How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned? Aircons are one of the most popular ways to fight the stifling heat. There are a lot of people who use this device to freshen up and cool the air in their house. This points to its efficiency and comfort it provides to homeowners living in a hot environment.

But like any other household appliance, an aircon needs regular maintenance to operate at its peak. As an AC owner, you might ask yourself “How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?”. Read on to know the answer to this question and get other tips on AC maintenance.

Why do you need to clean your aircon?

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?

Aircons have the exceptional power of transforming hot suffocating air into a cool and fresh one. However, this power can disappear if you don’t pay due attention to the air conditioner. It’s pointless and rude to think that the device will perform perfectly for years without proper aircon maintenance.

You have to constantly monitor it and step in with proper care activities to keep it in working order. Here is why cleaning the aircon is so important.

1. Ensures it operates efficiently

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?

Over time, the AC unit accumulates debris, pathogens, and mold on its interior parts that make them perform worse. By removing the impurities regularly, you increase the efficiency of the aircon, ensuring it gives its best to cool your house.

2. Prevents major breakdowns

When cleaning the aircon, you always have a look inside it. This gives you more control over the device and allows you to know about its issues. During regular maintenace duties, you can identify minor problems and address them timely. In this way, you prevent the minor problems from growing into major breakdowns that require lots money for repairs.

3. Keeps the air fresh

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?

Bacteria and dust living on the vital parts of the aircon spoil the quality of the air entering your house. If you don’t clean the aircon as often as you should, the contaminated air will invade your home. It can cause serious breathing problems and impede you from doing your tasks properly.

Moreover, allergens can also affect your skin and other body parts which means you have to pay a lot for treatments. That’s why you have to grab the detergent and clean the air conditioner when it is in need of it.

How often to clean aircon?

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?

Well, there are aircon parts that require more often cleaning than other components. If speaking of coil and filter, you are good to clean them every 2 weeks. Luckily they are in easy reach for you, and don’t have to tear the aircon apart. This minor task brings a huge value for the aircon operation.

An aircon with a clogged-up filter consumes more electricity and makes the compressor work more intensively.

You can clean the coil and filter by yourself without need to use expensive products. A dish detergent and warm water would be enough to remove the grime from the parts. For filter, you just have to remove it, place it under a jet of lukewarm water and rub the impurities out.

You can use either your hands or a clean cloth for it. As you can see, this task doesn’t require much time and elbow grease. So you can do it as often as possible to ensure you don’t get increased electricity bills and contaminated air.

Sometimes sanitizing the filter once in 2 weeks can be not enough to keep it clean. It is true for people who live in heavily industrialized cities with polluted traffic. They are better off cleaning the filter and coil once in 5 days or more often if needed as grime accumulates faster.

What about other parts?

If speaking of cleaning the entire air conditioner, you are good to do this major task once in 12 months. This process implies tearing down the aircon to receive access to hard-to-reach components. In most cases, homeowners leave this task to a professional AC cleaning team.

If you are sure of your technical skills and know the structure of the AC, you can clean it by yourself.

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned? – Final thoughts

How Often Should Aircon Be Cleaned?

An aircon without maintenance is going to fail soon. You have to take good care of it to ensure it operates flawlessly. You can do it by cleaning the filter and coil once in 2 weeks. And by cleaning the entire air conditioner once in 12 months.

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