Industrial Cooling Towers and Chiller Maintenance

Industrial Cooling Towers and Chiller Maintenance – Most industrial manufacturers know that the absence of an effective cooling system has adverse effects on the business. At the same time, the presence of a cooling system in the building requires an experienced maintenance team.

Cooling towers and chillers are critical to any firm performance from industrial to commercial. Note that proper maintenance of the cooling towers and chillers ensures the temperatures of the condensers are right, unlike the non-maintained ones. As a result, there will be efficiency and effectiveness, especially on production costs. If an industry manages to save the excessive energy loss by its units during processing due to malfunctions in the machines, it could be quiet an advantage.

Below are some of the strategies we put in place while offering our servicing and maintenance services on industrial cooling towers and chillers. The steps of maintaining these cooling systems include;

1. Removing Scale deposits.


Scale deposits can build up on your fills because cooling towers work through evaporation. Water is prone to minerals, especially when your company is undergoing a water treatment issue. This buildup is associated with a decrease in performance and efficiency of your HVAC systems which may result in early unit deterioration. System descales once a year would significantly enhance the conservation of energy and provide a means of managing your bills.

2. Ensuring the proper flow of air.


Weak flow of air can result from the presence of some loose components, improper alignment of fans, and deficiency of proper gearbox servicing. Another cause of air interruption is the damage of fan blades. As for the maintenance company, we counter check at the units for debris within the fills or the towers. The purpose of this check is to be able to get rid of any sludge that might have built upon the floor basins causing this interruption of air. We also use a tower vacuum to get rid of such blockages. Algae and bacteria also grow on cooling towers, adding biocide is a solution we are applying to reduce such occurrences.

3. Cleaning Tubes.


The cleanness of your tubes depends on the quality of water used and the amount of tubes buildup. Pollutants such as slime, mud scale, and algae can accumulate inside, causing a partial or total clog. This clogging is most occasions cause frequent breakdowns and inefficiencies. It is common for units to experience these kinds of clogging because of the many activities involved.

It is crucial to do a regular cleanup of the chiller tubes to prevent any chances of total blockages and also ease debris removal. HVAC system tubes are quite intensive; thus, you need professionals like us to complete the cleaning process of clearing your pipes to make some progress on your production process.

4. Water pumps inspection.


Usually, the majority of chiller systems depend on water pumps to transfer warm water to the chillers for cooling. Efficient pumping system could have a great impact on energy bills reduction. If pumps are well taken care of, one can save a lot of money meant for energy bills. Maintained water pumps make it easier for water to be pumped back and forth with much ease increasing the lifespan of the unit. Pump inspection entails checking whether your pumps are on or off when they should be. Bumps and chillers are supposed to run simultaneously. One way of ensuring your pumps are well maintained, we lubricate your motor and pump bearings and the water seals. Also, we periodically check the alignment of the units

5. Water treatment.


Water is utilized in most of the industrial activities from manufacturing to unit cooling systems. Water treatment is very crucial to prevent scum and scales that may be brought about by excessive water minerals. It is critical to invest in effective water treatment systems to maintain your units and enable them to last longer. We have experienced technicians on board who are well not only versed with such skills but can also enhance maintenance service your cooling tower and chillers and help your machines last longer.

Industrial Cooling Towers and Chiller Maintenance – Conclusion

It is essential to note that my maintenance team offers reliable and efficient services. We also provide our services at an affordable price. Also, we emphasize on the regular check-ups of the industrial units since failure to it may lead to some unnecessary such as procuring other machines or could even risk the lives of workers at the factory.

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