Can Aircon Chemical Servicing Remove Bad Smell?

There has been a recent misty havoc in Singapore has led to bad smell from the aircon of various homes. The source of the smoke is Sumatra, which occurred due to an uproar from its citizens. The haze led to the clogging of air conditioners, which in turn leads to a bad smell form them. The collection of the haze factored the occurrence of mold, due to dampness. That led to dirt and dust build up, which gives out a bad smell, that end up affecting the entire house. An aircon that has bad odor can not only cause discomfort in the house or room, but it can also pose some health issues.

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of a smelly air conditioner is through servicing it, and for perfect results, chemical servicing is the best option. Chemical servicing gets rid of dirt that has lasted for a long time and is probably stuck in the roller wheel and coil fins of the aircon. The dirt buildup is what causes the bad smell to come out of the air conditioner. So can aircon chemical servicing remove bad smell? Basically, it does and apart from helping in getting rid of the unbearable smell.

Chemical servicing helps in the following ways:

– Boosting The airflow

This is by removing the dust and dirt that are clogged in your aircon and cannot be reached by a broom or brush. The chemical removes the dirt with care and perfection. The HVAC systems help in regulating the in and outflow of air in the homes, nevertheless, they are open to various particles and chemicals. These substances get inside the coils and fins of the aircon and cause a lump of dirt, which will start removing a foul smell. And since the air conditioner supplies the air in the entire room, the bad smell will also spread all over the room.

– Prolong The Life Of Your Aircon

Most of the air conditioners end up breaking down because their fins and rollers have failed to work. For instance, if a fin is clogged with too much dirt, it will fail to move accordingly to allow air in and out. For that matter, the system will finally shut down. But having chemical servicing, you will be able to get rid of the tough dirt that has clogged for a long time. The chemical works toughly in the clogged dirt and gets rid of it with precision, leaving the air conditioner free of any blockages. That will help to keep it working for long.

– Reduced Costs

Using a chemical to service your A/C can help you to cut on costs needed for system maintenance. Nevertheless, If you can not do it yourself, you can hire a reliable company to do the chemical serving for you. This servicing is different from overall maintenance and/or repair of the entire system. Your system will not be dismantled for repair, neither will there be a need to fix a broken part. But, the chemical servicing works automatically in the dirt, and gets rid of the clogging and smell. This is only by spraying, and no other equipments will be required. You will be sure of having a lower quote on chemical service, compared to when your system is broken down and you need it repaired.

If you want a cleaner air from your system, you should carry out chemical servicing, at least after every 3 months. If you let the dirt to pile up, the charges might be more and the system could end up breaking down. Nevertheless, if you are in a place that uses the aircon severally, it is advised that you service it every month, for enhanced airflow.

Chemical servicing will evidently help in removing the bad smell form your aircon and this is by getting rid of the dirt that build up in the fins of the system. Since the chemical has additives that are tough on the dirt, you will be sure of a dirt and dust free system, without any need of a brush. The chemical will also be non-effective to your system, therefore, the parts will be in their original condition. Unlike the brushes or other hard materials, which destroy the fins of the aircon, the chemical acts gentle on them. So you will be sure of a clean air circulation, while still maintaining the perfect condition of your HVAC system.

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