How To Clean Aircon Myself?

How To Clean Aircon Myself? The aircon’s effectiveness depends a lot on its level of cleanliness. Dust, grime, and mold that accumulate on different parts of the device make it perform worse. If you let the dirt untouched, it will lead to contaminated air, increased electricity bills, and aircon breakdowns.

Your wisest choice is to adopt a regular aircon cleaning routine that would keep the AC in top condition. If hiring a professional cleaner is not your option, cleaning the unit yourself would also do the trick. Here is a detailed guideline on how to wash aircon and maintain it in shape.

1. Prepare the device for cleaning

Start by unplugging the aircon from its power source. It will guarantee a safe cleaning and prevent accidents. Then, remove the front panel that covers the air conditioner’s interior. Loosen the latches to get access to the inside parts.

2. Remove and clean the filters

How To Clean Aircon Myself?

Filters are one of the most vulnerable to dirt components. They interact directly with all impurities that move through the aircon, trapping them and purifying the air. They deserve thorough cleaning at short intervals, especially if you live in a high-pollution area. You can find the filters at the very front of the AC, recognizing them by their long, rectangular shape.

Remove them gently and shake them outdoor first. Shaking them indoors is not relevant, because they may harbor a big quantity of dust and debris. Place the filters under cold tap water and rinse them. You can step up the game with detergent and a sponge if the dirt is too tough.

3. Clean the cooling fins

Cooling fins are also the preferred habitat of dust. You have to regularly blow the layers of dust off to prevent them from getting thick and blocking the airflow. The cooling fins are a vertical row of thin metal pieces snugly close to each other. You can find them behind the indoor part of the air conditioner.

To make your vacuum cleaner more effective, equip it with a canister attachment. Try to vacuum each fin and use the brush, if needed, to remove the stubborn dirt.

4. Clean the coils

Once you’ve cleaned the filters and cooling fins, switch to coils. You can recognize coils by their round shape and their central positioning along with the entire indoor unit. You are good to use an evaporator cleaner to force the dust off the components.

A wise decision would be to treat the coils additionally with an anti-fungal spray. It will stop the growth and spreading of mold and mildew, keeping the air in the house fresh.

5. Declog the drain lines

How To Clean Aircon Myself?

The clogged drainage system is one of the reasons aircon starts to perform badly. Your aircon would be thankful to you if you checked the drain lines for clogs, and cleared them out in case they existed. Use a flush kit with pressurized water to force any blockage of debris out of the pipe. Let the pipe air dry before reconnecting it to the outdoor unit’s hose.

6. Clean the outdoor unit

The outdoor part of the AC also requires maintenance. First of all, turn off the power supply of the outside unit. You can usually find it some feet away from the condenser itself. Then, proceed with cleaning the condenser fins.

Since it experiences exposure to outside elements, the compressor tends to accumulate a significant amount of impurities. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suction up the dust and grime on the fins. If the dirt has stuck to the metal, use a brush to force it out.

7. Put the displaced parts back

How To Clean Aircon Myself?

Once you the cleaning session is over, use the proper tools to reattach the displaced components. The filters and front panel should attach smoothly without making you acting with force. If you use brute force to secure the parts in place, it’s likely that you have done something wrong. If you are not sure of the right way to secure the parts back, consult the user manual.

How To Clean Aircon Myself? – Conclusion

How To Clean Aircon Myself?

Although professionals don’t recommend it, homemade aircon cleaning may be a solution if you need it urgently clean. There are some cleaning tasks that homeowners can perform themselves.

They include: filter cleaning, fins dusting, coil anti-fungal treatment, drain lines declogging, and condenser sanitizing. Make a point of working patiently, with much care and attention to detail. Don’t forget to turn off the power source before you wash the aircon.

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