When Should You Do Air Con Pressure Test?

Singapore is a place where you cannot live a comfortable life without a properly working Aircon. If your aircon is not working smoothly, then you will have a sticky, humid, and hot surrounding that will be not comfortable at all in any manner.

If you want to make sure your aircon is working properly and smoothly, there are several things that you must do, and a regular pressure test check is one of those things. If you don’t do a regular aircon pressure test, you might have a low amount of coolant in it, and you may get various problems with it.

And if you are doing regular maintenance, then a certain situation or conditions are there in which you may need to check your Aircon’s coolant pressure without any delay.

Here, in this article, I will discuss some of the conditions explaining when you should do an aircon pressure test?

Lack of cooling:

 If you notice any lack of cooling in your room without any reason, it is advised that you do a pressure test without delay. Normally, you lack cooling in properly functioning Aircon only if you lack coolant in it. With a basic calculation, 10% of coolant loss can reduce 20% of your Aircon performance.

So, if you have 10% less coolant in your Aircon, it may reduce 20% performance and have less cooling. Other than this, it will increase the load on your Aircon as well. To deal with this situation, you should call some expert or Aircon specialist, and you should check the pressure of your coolant. Needless to say, if you have a lack of pressure in your Aircon, then you should get it refilled as well without any delay.

Top up aircon gas
Top up aircon gas

Continue compressor running:

If your compressor is continuously running, it can be a clear sign of low Aircon pressure. Sometimes your Aircon coolant may be less, but it may be good enough to cool down your room. However, your Aircon compressor may need to keep working in that situation to maintain the cooling in your room.

Normally you may not notice this situation or continue the compressor’s operation, but you should consider that as a sign for a pressure test if you notice it. With a pressure test, you will identify if it is running continuously due to lack of coolant or other issues. If it lacks coolant, you can ask someone to refill it, and if it is some other issue, you can ask a technician to resolve that other issue.

Higher electricity bill:

Sometimes your Aircon may keep giving you cool air even with a lack of coolant just by overworking. Due to your work or ignorance, you may also ignore the compressor’s continuous running, but you cannot ignore a higher electricity bill in any condition. If you notice a sudden increment in your electricity bill, you can consider a problem in your Aircon.

If it works smoothly and you don’t see any other issues, it could be a clear sign of coolant loss. If you try the pressure test in your Aircon, you will know the exact cause for this higher electricity bill. If you lack coolant pressure, you can hire some expert or regular technician to top it up. Till that time, you should try not to use your Aircon. Else, it may damage you.

Higher aircon electricity bill
Higher aircon electricity bill

Unusual sound from the room:

If you have unusual sound from your Aircon along with lack of cooling or continue running of the compressor, then it is a clear sign of coolant loss. If you don’t have any coolant in your Aircon or have very little it, it may certainly be a big issue for you, and you should go ahead with the pressure test.

This unusual sound may appear because of certain other reasons, but most of the time, gas pressure is responsible for that. If you top up your Aircon gas, you will be able to get rid of this issue, and you will be able to get cool air with a completely sound and smooth Aircon.

Bad smell:

Sometimes you may have a drop of coolant in your Aircon due to a leak. If you are assuming you just topped it with coolant and didn’t have to check it, you are wrong about it. The coolant or Aircon refrigerant has a very different smell that is high pitched and gives you a burning feeling in your nostrils and throat.

If you notice this kind of smell in your home or open area, then also you should not ignore the sign. After noticing this kind of smell, you should not delay, and you should ask someone to test it immediately. If you recently topped your Aircon and your pressure test results from coolant decrease, it is a clear sign of a leak. In this situation, you should not top it up immediately because that will be a waste of your money and time.

Before tapping up the gas, you should ask the expert to find the leaking point and get it repaired. Only after that, you should top up the gas for your Aircon.

Bad smell coming from aircon
Bad smell coming from aircon

If you can keep these things in your mind, you will not have any problem with your Aircon and will be able to have a really comfortable room. Other than this, you will be able to reduce problems that you may have in your Aircon due to lack of coolant. Now you know when to do an aircon pressure test.

If you notice this kind of situation in your house, you should not make any delay, and you should ask an expert to check the pressure and resolve the issues if there are any.

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