Why It Makes Sense to Repair Your Aircon Instead of Buying a New One

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling air inside your home in Singapore then it can be challenging for you to stay at home without it. In such situation you will have to decide whether to repair your aircon or replace it. Your decision about aircon repair can depend on various factors, briefly discussed here under.

Age of the aircon: According to HVAC professionals, one of the most important factors that can influence you decision of repairing or replacing the air conditioner is the age of your device. One of the easiest ways that can help in deciding between aircon repairs and its replacement is to use 5,000 rule. You can repair your aircon if the multiplication of its repair cost and its age is less $5,000 but if it exceeds this limit then it is worthwhile to replace it. For instance you have a 10 years old air conditioning unit and the cost of repairing its fault can be around $300 then you can think of repairing it as the resultant of its multiplication is $3000 only.

Energy efficiency of the unit: 
The energy efficiency of latest air conditioning units has been increased greatly due to the technological advancements in the recent past. For a 10 years old air conditioner you can use its Energy Stars to know its energy efficiency. But for more than 15 years old ACs most of the HVAC contractors recommend to replace them as it is difficult to know the level of their energy efficiency. According to experts, nearly 14 years is an average span of life of an aircon in Singapore.

Maintenance history and condition of the unit: 
The lifespan of your air conditioning unit can greatly depend on its maintenance and condition at present. You may not need to replace it if it is services regularly as per the instructions of its manufacturer. In such condition, the condition of most of its part will be good which can reduce the chances of the failure of your unit even if it is older than 10-12 years.

Performance in recent past:
 Your air conditioner can be repaired if its parts are in good condition, it has been running reliably since long and requiring service for the first time. However, you are recommended to replace it if its performance in recent past was poor, has breakdowns more often or you are experiencing problems even after getting it repaired.

Change in location:
 You must replace your aircon if you have changed the space where the aircon was being used, shifted to some other location, the new location is not designed properly or ventilation is not enough. Your problems of quality of air and variance in temperature will continue in such situation even if you get your old unit repaired by an expert HVAC contractor.

Other factors that can affect your decision to repair or replace aircon

According to experts there are certain other factors apart from the age of the air conditioner that help you in making decision about replacing or repair aircon.

You should replace your air conditioner if,
The frequency of repairing it is high
During summer your home remains too hot
Your energy bill is increasing consistently

According to some experts aircon repair is not worthwhile if it is old enough and requires a few hundred dollars to repair it. Your decision about repairing or replacing the aircon can also be influenced on the length of time period you are going to live in a house as well as the condition of the utilities you are using in it. In comparison to old aircon you can save approximately 20% cost of heating and cooling energy by replacing it with a new and energy efficient unit costing between $3,600 and $7,200.

On the contrary, some of the HVAC experts are of the view that you should not replace your old AC unless it is broken. Aircon repair should be done if your energy bills are low and/or there is no leakage in it. You can schedule inspection of a reputed and experienced HVAC contractor to evaluate the condition of your old AC before taking the decision to repair or replace it.

Thus, it makes sense to repair your aircon instead of buying a new one if its condition and performance is good and not increasing your power bills.

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