Aircon Maintenance – Why You Need a Skilled Service Provider

When you live in a tropical country like Singapore then it becomes necessary that your air conditioning unit should work properly to cool down the temperature of the interior of your house or office effectively. Most of the working parts of your air conditioner require regular maintenance like coils, fins and filters etc. The performance of your air conditioner will decline and power consumption bill will increase gradually by neglecting regular aircon maintenance. Though some people try to maintain their aircon themselves but if you have no time or technical knowledge in this regard then it will be better to hire a skilled service provider.

What to expect from a skilled service provider?

When you hire a professional service for regular maintenance of your aircon then they can take care of all the problems in your air conditioning system by using their knowledge and experience. The aircon maintenance services you can expect from your service provider like check the level of refrigerant in your aircon, and use leak detector to check leakage of refrigerant. He will also check the central systems of the aircon to find leakage in the seal of the duct. He will also measure the flow of air through its evaporator. Your aircon service will also ensure that cooling and heating system of your aircon are not working simultaneously by checking the sequences of electric control systems. They will also check clean and tighten all the electrical connections, accuracy of the thermostat and the tightness of the belts of oil motors of your air conditioner.

Components that need to be checked by skilled service provider


During aircon maintenance it is important to ensure the effectiveness of your air conditioner. The service provider will clean or replace its filters as the efficiency of your device will be affected if its filters are dirty and clogged with dust and debris. The dirty filters can also affect the quality of air inside your home or office as they will block the flow of healthy air and dirty air will bypass the filter to enter into its evaporator coils directly. It will also affect the heat absorbing capability of the coils. The service provider will reduce the power consumption of your air conditioning unit by 5-15% by replacing its dirty filters with clean ones.

Coils of air conditioner

The condenser and evaporator coils of your air conditioner must be serviced regularly on monthly or yearly basis as they collect a lot of dirt coming in through the outside air, especially when the filters are clogged. These coils also collect dirt with time even if its filters are regularly cleaned or replaced. The dirt collected in evaporator coil can reduce its efficiency to absorb heat from the air. So the evaporator coil should be checked and cleaned at least once a year to avoid such problems. Similarly, the condenser coils in the outdoor unit of the aircon can collect dust and dirt from the environment, especially if you have shrubs and trees near it. This dirt and debris will affect the cooling of your home or office. Falling leaves, lawn mower, and vents of dryer can be the good source of debris and dirt for your air conditioning unit. So you should keep the area near your aircon clean by riming foliage and removing debris so that the condenser coils in your outdoor unit can get enough flow of air.

Fins on coils

The flow of air to the condenser and evaporator coils can be blocked by bending of the aluminum h=fins on them. Professional aircon maintenance service providers have ‘fin comb’ to revive the original condition of these fins to ensure proper airflow to the coils.

Window Seals of the room

The inspection of seal between the window frame and the air conditioner is necessary at the start of every year before starting your air conditioner. A skilled service provider will ensure that the metal case of the units is properly connected to the frame of the window otherwise it will not cool your room properly. The moisture in the air will damage the seal and cool air will escape out of that gap.

Thus, you need a skilled service provider for proper aircon maintenance, especially when you have no time for DIY practices or lack of technical knowledge.

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