How To Fix Aircon Trucking Problem?

Aircon trucking normally occurs when there is condensation in the air conditioner trunking. This is a normal thing to happen, since the water droplets or moisture will be formed when the AC warms or cools the house. So in most cases, there will be water dripping from the AC. For that matter, you must comprehend there will be two lines of condensation on the unit. The two lines are the backup condensation drip line and the primary condensation drip line. For that matter, whenever you notice there are some drops of water coming back up drip line, or if it is leaking from inside the unit, then it will need some checkups. In most cases, the aircon will automatically remove the moisture that collects on the aircon trunking. For that, you might not easily know if there is an aircon trucking issue. Nevertheless, if you notice any, here is a guide that will help you:

1. Check the insulation

It might happen that the aircon trucking is brought about by the poor insulation of the system. Usually, if the insulation is not as thick as expected to hold back the moisture, the water will end up dripping. This is not something that is done by the client, but it is the factory’s fault. Also, the contractors who install these systems are the ones that can also be blamed for such a condition. Mostly, there are some companies or contractors that will inform you about the right thickness of insulation that is needed. In case the aircon has been developed with poor installation, then you can contact a professional contractor. The contractor will ensure that they use the right material for your system, in order to limit the aircon trucking problems.

2. Check the installation of the trunk

Aircon trucking can also be brought about by the poor installation of the unit. In case the joints of the trunk are not perfectly inter-joined, then it will mean that there will be some space that will allow moisture to get through. In this case, if there is condensation, the water droplets or the moisture will leak via the joints of the unit. The best thing to do is contact a qualified professional and has the fix the unit in the right way. If you can fix it yourself, then you may reinstall it in the right manner. However, if you call the professional, it would be better to watch them and learn how to do it accordingly.

3. Check the trap floor

There could be an aircon trucking, which can be brought about by the blockage that is on the trap floor. Typically, the moisture will collect in the system, which will end up blocking the trap floor. This is because the moisture will lead along to the trap floor blockage. When there is blockage in the trap floor blockage, then you will need to contact a professional to take care of it. Usually, the pipes will be trunked, which means that it would be complex to completely unblock the pipe, without the help of a professional.

4. Confirm if there is any ice formation

The de-humidification will mostly happen entirely as the aircon is working, for that, any time you see that ice is forming, it will imply that the cooling system has an issue. However, you must always keep in mind that when ice forms on your aircon, it might be as a result of several things. Nonetheless, the aircon trucking problem is one of the reasons, which means that you must be keen enough. So how will you know if there is ice forming in your system? What you will need to do is remove the grille in the front side of the aircon, when the unit is still on. In case the cooling coil forms some ice on it, you will need to see a professional to help you in it.

5. Check the air leaking

Typically, the air conditioner will have both the dry air and the cool air, especially if the warm air can infiltrate through it. Here, condensation can occur if the warm and cool air is in the unit. That means that you must check and see if there is any dripping that is coming from the unit. You can also check to see if there are some water droplets that are some water droplets on the front panel of the unit. To diagnose and fix this, you will need to run the unit for about 25 minutes, then use a torch to check under the front section of the aircon from bellow. Suppose you see any droplets, then you will know that there is an aircon trucking issue. The best thing to do is call a professional or you can track the leakage and know where it is coming from.

6. Check if the pipe is blocked

Every air conditioner will have some pipes that are located at the back. These pipes are specifically meant to drain the water that collects inside the air conditioner. So they will drain the water through the drainage and keep the aircon from moisture and water droplets. So in case there is some water found in the unit, it will mean that the pipes have been blocked. It might be excess dirt that has clogged in the pipe, which blocks water from flowing through it. To fix this, you will want to switch off the system, then remove the pipes and clean them using water. You can use a hose to splash water through it, so that you can get rid of all the substances that have accumulated on the inside.

Anytime there is an aircon trucking problem, you will need to take instant measures to have the situation fixed soon enough. The sooner you have the situation fixed, the better it will be to have your air con performing without any failures. However, the best thing to do is to call a professional to inspect the unit, who will find the right way to take care of it. This will help to ensure that there are no any errors made in the process.

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