consider that as a problem in your electricity supply and that may be a reason because of which your Mitsubishi aircon stopped working.

Overload on plug:

Overload on plug:
Overload on plug:

People have a tendency or using so many electrical appliances on one plug and that gives so many problems to them. If you notice that your Mitsubishi aircon stopped working and you are also doing the same mistake, then I would urge you to change the setting before making any further assumption.

When you will remove all the other plugs and when you will plug only the Mitsubishi aircon unit with it, then chances are high that you will not have this problem anymore and you will get a solution as well.

Extra load on your Aircon:

This might sound a funny and non-practical reason but if you are giving a lot of extra load on your Mitsubishi aircon, then also it may stop working. If you have a small aircon and you are trying to cool a big hall with it, then you will not get cooling and your aircon will keep on working on a nonstop manner.

As a result of that, it will get heated and soon after that will stop working completely for you. So, if you have this issue then you need to deal with it to avoid any more complications in your aircon.

Mechanical problems:

If you have any mechanical problems with your Mitsubishi aircon, it will certainly stop working for you. The biggest issue related to mechanical problems is that you cannot trace the problem or solve the issue in any condition.

That means in this kind of situation, you will need to make a call to the mechanic and have to accept each, and everything said by him. However, I would suggest you consider it a mechanical problem only if all the above solutions are not working. If you are looking for a reliable aircon company in Singapore, call us now at +65 6692 1093

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