6 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Aircon

Your aircon unit is bound to malfunction sooner or later as a result of wear and tear. But in an attempt to solve this, some households in Singapore aggressively clean their aircon units to ensure that they are free from dust and debris that may shorten their lifespan. It’s good to clean your aircon unit once in a while. In fact, even the manufacturers of these units state it clearly that one should conduct regular cleaning on essential components of their devices. 

However, the challenge is, not all people know the correct procedure of cleaning their aircon systems. And these mistakes are bound to affect their units in one way or another, and may even void the warranty of the unit in some cases. Therefore, in this piece of information, we’re listing down 6 common mistakes that people do when conducting regular cleaning of their aircon units. If you find yourself guilty of any one of the following mistakes, it’s time you correct it before your unit can begin malfunctioning.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Aircon

1) They fail to choose the right chemical cleaning solution

There are so many chemical cleaning products in the market. However, just because they are chemical cleaners meant to clean or disinfect metal or plastic surfaces, it doesn’t mean that all of them would be suitable for your aircon unit. If you intend to conduct a chemical wash cleaning of the components of the machine, you need to identify the right chemical product for the job. There are several products meant to do this job anyway. And in fact, they are labeled to make your work easier when shopping in the supermarket shelves. Again, the same people who use the wrong products to clean their aircon units normally fail to compare the products available in the market for this purpose. They simply want to save time and money, which could be costly in the long run.

2) They forget to turn off the unit when cleaning it

Some aircon units tend to be quieter than other models. However, regardless of the model you choose, the manual will state that cleaning is a necessity, and that you should first turn off the device before trying to clean it.

These are instructions that some people don’t take seriously when cleaning their units. Just because you did it once or twice without damaging your unit doesn’t mean that you’ll escape the third time too. You see, in the event that water finds its way into any one of the essential components therein, it will damage the unit instantly. That’s why you should disconnect the unit from power supply before conducting any form of cleaning, even if it only means wiping on the surface. You must remove some parts of the device first before cleaning it. This is to ensure that you are able to remove dust and debris from areas that were originally hard-to-reach.

3) Conducting aircon cleaning exercise once in a year

Many people tend to be lazy when it comes to cleaning their units. They simply forget to do so, yet they know how essential a task it is. As stated in the user manual, aircon devices must be cleaned on a regular basis. That’s the reason why some experts say you must clean your unit at least once in every 3 months. This goes a long way in maintaining the overall effective function of the device. And when you do so, don’t just wipe it with water and say you’re done. Instead, do it with a mixture of water and chemical product for the best outcome.

4) Not following cleaning instructions

Somehow, people don’t always want to follow instructions. Either they think instructions are hard to follow, or simply time-consuming. However, if you compare those instructions with the cost of a new aircon unit in Singapore, it should reflect in your mind that taking time to follow them is the cheaper alternative. And most importantly, when you use chemical products, you should find those instructions highlighted in the label. They are often labeled in point form to make it easier for reading and following, so you don’t have an excuse of not following them. And just in case you’re still worried about the right cleaning technique to apply on your aircon device, you can find instructions on the web about the correct practices of handling an aircon unit where cleaning is involved.

5) They fail to rinse the unit after chemical cleaning

Just like washing your clothes with soap and rinsing later, your aircon unit must be rinsed of the chemicals you use for cleaning it. Most people forget this part because they either do it so quickly, or they simply don’t see the potential harm in it. You see, chemicals meant for cleaning are essential, though they contain impurities that must be washed away after the cleaning exercise is complete. These impurities will simply corrode parts of your unit as time goes by. This will obviously result in breakage of parts in the long term period. As a result, it will cost you money when replacing the broken parts, which is something you do not want to encounter, right?

6) They want to do the cleaning themselves all year long

Even though you can do it yourself, sometimes it pays to have a professional do it for you once in a while. 

These are highly-trained professionals in the field of aircon cleaning, and so they can handle it effectively. You’ll be surprised that even after cleaning your unit for a while, they can still remove a substantial amount of debris from the unit. This is probably something you didn’t see when you were cleaning your unit. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to have a professional do the cleaning because they do it properly. Don’t save money where it will cost you eventually.


The above mistakes are common among people who own aircon devices in Singapore. You want to avoid these mistakes because they could cost you an arm and a leg in repair costs. You don’t want to wake up one day only to find that your device went dead long time ago.

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