How To Measure Office Room Size Aircon BTU?

If you have an office in Singapore, then an aircon is the most important electronic equipment for your office. If you would not have a good quality and efficient Aircon in your office, then the room temperature and humidity will not allow your workers to do the work in an efficient manner. Also, it might make them sick as well which is not a good thing for any organization. In case, you are about to buy an Aircon for your office and you are not sure what how to measure room size aircon BTU then I am sharing few simple steps that you can try for same.

In an ideal situation, you should maintain the room temperature at 24-degree centigrade and you should maintain the level of humidity between 30 to 50 percent. When you would keep the temperature and humidity at this level then you are going to have a comfortable mood in your office room and you will have better productivity as well. Also, if you choose right BTU for same, then you are going to save electricity as well with it that will be an additional cost saving option for you. As far as tips about calculating right aircon room size is concerned, you can do that in three simple steps that are mentioned below for your reference or information

Calculate the floor area before doing anything else

Calculating the floor area is the most important thing that you have to do for calculating the right BTU for your office aircon. In order to do this, you can multiply the open area of any room by its width. In this method, you need to make sure you do not do the measurement on tentative manner nor you do any kind of estimation as well. For this calculation, you should do the proper measurement for same. In case, you are not sure how you can do this calculation then it is very simple. You multiply the length with the width and that would be total carpet area of your office. For example, if your office room is 20 fit in length and if its with is 12 foot then total floor area will be 240 square feet. You need to choose the aircon size according to this surface area. Here, you also need to understand that average size of an office is around 9 to 10 fit and you would be able to do the calculation accordingly. If your room height is more than you must increase the capacity of your aircon by 10% for every foot of height.

Calculate required cooling capacity to buy the aircon

After calculating the floor area, you need to check the cooling capacity of your aircon. You need to understand the required BTU for your home. If you have 100 to 150 square feet room, then you would need 5000 BTU per hour and this will keep increasing by 1000 BTU for every 100 square feet. You can calculate the same with the help of floor area and height of the room. When you would have right kind of information for room size and BTU, then you would be able to have a better outcome for sure. This will also make sure that you do not choose a bigger or smaller aircon for your office.

Consider additional factors

While considering the BTU for your office aircon, then you must consider some other factors as well. If your office room is mostly in the shaded area and you do not see a direct sunlight in that room, then its BTU could be lesser than the comparison. And if you have a room that is in direct sunlight and does not get any shading, then it will get increased by 10 %. Also, insulation of the room is highly essential and if you do not have a place that is properly insulated, then you may not get a good outcome with it and you may need 15 percent more cooling capacity compared to your actual calculation.

Although most of the offices use LED lights that does not emit much heat, but if you are still using CFL or incandescent bulbs, then you need to do the calculation of aircon unit accordingly. In addition to this, you should also check how many people use that room and how many computers are there in the room. These are addition things that you have to keep in your mind while calculating the BTU size for your room aircon. The time of aircon working is another important thing that you must note to get a better outcome. If you work only in the night, then you can reduce the required cooling capacity by 30%.

Therefore, when you buy an aircon unit for your office, then you must calculate the BTU unit accordingly. If you would do the selecting of your aircon keeping these things in your mind, then you may get the really good result in easy ways. It will reduce the electricity bill room aircon and it will also increase the size of the efficiency of the total result. Needless to say, that is a great benefit for every organization. Also, it will give a comfortable environment to you in your office and that will help you get better work and efficiency from your employees as well. Without any doubt, you can consider this also as a great benefit for the same.

Sometimes you may need to do various adjustments as well that for the better outcome. This adjustment may include reducing of your office height with false ceiling, increasing insulation, adding blinds and other things. When you would do these additional settings or adjustment, then also it will give a really good result to you and you can have fantastic outcome having no troubles at all. Also, when you would know the right BTU and aircon size for your office, then you would neither buy a bigger one, nor you would buy a smaller one and that will certainly help you have a nice and the most amazing result as well in the simplest possible manner.

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