Aircon Savings – How To Use Fan To Your Advantage

Do you love keeping cool without having to pay full price? Are you tired of seeing such a high price on the electric bill month after month? Do you want to learn how to use fan to your advantage when it comes to keeping cool? There is a way to achieve this by knowing how to maximize the use of the fan in conjunction with the air conditioner.

Stay Cool Without Paying Full Price

All you need to do is to turn the air conditioner off when the room is fairly cool and circulate the existing cool air in the room using the fan. Knowing when to turn the air conditioner off is the key to successfully balancing comfort without having to pay full price. You won’t have to sacrifice your comfort or the comfort of the children or the office and at the same time enjoy the fact that you have to pay less than most people on your monthly electric bill.

Big Savings Every Month

No matter what the weather is like outside, you can save a lot of electricity using the air conditioner with the fan. There is a lot of electricity to be saved by using the fan rather than one hundred percent pure air conditioning. You may be surprised at how much electricity you are able to save by using the fan rather than just the air conditioner. if you are afraid that it is going to be too hot, you might be surprised that after a while, you won’t even feel that anything is different.

Using The Air Conditioner

To save electricity, go ahead and turn off the air conditioner but instead of the usual eight hours, for example, set the timer to half that time. Keep all your windows and doors shut and when someone needs to go in and out of the room, make sure they shut the door behind them. Once the cool air remains in the room, turn on the fan to circulate the cool air produced by the air conditioner. You will be surprised at how cool the room remains regardless of using the air conditioner for just half the time. Do this for just a few days and after a while you won’t notice that you are using your air conditioner for just half the time. The best part is that this will reflect on your electricity bill. As the months go by, you will notice that your electricity bill has lessened greatly without you sacrificing your comfort.

The Benefits of Cool Air Cannot Be Denied

Cool air keeps you comfortable even in hot summers or regular sunny weather. If you live in a warm weather climate, cool air helps keep people comfortable and productive. This is particularly important in offices where discomfort and hot rooms are simply out of the question. At home, it is important to keep the air comfortable and cool particularly for children and their parents to sleep well at night. Cool, comfortable rooms are important for health, productivity and comfort. Learning how to maximize the use of the fan to keep your rooms cool without using the air conditioner full time will result in supreme comfort while still not having to pay full price every time the electric bill arrives. This results in less stress for you, and full comfort for the family as they enjoy cool rooms without having to pay full price.

It’s Worth It

The effort you will make in terms of balancing air conditioning with the fan will all be worth it. You can say goodbye to overpriced electricity without having to sacrifice the comfort of your household members. If you want to do this at the office at an executive level, this will benefit your company greatly since it will add to the savings of utility payments each month. Check to see how many hours it takes for the air conditioner to cool the room. Every room is different according to size. Once it is fully cold, that is when you switch to the fan. The results? Remarkable savings every month that you won’t regret. The best part is that no one will even notice that you did anything differently and yet your savings increase greatly as the months roll by.

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