How To Dismantle Aircon Blower During Aircon Servicing?

How To Dismantle Aircon Blower During Aircon Servicing? The best way to beat the heat is often an air conditioning system. Staying indoors can be grueling and uncomfortable when it is hot. Nobody likes the feeling of a hot, sweaty, and stuffy room.

It usually feels like an oven when you stay cooped up in it. An aircon serves to make the room a nice, cold, and comfortable temperature so you can enjoy staying indoors. Many aircon owners encounter problems with their unit breaking down or not malfunctioning properly.

Experts suggest having your aircon regularly serviced or else you risk it malfunctioning. Common problems usually occur from the aircon blower itself as it is prone to blockage from dirt, dust, and mold.

Aircon service companies dismantle your aircon blower to properly service it and keep your aircon running well. This guide will show you how dismantling an aircon blower is done by experts during aircon servicing.

What is an Aircon Blower?

How To Dismantle Aircon Blower During Aircon Servicing?

It would be difficult to follow this guide if you did not know what an aircon blower was in the first place. An aircon blower is an integral part of your aircon. It is responsible for blowing out the cool air produced by the air conditioning unit.

A room conditioned by aircon blowers utilizes motorized fans that create airflow and circulation. They remove the warm air from the room and replace it with fresh cold air from the aircon.

How to Dismantle Aircon Blower

There are many different types of air conditioning units available in the market. There are the popular window type, tower type, and suspended type aircon units. There are also less widespread types such as the split type, cassette type, and concealed type.

While they differ greatly from each type, the process of dismantling is quite similar. This article will focus on how to dismantle a suspended type aircon blower during servicing.

Suspended types, also known as wall-mounted air conditioning units, are the most famous type found in many homes and establishments.

How an aircon is handled by experts when it is serviced is wondered by many. This article will outline the process. You must follow a step-by-step approach when removing the aircon blower.

Step 1: Remove the Front Cover

Most air conditioning units possess a smooth white front cover to protect their components. This cover is composed of plastic, and it needs removal to access the indoor parts. There are several screws located at the bottom of the unit. Once you remove these, popping off the front cover is easy, and it can be set aside.

Do not worry about screws at the top of the case, as usually there are none. Aircon manufacturers understand that most air conditioning units will be installed by technicians high up on the walls. It would not be feasible to place screws at the top because of this design facet.

Nevertheless, if the case is not coming off easily, you should not force it. Other screws or clamps should be located, and see if anything else is holding it in place.

Step 2: Set Aside the Drain Panel

Once you remove the cover, access the inside components of the air conditioning unit. When you perform the service yourself, you may notice that the blower wheel is surrounded by other parts. To have more room to work with the aircon blower, the surrounding parts must first be set aside.

The drain panel is a large panel found in front of the aircon blower. Engineers do not secure or attach most drain panels using any sort of screws or bolts. They are just fixed in place by tabs and clamps in the corners and middle of the panel.

The drain panel is rather large and difficult to remove completely. Experts recommend just setting it aside and letting it hang while you service the aircon blower.

Taking it out of place is simple, but removing it from the aircon is a complex task.

Step 3: Removing the Screws of the Blower Wheel

This step is a tricky one because the screws are not immediately viewable. Finding the blower wheel right behind the drain panel makes it concealed already. The screw for the blower wheel attaches it to the blower motor that makes it function.

To find the screw, search at the inside of the blower wheel on the right. This location means that you have to spin the blower wheel until you can see the screw.

Furthermore, you need to insert the screwdriver into the wheel to remove it. It is always important to be careful and make sure not to mess anything up when poking the screwdriver inside.

Step 4: Moving the Evaporator Coil

How To Dismantle Aircon Blower During Aircon Servicing?

The last part blocking access to the aircon blower is the evaporator coil. It is the large metal sheet that you see in the front. It is responsible for absorbing the heat in the room so it is important to be careful with it.

There are screws located on the side of it. Removing the evaporator coil completely is not required, nor is it advisable.

Just remove enough screws to loosen it so that you can effortlessly move it. Once you have done this, you should be able to move it enough to reach in and grab the aircon blower to remove it.

Step 5: Pulling Out the Aircon Blower

How To Dismantle Aircon Blower During Aircon Servicing?

As just mentioned, you can now move the evaporator coil enough to grab the aircon blower. Grab it and pull it out gently. It should come out with no resistance if you had removed the screw properly in the previous step. Now that it is out, it can be properly cleaned or serviced.

To return everything in place, perform everything previously done in reverse.

How To Dismantle Aircon Blower During Aircon Servicing? – Conclusion

It helps to know the process of dismantling your air conditioning unit so that you can understand it better. It will allow you to make proper decisions regarding your aircon and help you service it. Remember that air conditioning units need regular servicing and maintenance to avoid any problems.

A broken aircon can mean a very bad time on a hot day. If you encounter any sort of aircon problems, feel free to call us at 6692 1093 and we will be more than happy to help you!

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