7 Useful Aircon Energy Saving Tips

After working hard for the whole day, Singaporeans want to unwind in their bedroom when they reach home. They can relax in their bed while the air conditioner keeps the room cool. However, the high electric cost associated with the use of air conditioners prevents many people from using this appliance. These people can enjoy the cool air without worrying about high electric bills if they know how to reduce energy consumption. To keep your energy consumption and electric bills as low as possible, here are a few important aircon energy saving tips:

a) Simple Changes in Usage

If you are using a central air conditioning unit in your home make sure you get a unit that comes with programmable thermostat. This will allow you to change the temperature which will help in reducing electric bills. For example, you can give up a few degrees if there is no one in the house during the day. To save electric cost, you can switch on the air conditioning unit at least half-an-hour before you sleep. Once the room is cool, you can switch-off the air conditioning unit and switch on the fan. The cool air in the room is enough to give you comfortable sleep. Today, most modern units come with timer facility. You can use this facility to turn off the unit earlier than usual. Your room will remain cool for a certain period of time even if the air conditioning unit is turned off.

b) Buying a Window Unit

You must avoid buying a central air conditioning unit if you plan to use just one or two rooms. Instead, get window unit for your home. You can use the window unit to cool the area you plan to work in. Using a window unit to cool a specific area can reduce energy consumption by 50 percent. Before buying an air conditioner, ask yourself how and where you plan to use your unit. You must then choose the smallest option that meets your requirements. This will not only reduce your investment but also save energy.

c) Buy Energy Efficient Unit

Whether you are buying window, central, or portable air conditioner for your home, you must choose a unit that is energy efficient. Make sure you check NEA database before buying a unit. This database gives details of energy efficiency of most models that are available in the market. An energy-efficient unit consumes less energy which can help in reducing your electric bills. There are several models of eco-friendly and energy efficient units available in the marketplace. You can buy a unit that meets your needs and budget. Even though you have to investment more when you buy an energy efficient unit, it is worth buying these units because your investment will be paid back in the form of energy savings.

d) Prevent Cool Air from Escaping

The basement is usually the coolest room of the house. If you have vents in the basement, make sure they are closed. The cool air from the air conditioning unit will slink down and the closed vents will force the cool air to go up first. When using an air conditioner, make sure all the doors and windows are closed. Additionally, you can use blinds, curtains, or window film to block the sun’s rays from entering your home. You must also seal the cracks in ceiling, floor, windows, doors, and walls. This will prevent cool air from escaping your home and will help in cooling your home quickly.

e) Regular Service

It is wise to have regular maintenance and hire a professional to check the air conditioning unit and conduct regular inspection and service. If you don’t get your unit serviced regularly, it will not only damage the unit but also increase your electric bills. These companies have trained personal who have several years of experience in the field. When you hire a professional to service your air conditioner, they will check all the components of the units.

If replacements have to be made, they will change the damaged components and will ensure the unit works efficiently at all times. The professional you hire must be certified to offer their services in Singapore. Also, make sure they have several years of experience in the field. If you hire a relatively new company, you cannot check their background. You must also check the customer’s perception about the company you plan to hire. If for some reason you are unable to hire a professional, make sure you clean the air filter at least once a month. This will improve the efficiency of the unit and reduce energy consumption.

f) Home Improvement

If your sofa or any other furniture is obstructing the air conditioning vents, it means that you are spending money to cool the furniture of your home. To remove these obstructions you must try to rearrange your furniture. If you cannot rearrange the furniture, try to change the direction of the vents. This will help in reducing energy consumption which will reduce your electric bills.

g) Use the Fan

Most Singaporeans rely on air conditioners to control the temperature of their home, but they forget to use low energy consuming supplements like fan. When the room is cool, you can switch-off the air-conditioner and switch on the fan. This will keep you comfortable while using less energy than the air conditioner. Did you know than a central air conditioning unit costs 60 times more to run when compared to an ordinary fan? If possible, try to use fan and air conditioner on alternate days. For example, you can use the fan on even days and air conditioner on odd days.


These simple tips will not only reduce your electric bills but will also improve the efficiency of the unit. To maintain your air conditioning unit, it is important that you hire a reputed air conditioner serving and repair company. These companies will make sure that your unit works efficiently and all the damaged parts are replaced. This will improve the life expectancy of the air conditioning unit and make them more energy efficient.

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