Why Is My Daikin Aircon Light Blinking?

Is your Daikin aircon light blinking? Daikin is a famous aircon brand in Singapore. Many people are using this product in their properties. When you also have this unit, you should learn how you can manage your aircon unit’s quality.

There are some useful tips that you can follow to improve the performance of your aircon. You also need to know about blinking light in your unit. This blinking light may indicate many problems with your unit. You need to understand your problems to improve your unit’s overall quality and performance.

1. Damaged power cord

This is a common problem that may occur in your Daikin aircon unit. This problem can cause your unit to lose its function. You can solve this problem by replacing this power cord with the new one. You can contact the Daikin manufacturer to ask about its replacement part.

It is recommended that you replace this part immediately to avoid getting any further problems in the future. When this problem is not solved quickly, it can burn the overall aircon unit quickly. This situation can trigger the blinking light in your unit. You need to contact your favorite aircon service company immediately.

Damaged power cord
Damaged power cord

2. Leaked unit

Some units have this problem. The leaked unit should be treated immediately. You can notice this problem from the dripping water from your aircon. This situation should be treated immediately. You can turn off your unit before you start working on this problem. You can open your aircon unit so that you can take a look at its water circulation system.

The leaked unit is commonly caused by the improper water circulation system in your unit. You can fix this problem immediately, so you will never have to worry about this problem anymore. You have to be careful when you are planning to fix this problem.

Aircon leaking water
Aircon leaking water

3. Dead aircon unit

This is another serious problem with your unit. When your unit shows blinking light, you may notice this problem. You may have a dead aircon unit in your daily life. Many factors can trigger this situation from happening.

Therefore, you need to contact a professional service company. This company can help you solve any problems with your aircon unit completely. The blinking light can indicate this situation in your Daikin aircon. It may be related to the power cord system of your unit. You can replace the broken units inside your aircon unit regularly.

Air conditioner remote
Air conditioner remote

4. The battery of your remote control is running out

Some people are suffering from this situation. When you notice that your remote control battery is running out, you may notice a blinking light in your aircon unit. This problem can be solved immediately. You can replace the battery of your remote control so that you can solve this problem quickly.

However, you need to read the manual before you replace the battery of your unit. This manual usually has some great instructions on how to replace your battery easily and quickly without any serious issues.

Dirty aircon filter
Dirty aircon filter

5. Dirty filter

When you notice a blinking light in your unit, you should be careful with this situation. You may have dirty filters inside your unit. This dirty filter can cause a lot of problems in the future. The dirty air filter can trigger the development of bad smell or odor from your unit. It is recommended that you clean your filter regularly.

You can use a cleaning spray that you can buy from the regional market. However, you need to perform the cleaning procedure carefully. Ensure that you remove any impurities from your air filter, for example, dirt, dust, sand, stones, and many other unwanted items.

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They are some problems that may occur in the aircon unit. These issues should be treated properly so they don’t cause any other serious problems with your Daikin aircon unit. It is also recommended that you hire a professional aircon company. This company can solve any issues that may occur with your aircon unit.

You need to select the best company that has good service for all customers. After choosing the best aircon company for your own needs, you can contact your favorite company to start your appointment. Therefore, you can solve any problems with your aircon unit immediately.

If you need help to solve your Daikin aircon light blinking problem, you can consider giving us a call. We are always here with you!

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