Where Can I Find Reliable Aircon Condenser Replacement Company?

Dealing with a inferior aircon condenser repair or replacement service can be very frustrating, compounding by the fact that it’s 35 degrees in your house and your clothes have become a part of your body. In many cases, the company that has installed your aircon will be the best option to call for repairs, but there are some expectations:

* Poor installation is the top reason for frequent aircon repairs. If you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns and your machine is not that old, you may want to find a aircon condenser replacement company.
* The labor warranty may have expired.
* The company may be out of business.
* You’ve recently moved into your house and have no idea about a local aircon condenser installation company.

In the above case, finding a good aircon repair service is imperative. Granted a malfunctioning AC isn’t as dire of a situation as a furnace that has gone out, but it’s still much better to get a reliable fix sooner rather than later. Let’s have a close look at some tips on finding a reliable aircon condenser replacement service.


These days, almost every aircon condenser replacement service is online and have their own websites. This can be one of the easiest and quickest way to find quality information. You can easily do that on Google by inserting the keyword aircon condenser replacement service and soon you will get a long list of companies in Singapore that offer these services. Most of the companies have their own website where they list the services they offer, so you can have an idea on the best company you should contact. Go ahead and shortlist at least three services. Contact each one of these services to get their quote. With this method you can easily find the company that suits your needs.

Search Online Reviews

By far the best way to find a quality aircon condenser replacement service is by reading online reviews of past users of these services. Usually people don’t hold back punches when they’ve been wronged by a “fly by night” company whether it’s a mechanic, restoration or a aircon repair service. Granted some might complain out of habit, but most of the negative reviews are genuine. This will help you choose the best service in Singapore with most positive reviews.

Don’t Choose A Service that Quotes Without Any Diagnostic Testing

Don’t consider a service that proceeds to quote without performing, or at least recommending some diagnostic steps. Their technicians should either be trained in tacking problems that are likely lurking in your aircon unit and duct system and the significance of fixing them.

Types of Services Offered

Another key in finding a aircon condenser replacement service is if they’re trained and qualified for a particular service you need. The qualifications and training of the contractor could also extend to commercial work, or it could just mean preventive maintenance, tune-ups, or routine inspections in addition to standard repairs. A good company will offer a wide range of services to suit your needs.

Do They Offer Warranties?

A quality aircon repair service will stand by its work, and it definitely a nice peace of mind to know that you won’t have to pay for fixing contractor’s mistakes. To many homeowners, a guarantee or warranty of labor is the deal breaker in choosing the ideal aircon repair service.

Emergency Repair

Not all aircon repair needs happen in the off season, or in the middle of the day. For those instances, it’s best to know that a service will be available when you call whether that’s in the middle of the night or on holidays or weekends. Granted a air conditioning unit on the fritz isn’t a big of an emergency as a dead furnace but it’s still nice to have it fixed ASAP.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations is definitely a big factor that will never make you go wrong when you’re on the market to find the best aircon repair service that counts. You can easily ask your relatives and friends who’ve used a professional service before. You can easily find 3-4 referrals. Ensure to contact your recommended referrals to now how they function. Once you have some idea, you can clearly find the best company suitable for servicing your machine and replacing aircon condenser if needed.

Check Prices

It’s doesn’t hurt to pay for a exquisite food or elite home construction for that matter, but the most part, when looking for a aircon repair service, you should look for a company that charges reasonable rates. A company that charges $100 for some work isn’t going to do a remarkably drastic work compared to one that charges $30 per hour. Make sure you get quotes and up-front costs squared away. This will save you from hassles later on.

Don’t Choose A “Fly-By-Night” Contractor

Air conditioning is without any doubt the most complex and in-demand home service trade. You cannot risk having a dishonest or amateur contractor install your new equipment. For your safety, you should hire a contractor that has some substance. You should ask each service:
* Number of years they’ve been in service
* Do they carry workers compensation and general insurance?
* Are they licensed to provide you the air conditioning work?
* Do the technicians certifi to handling the refrigerant gas?
* They can provide few names of satisfied customers?
* Do the technicians wear ID badges and uniforms?
* Do they offer 24 hours emergency service?
* Do they offer some guarantee on their work?
* Do they have some refund policy?
Before hiring the company, you must insist on seeing copies of their licenses and certificates, and also check to ensure they have no unresolved complaints in the past.

Quality of Service

Quality is key when locating the best aircon repair service in Singapore that offers superb professionalism. Without high quality service, you won’t have to spend anything on repairs, time and again. For this reason, it’s often a great idea to check on the quality output of your chosen service. You can discover this by checking their past work and customer satisfaction level.

A professional company should be able to provide customers with adequate insurance coverage. This is simply necessary in case something goes wrong when handling a repair project. This will help customers to be secured from paying extra money on damage. When speculating for the best air condition repair service, always ask for adequate insurance coverage.

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