Daikin 5 Ticks Aircon Review

Daikin is a global name known for manufacturing eco-friendly air conditioning units. The company is trying all the possible ways to bring revolutions in the functioning of the HVAC systems. Daikin products are popular for advanced features and improved performance. You can expect all the basic qualities of Daikin 5 Ticks Aircon Review. Besides, there will be some new additions to take your experience to the next level.

The Daikin 5 ticks aircon will offer the highest energy efficiency. The cooling will be strong and more effective. You will love the stylish design and compact size. The quality and performance are unparalleled. The super flexible combination and smart control make it one of the preferred choices among the buyers.

Do you want to know more about Daikin 5 ticks aircon? Do you want to know how it works? If yes, then you are in the right place. The following Daikin 5 ticks aircon review will focus on the features, functioning, and benefits of this new venture. All these will help you to make the right decision with a well-informed mind.

Features of the Daikin 5 Ticks Aircon


When it comes to features, you can expect everything that you want in your aircon. This product has 5 ticks efficiency. That means it will save around thirty-three percent of your monthly energy bill compared to the 3 ticks model.

The cooling performance is exceptional and can be best for hot weather conditions. It runs quietly and can support your good night’s sleep without any disturbance. Besides, it features an intelligent eye sensor. The benefit of this feature is that it can detect your movements and can adjust the coolness accordingly. Here are the details of some key features.

Weekly Timer

You will have the off and on an operation like any normal aircon. Also, it comes with a weekly timer. It will enable you to set the time, day, and even the temperature. You will have the option to customize the temperature of your unit for different times of every day of the week. There is up to the four-timer setting.

Intelligent Eye Sensor

As stated earlier, there is an intelligent eye sensor. It will help you with the best cooling regardless of your sleeping position. There are two airflow programs to maximize the cooling benefits with great comfort. This is something you might not expect from other AC units.

Compact Size

The size is very impressive. Even if you have restricted space, you can install this aircon unit. You can simply place it above your door. The stylish design will complement other decors.

How It Works


The system is designed to offer great and customized cooling with easy installation. It comes with an inverter compressor. The inverter compressor is considered best to save energy.

Inverter Compressor

Inverter compressors will offer stable cooling temperatures and save energy as well. This system will power up quickly to get the desired temperature. Once it reaches the desired temperature, it will maintain that temperature constantly without consuming energy. As a result, it will save the aircon bill significantly.



Superior Performance

You will get the best performance depending on your requirements. The inverter and non-inverter compressors can offer the best solution by capacity management.

More Saving

You can expect more savings even in the standby power mode. Even if your AC unit is not working, it will demand some standby power. Daikin 5 Ticks Aircon comes with lower standby power. That can help you with more savings.

Lower Electrical Bill


The key benefit of the Daikin 5 Ticks Aircon is lower energy consumption. It will not only minimize your energy bill, but it will also help you with an environmentally friendly solution. The product meets ISO 5042 rules and becomes the first choice for a compact and stylish design.

Satisfactory Warranty

The product is supported by five years warranty on the compressor, one year on the spare parts, and one year on the installation workmanship.

Easy Installation

Daikin 5 ticks aircon offers an easy and hassle-free installation. The compact size makes it the best fit for all the spaces including the restricted ones.

Daikin 5 Ticks Aircon can cool up to five rooms. So, one unit can cool your entire home. You will get the desired coolness and can use the timer to set the temperature and day as well.

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