What Are Some Of The Important Parts In An Aircon?

Installing an air conditioner is one of the options you cannot do without. This is when you want to stay cool especially during warmer months or summer. Most of the households prefer an air conditioner. The air conditioner used to be in the rich home, offices and hotel only, but since the temperatures are increasing in most places in the world, it has become a common household item in most homes around the world. It amazes many people how a tiny box can make a room so cool and comfortable. With cool temperatures one is able to have a good sleep even in the night of summer. You will also be able to do your chores throughout the day comfortably. However, have you ever asked yourself how this machine works?

An air conditioner has essential components. The important major components are three. They are the everporator, the condenser and the compressor. In order for you to understand the functionality of the air conditioner, how the hot air in your home suddenly becomes cold, in this article we will be able to explain what happens around these crucial aircon parts.

# The compressor.

This is considered to be an important part of the air conditioner. This is also the most expensive part to fix. The air conditioner system operates with the mechanism of refrigeration. It uses the refrigerant to compress air that enters into it. It enters the compressor as a low pressure gas and cuts its size in order for the molecules to compact and increase the temperature and energy. This results in cooling it and then it changes to the high pressure liquid which cools the air which enters your home or office.

# Condenser.

This is the radiator whereby the refrigerant is condensed from the status of gas to the liquid form. How does this happens? This component receives the gas from the compressor at very high pressure and high temperatures. In air cooled condensers, a metallic surface then cools the gas. This is what changes the status and then turns to liquid. The cooling effect is then brought by the circulation of water which produces the same effect of cooling. This is the case of water cooled condensers.

# The evaporator

This happens to be the final step inside the cycle of the air conditioner. This is the point where the refrigerant evaporates from the state of the liquid to the gaseous state. The cold liquid which emanates from the condenser then expands forming the gaseous form. When the refrigerant evaporates, it becomes very cold enabling the surrounding areas to be cool. The circulation of the water goes on and this is what produces the cooling effect.

There are also other supporting but also crucial aircon parts components in your air conditioner. These parts are:
# Filters

The air conditioner enables you to have clean air in your car or room. This is achievable by an in-built filter which eliminates all the dust that floats around the air. However, with time the dust accumulates in the filter and therefore it is important to check the filter regularly in order to remove the dirt or you may have to replace it.

# Thermostat

This component is important in regulating the temperature in the room or in your car.

# Muffler

You may not be comfortable in your room if the sound of whirring the compressor produces is too loud. The muffler is an important gadget since it suppresses the sound so that you have no sound inside the house.

# Capillary tube

This is a narrow tube which is connected in between the evaporator and the condenser. It has the diameter which ranges from 1-2 mm. the length of capillary tube is between 1-2 m. this is an important component since it allows the amount of gas that gets into the evaporator.

# Refrigerant

This is commonly referred to as Freon. This is the gas or liquid which passes through the component that are found in the air conditioner.

# Charge port.

This commonly known as Schrader valve. This is the valve where the refrigerant it inserted into the system. It also checks for the pressure of the system.

# Indoor fan

This exhausts air from indoor environment then conveys it to the evaporator. At this point, the air becomes cool and this is the mechanism through which the air becomes cool and then it is distributed back to the surrounding of the environment.

# Outdoor fan
This particular component enables the air to circulate through to the condenser. This enables the refrigerant to cool.

# Air handle

The air conditioner largely depends on the furnace or the air handler unit for it to draw in warm air and then send out the cool air through the supplying register and ducts. It also drains the hoses running alongside air handle. It also releases the excess water through condensate drain.

# Cycling switch

This component regulates operation of compressor. This depends on the system temperatures or the pressure.

# Hose assembly

This a combination of steel or aluminum pipes depending on the model and the rubber. This is where the Freon is passed to other main parts.

# Refrigerant oil.

This is the oil that lubricates the moving parts in the system. This is crucial for its durability and avoiding the unnecessary breakdown.

# Accumulator.

This is also referred to as a drier. This is the storage filter and tank for Freon.th main purpose of this part is to ensure that no moisture that is found in the refrigerant.

# Orifice tube.

This is also referred to as the expansion valve. This component regulates liquid refrigerant which goes into the bottom of evaporator. In real sense, it acts as a restrainer when it comes to flowing of liquid refrigerant.

# Compressor clutch.

This component is used to engage or disengage the compressor.

# Expansion valve

This component regulates the flow of refrigerant within the air conditioner. It also works under the variable temperatures and pressure. The valves are normal employed to ensure the sustainability of flow of liquid in the air conditioner.

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