Daikin VS Mitsubishi Aircon 2020 (Updated)

Daikin vs Mitsubishi 2020. An air conditioner has become one of the most important electronic appliances. Nowadays, because of the excessive heat, it is really difficult to live without an air conditioner. Do you know what is more difficult to live in summers without an air conditioner? It is choosing the right air conditioner which is perfect for your home.

Well, in this case, you have already made a choice to buy between Daikin vs Mitsubishi, so now it is easy to pick one. So today I’ll be comparing Daikin vs Mitsubishi’s air conditioners and try to help you find the perfect AC for your sweet home.

Well, both Daikin and Mitsubishi manufacture good quality air conditioners. They both are the most trustworthy brands among common people. So it only depends on you and your home conditions. So here are some points comparing both Daikin and Mitsubishi to make it easy and clear for you.

Daikin vs Mitsubishi 2020 –


Durability is the most important thing you should keep in mind when buying an air conditioner. Everyone should look to get more value at a lower cost.


Daikin air conditioner parts are very high quality that makes it very durable in any condition. Daikin can prove very effective and can work really well without any difficulties if taken care of and installed properly. Another plus point of Dakin’s air conditioners is the reviews from its customers. People who have installed and used Daikin’s air cons can easily say that it is very durable. If you can take good care of it, then it can serve you for a long time.


The best thing about the Mitsubishi air conditioners is that it can work in any condition. It doesn’t matter where you are from and your area’s weather conditions; it will work with ease. Another great point about the Mitsubishi air conditioners is that it is a very heavy duty ac that makes it last longer.

Mitsubishi air-cons require a little maintenance. It is also effortless to fix in case of any problems. So if you can fix little problems, then Mitsubishi is the ac that can spend a very time with you.

Daikin vs Mitsubishi 2020 –


It is always better to choose something that is giving you more benefits. You should always look for products which are not only good but also efficient. Products that can help you in your life indirectly are always are a better option.


Daikin air conditioner
Daikin air conditioner

First of all, Daikin’s air conditioners are very easy to use that makes it very efficient for all age groups. This is also the reason why people who have used it like it so much. There are only a few brands that can compete with Daikin, in terms of efficiency. You don’t have to do anything if you use it well because it has an automatic function that does everything on its own. It can also adjust the temperature on its own and gives you the perfect sweet experience.


Mitsubishi air conditioners are perfect for those who don’t have any technical knowledge regarding air conditioners. If you have never used an air conditioner before, don’t worry, because it is straightforward to operate. It can also prove more efficient than any other air conditioner you’ll find in your locality.

In the Mitsubishi air conditioners, It is also effortless to attain a perfect temperature, so you will never face any operating issues. It can be a perfect choice for people who are planning to purchase new homes or open a new business.

Pros and Cons


Before purchasing anything, you should check all the aspects related to it. It is better to check all the bad factors first, to avoid any future problems. You can only do the over-all comparison when you every pro and cons of the product. So here are the pros and cons of both the Daikin and Mitsubishi air conditioners.

Pros of Daikin air conditioners

1- The main advantage of the Daikin air conditioners is the air purifying system. You can say that Daikin is at the top when it comes to giving the best Daikin air conditioners.

2- It has the best technologies like streamer discharge, titanium fiber, PM 2.5 filter which helps in purifying the air to its maximum extent

3- It is environment-friendly. Its new models do not harm the ozone layer. So you can say that in a few years, no Daikin ac will harm the environment.

4- One of the best advantages of using Daikin air conditioners is the customer support. No company can become successful, if they cannot satisfy their customers. Daikin is doing great in both satisfying customers with product and customer service.

5-Daikin provides a lot of options to their customers. You will find the perfect air conditioners according to your preferences

Cons of Daikin air conditioners

1- The Daikin air conditioners lack the window air conditioners. There are some who still like to have a windows air conditioner.

2- Sometimes it takes more time in cooling up.

Pros of Mitsubishi air conditioners

Mitsubishi aircon
Mitsubishi aircon

1- It can work really well in excessive heat conditions as compared to other brands.

2- Mitsubishi’s air conditioners are also known for its cross-flow fan and aerodynamics design, which makes it very quiet.

3- Mitsubishi is very well known certified brand in the air conditioner business, so you don’t have to worry about quality and standards.

4- Another great thing about Mitsubishi is that it is very energy efficient. It consumes less 40% of energy in comparison to other brands.

5- It also has R32 and R410 refrigerants which do not harm the ozone layer.

Cons of Mitsubishi air conditioners

1-Its online presence is low and it is hard to find it in most of the e-commerce portals.

2- Some people also complain about its look and appearance, as it looks very average.



So I have given you all the details about both air conditioners. Now it is your call to pick one according to your preferences. One thing I want to suggest to you is to think about the long term. Don’t take any decision thinking about short term benefits.

An air conditioner is an expensive asset, and you should always think carefully before purchasing it. Make sure that the AC you are choosing will suit your lifestyle and home conditions.

So I hope this information will help you compare both the Daikin and Mitsubishi air conditioners and choose a perfect one. If you need help choosing the right aircon for your home or office, give us a call today at +65 6692 1093.

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