Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing

What are some benefits of an Air Con Servicing? When it comes to a building, few things are more crucial to the comfort of a building than aircon. Keeping things cool as the weather warms up is critical in any structure, from a commercial or office building to a house.

This is especially significant in the world’s warmer climates. It is essential to keep an aircon unit functioning as smoothly as possible when you have a structure with an aircon. Ignoring your building’s air conditioning system will cost you a lot of hassles and money.

As a result, an air conditioning maintenance plan is ideal for ensuring that your air conditioning system lasts as long as possible.

It’s possible that you don’t know much about your aircon system; in fact, the majority of individuals are aware of the need to change dirty filters linked to their air conditioning systems. Routine maintenance, on the other hand, entails considerably more than simply replacing a filter.

Having an air conditioning service agreement 2022 in Singapore allows you to receive all of the essentials of a routine service check, which will ensure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing
Aircon Cleaning

Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing

Cleaning or replacing a dirty aircon system filter is a vital part of routine maintenance that should never be disregarded or ignored. Still, numerous other actions are equally as necessary to take as well. Keep things functioning smoothly by cleaning the evaporator coils and the drain pan consistently.

In addition, during an air conditioning service check 2022 in Singapore, they will inspect the air conditioner’s condenser unit, check all electrical components, flush the drain pipe, check the refrigerant level, and do a test run.

It is possible to have great comfort when the weather becomes warmer by using an aircon system. This is especially significant in areas where the temperature is warm for extended periods throughout the year. In addition, it is necessary to recognize that they might be costly.

Because you neglected the usual maintenance of your air conditioning system when the weather was hot, you did not want to take the chance of losing the comfort of cool air when the weather was hot and your air conditioning system.

Maintenance conducted by an air conditioning business regularly allows you to rest assured that your comfort, not to mention your significant financial investment, won’t go up in flames much sooner than expected.

When hiring an air conditioning contractor, there are a few things to look out for.

Aircon units are now placed in practically every home and office in the world. We take air conditioning for granted, but it has become an essential element of our lives, even if we do not give it much thought. Whenever you go shopping, you can be assured that all of the stores will be air-conditioned.

When the weather turns hot, you’ll be keen to find an air-conditioning establishment where you can cool off.

Because we have become unduly reliant on air cooling, aircon contractors may use this dependence to increase their earnings in unscrupulous ways. So, let me share with you three things to look out for when hiring an air conditioning contractor:

1. Inspect the contractor’s work to ensure that the aircon is cleaned correctly and with the appropriate chemicals.

Mould is growing in the fan coils of your air conditioner, and it is potentially hazardous. Using a brush or a vacuum, the contractor cleans your fan coils, which helps remove the spores accumulated in the coils.

These loosened mold spores will be dispersed into the air, and you will inhale them into your lungs as they pass through your body. The consequences of this are exceedingly damaging to your health, and you must ensure that your contractor does not engage in this practice.

When having your air conditioning unit cleaned, make sure to inquire about the types of cleaning chemicals utilized. It is possible that the contractor will not use it because he wishes to keep his profit margins stable. This is also a part of his strategy to get you to perform additional service jobs in the future.

2. Split unit aircon should always have a drainage pipe at least 12 inches in diameter.

If your contractor tells you something different, you should be cautious. Sometimes the contractor will provide you with an inadequately sized drainage pipe, causing the system to clog. This will cause the unit to leak readily, resulting in you having to contact for service more frequently. As a result, always insist on the use of a drainage pipe that is large enough.

3. Always make sure that the aircon contractors you consider provide a comprehensive range of services.

One tactic that many contractors use is to advertise relatively low prices for their annual servicing 2022 in Singapore. They will service your air conditioning equipment using the brushing and vacuuming method.

As I previously stated, brushing and vacuuming are not sufficient, and if not done correctly, they can be damaging to your health. The majority of the time, by the second servicing 2022 in Singapore, you will be complaining about the poor performance of your air conditioning machine.

Your contractor will make a recommendation for a complete chemical service at this point. Since you have already committed to the contractor for one year, you will agree to the complete chemical service to restore the robust and clean air you were previously accustomed to.

Consequently, be sure that you understand precisely what they are supplying as part of their annual package and that they clean your air conditioning unit using the proper ways to extend the usable life of your unit.

Keep yourself up to date by conducting Internet research to determine the proper approach to clean your home. You will avoid becoming a victim of the schemes of these unethical contractors if you take this precaution.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Aircon Repair Services

Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing

The initial hot day can be particularly annoying when you switch on the air conditioning only to discover that your unit is straining to chill the room, or even worse, it still isn’t working at all.

While it is advised that you have a professional engineer execute an air conditioning service as part of your yearly property maintenance, there are a few basic checks that you can perform in between to ensure that your air conditioning is operating correctly.

Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing –
How to Ensure Aircon Is Operating Correctly?

Maintain the cleanliness of your aircon unit.

A lack of cleanliness causes most aircon problems, but simply dusting the vents regularly can make a significant difference in the life of your unit. Another simple thing you can do to improve the hygiene of your air conditioning system is to remove the filters and spray them with antibacterial spray before rinsing them with warm water afterward. The better care you take of your air conditioning machine, the less frequently you’ll need to have it repaired or serviced.

Replace or clean the filter as needed.

The purpose of having a filter in your aircon system is to protect the mechanics within and keep the air inside your home or workplace clean.

Suppose you don’t maintain this filter clean. In that case, you’ll make your air conditioning system work harder and less efficiently, increasing your energy cost and making your yearly air conditioning service insufficient to keep your unit in good working order.

Some air conditioning filters need to be cleaned rather than replaced, which is valid for others. Unlike disposable fiberglass or paper filters, which need to be replaced regularly (every month to twice a year, depending on the air quality in your area), electrostatic filters do not require cleaning.

Check it regularly to find out how often you should be replacing yours yourself. A dirty filter will appear blocked with dust when it needs replacement.

Inspect the condensing unit to ensure it is not obstructed.

This part of your aircon system is located outdoors and is responsible for drawing in the air. If weeds impede this, dead leaves or even outdoor furniture stored against it, your air conditioning system may not function properly. Make cleaning the area around the unit a regular part of your property’s routine maintenance schedule.

Preparing your unit for service before it is needed will help you avoid being charged by the engineer for the time spent cleaning and also helps you prevent having your unit incorrectly diagnosed as to why it is not working correctly.

Check the airflow on both the inside and outside of the unit.

Once you’ve cleared away any obstructions from the condensing unit, ensure that the airflow is strong and steady on both units before continuing. If your aircon system’s airflow is inadequate, it could be due to a clogged coil or a malfunctioning fan. To properly diagnose and resolve the problem, calling in a professional air conditioning engineer is almost always required.

The ability to switch between the heating and cooling modes

If it has been a while since you have used your aircon system, it is a good idea to perform a DIY air conditioning service 2022 in Singapore. If you want to attempt something pretty simple, you might try switching between your computer’s cooling and heating modes.

In most cases, if your air conditioner is stuck on one setting, it means that there is an issue with the reverse-flow valve. Whenever this occurs, you should consult with a skilled engineer.

Replace any rusted or corroded parts.

Examine your aircon system, especially the outdoor unit, for signs of rust or corrosion. If the damage is minor, it is usually possible to fix it by painting over it with waterproof steel paint.

If the rust or corrosion is serious, you should contact a property maintenance specialist. While doing your air conditioning service 2022 in Singapore, request that your engineer looks for oxidation symptoms.

Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing – Conclusion

Some Benefits of an Air Con Servicing

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