11 Spring Cleaning Ideas To Improve Indoor Air Quality

When we talk about the air pollution then mostly people consider it an outside problem and they never assume that indoor air quality can also have different kind of pollutants in it. When you do the spring cleaning then you can actually do a lot of things to improve indoor air quality in easy ways. Here, I am sharing 11 spring cleaning ideas to improve indoor air quality in really easy manner.

Do the aircon cleaning:

Your aircon not only gives you cool air but it helps you get clean and fresh air as well in your house. To have better indoor air quality you can do aircon cleaning on regular basis. This aircon cleaning will help you get good result in easy ways. You can simple include the aircon cleaning in your spring cleaning task list and it will help you get the desired outcome in easy ways. Also, when you do aircon cleaning then prefer to take the help of some expert to get better result in this requirement.

Maintain humidity level:

Your aircon cleaning can also help you maintain the humidity of your house. This will certainly assist you in the best possible ways to maintain the indoor air quality at optimum level. When you will have maintained humidity level, then microbes such as bacteria and fungus will not get suitable environment to grow. As a result of that you will have better air quality and you can have this result easily with spring cleaning work.

Clean your carpet:

If you have a carpet, then it is essential that you pay minute attention on its cleaning during spring cleaning time. Your dirty carpet can be a big reason for bad indoor air quality in your home. Decaying food on your carpet can give a rotten and really bad smell in your house. Along with this, if you do smoking then your carpet can absorb the smoke and it will give bad smell in your house. So, it is a wise idea that you clean your carpet in your spring cleaning work to get the best indoor air quality in easy ways.

Wash your curtains:

This is another thing that you need to do to have better indoor air quality by spring cleaning work. Your curtain can have different kind of dust mites and other kind of deposition in it. When you will clean the curtains then you will have really fresh smell from it and that will certainly increase the air quality as well. That means you can wash your curtains using good quality cleaning agents to have better smell and indoor air quality in your home.

Replace your tapestry:

Your old bed sheets and tapestry can also affect the indoor air quality in a negative manner. In your spring cleaning work, you can either clean your tapestry or you can just replace it with a new one. If you can replace it with new one than that will be really good because after some time old tapestry absorbs the bad smell in it and your spring cleaning might not give the optimum result to you. In that case, changing of tapestry can give much better effect to you.

Scrub or vacuum regularly:

You must need to clean or scrub your home regularly. If you have carpet in your home, then using a good quality vacuum cleaner can do the trick for you. Along with that you can also do scrubbing for all those places that are not good for a vacuum cleaner. This simple method can reduce deposition of food on your carpet or on your surface and it will help you get better indoor quality as well.

Use cleaning agents wisely:

When you do your spring cleaning work, then make sure your use cleaning solutions in a wise manner. Many people prefer to use hard chemicals for cleaning that leaves a really bad smell in your home and this smell last for a very long time. To avoid this issue, you can always use good quality cleaning agent made of natural substances. This precaution will help you get better smell and it will also help you get safe result in cleaning.

Clean hard to reach areas:

In your spring cleaning work, make sure you do not ignore hard to reach areas for cleaning work. I am suggesting this because if you will ignore these places, then deposition can develop a bad smell and you might not get the best indoor air quality in your home. These hard to reach areas can include your ceiling fan, rims of your door, back of picture frames, below your bed and many similar places.

Take good care of your pet:

To have better indoor air quality, you need to pay minute attention on your pet care as well. If you have a pet in your family, then your pet can cause various troubles or complications to generate bed smell. You need to clean the stool and toilet of your pet in a proper manner. This basic thing will help you have better result in easy ways.

Clean your kitchen properly:

In your kitchen area, if you have any kind of deposition of food or other organic substances then it can create some serious smell in your home. This deposition can keep decaying and you may not get the better air quality in your room. So, when you do your spring cleaning work, then make sure you follow this tip as well to have better indoor air quality.

Take the help of experts:

I am sharing this in the last, but this is probably the most important thing that you need to remember in your spring cleaning work. You may not always do the work in proper manner and taking the help from experts would be a good thing for you. Experts can do everything for you including aircon cleaning and other things to make sure you get only the best and most effective indoor air quality in easy ways. So, along with other things you can try this option as well and you can get better result for same easily.

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