Can Aircon Clean the Air from Bacteria in Home?

Can Aircon Clean the Air from Bacteria in Home? During the hot months, the air conditioner provides cool air to your home. It helps to cool the room instantly, and you get to breathe in comfort. However, is this the only benefit of an aircon?

Your air conditioner is also a barrier between the dust and the clean air of the room. The filters in the machine do the filtering work. You must have seen the aircon service person detaches the filters and clean them. Also, before cleaning the nets, they look very dusty. These things act as the guard.

If you change the filters after some time, you will not only get cool air, also there will be no dust in the house. Let’s explore more about the function of air conditioner filters.

How does an air conditioner work?

Air conditioners are only meant to cool your home and give the best airflow inside the rooms. It works through its indoor and outdoor units. The main functions of an air cooling appliance are,

  • Distributing the air: The evaporator pours cooling fluid into gas, and then the air is pressed inside the room. Side by side the warm air is pulled out of the indoor system.
  • Cooling the rooms: The cooling unit is placed inside the house and the warm air duct system is placed on the outside. The air conditioner filters the hot air from outside and turns it cool with the gas.
  • Moving outside: Once the air cooling starts the hot outside air is sucked inside the indoor unit. Then it’s cooled and the process continues.

Your house’s air conditioner works relentlessly to keep the warm air outside and provide a cool feeling. However, it won’t be able to stop the debris and pollutants from outside. But at some level aircon blocks the dust motes and cleans the air.

How the machine purifies indoor air?

Can Aircon Clean the Air from Bacteria in Home?

Before the air is distributed inside the room, it goes through the filters, which sucks in human and pet hair, dust mites, particles, dirt, and bacteria. The air filters work as a barrier between the room and the harmful elements in the air. This way you can get clean air to breathe.

Good air filters catch more dust motes and debris than other systems. You can always determine the filter capacity of your air conditioner. You can check the level on the MERV scale, which is measured from one to twenty. If there are higher numbers, that means the system has a great air filter.

For your workplace and residential house, it’s best to choose filters ranging from eight and thirteen. For 8, the machine will filter hair, pollen, mold, dirt, and dust. On a scale of 13, the air conditioner will filter virus particles and bacteria.

The best and efficient filter is HEPA, which can filter out 99.7% of things in the air.

Maintenance of air conditioner filters:

Can Aircon Clean the Air from Bacteria in Home?

The air conditioner filters of your home get dirty after some time. When this happens you won’t get better cooling and dust filter. For this, you need to clean the filters after two months. This is a very easy process, you can remove the filters and wash them with a damp cloth.

You can also put them under the faucet. In the case of non-removable filters, use a damp cloth to wipe over the nets. After this turn on the aircon and it will dry out automatically. If you are still worried about the air quality in your home, you have to do some other things to maintain a safe environment.

  • Open the windows: Open the windows often to let fresh air inside.
  • Vacuum the room: Clean the room with a vacuum and don’t forget the carpets.
  • Use an air purifier: If you or your family members have allergy issues, you can buy an air purifier. Choose a good filter for the same, only then you will get purified air.
  • For air conditioner: For the air conditioner, you need to choose a HEPA filter and opt for servicing the machine from time to time. Usually, you can go for service after six months, but cleaning of the air ducts should be after two months.

Can Aircon Clean the Air from Bacteria in Home? – Conclusion:

Can Aircon Clean the Air from Bacteria in Home?

Air conditioners are important in every home and office. To maintain bacteria-free air and better cooling you must call an expert. Only a professional can clean the filters properly and fix any issue with the machine.

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