How To Fix Noisy Ceiling Cassette Aircon In My Office?

A ceiling cassette air conditioner in your office is a great investment. As opposed to boxed air conditioners that only offer cooling benefits to a small area, the ceiling aircon provides all-round cooling and can be an asset to customer services during business hours. However, as with all gadgets the air conditioner can also run into problems from time to time. One of this is that the cassette A/C might sometimes get noisy. This article outlines the causes for dysfunctional aircon’s and the strategies that you can follow to fix the noisy ceiling cassette air conditioner in your office.

Why Is the Ceiling Cassette Air Con Noisy?

There are many different reasons that your office ceiling air conditioner might emit noises. It might be useful to remember that any sort of noise is the surest sign of a dysfunctional cooling system. Understanding the reasons this happens can go a long way in addressing the issue accordingly.

Clicking Noise:

This is made when the valve is controlling the refrigerant and engaging other electrical parts that are not meant to be engaged. To solve this one might need to dismantle the system and put things back in their proper place.

Whooshing Sound:

This is one of the most common sounds made in a malfunctioning air conditioner. It is because of the change in refrigerant flow and can be fixed by calling the service company in charge of the aircon.

Ping Sound:

This means that the air conditioner is expanding or contracting due to temperature changes. The first thing one has to do in this scenario is switch off the entire system. Furthermore, to prevent this from happening again it is a good idea to keep the temperature of the aircon at a constant rather than changing it frequently.

Useful Tips to Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner
Here are a few useful tips that might help you fix your air conditioner.

1) Disconnect the System:

The first step to fixing a noisy ceiling cassette air conditioner is to disconnect the system. This prevents further damage and also keeps a check on the chances of accidents or mishaps. After this one must contact the dealer from whom the device has been bought. Since this is an office all-round cooling device, chances are that it will take more than a couple of hours to fix. The sheer size of the device needs extra technical help and unlike home units that can be fixed using smaller mechanisms such as cooling foams or insulation mats, these units need certified help. It is also a good idea to ensure that you keep the warranty card with you in your office in times of emergency.

2) Warranty Period and Durability:

The first thing you need to check for is the date of purchase of the air conditioner. While some air conditioners can be fixed over time and with added services of the agency, many times office owners find that the system is too old for to be of any value. In cases such as these it is better to sell off the entire thing. There are many dealers in Singapore who will be willing to buy the second hand system and you can get some of the investment money back as well.

3) Routine Cleaning of the Condenser:

The reason many aircon’s start to make a whirring noise is because of the dust accumulated in the internal units. One can hire a cleaning company to clean the condenser regularly. Otherwise, you can contact the agency from where you have bought the cooling system and they will send someone over to repair and restore your ceiling cassette cooling system.

4) Replacing the Insulator:

After a thorough examination of the problem one might find that the insulator needs to be replaced. In cases such as these it is best to contact the company or your local hardware store. Sometimes, these stores keep spare insulators. In that scenario merely calling for their services might solve the problem of a noisy aircon.

A noisy air conditioner is not only an inconvenience but is also a dangerous problem. This is because it is indicative of the expanding and contracting hardware of the device. In addition, there might be internal problems that are causing inefficient cooling and abnormal noises. To fix the problem and find an effective solution one must contact the dealer of the system as well as schedule regular clean ups to prevent such a thing from happening again.

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