Can I Top Up Air Con Gas Myself?

Many people are always confused when it comes to topping up the air con gas. However, you should not be worried about the need to always seek the services of experts to refill your air con gas for you. Below are helpful tips on how you can do it yourself.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning or air con is an essential element in most areas. This is especially during hot climates when they bring about a cooling effect. They are placed in cars, residential buildings as well as commercial buildings to ensure that the temperature are regulated and kept at a comfortable level. In order for your air con unit to function properly, it needs air con gas. Without it, it is bound to experience problems. Since it requires a lot of skills and knowledge, there are professional services offered in different places that include Singapore.

Why is it necessary
Most of the unit tubes have been discovered to have leaks. These often require that the gas is refilled and topped up to ensure that they are functioning in the right way. However, most people are worried about how they can do this and thus seek the services of experts in the field. The following are some tips to help you top up the air con yourself without the need to be stressed up.

Benefits of air condition servicing

There are many reasons why you can choose to top up gas in your air conditioner. Some of the advantages of regular maintenance of air conditioning include:
– The need to ensure that you have an efficient cooling system
– The need to extend the life of the equipment
– The ability to save a substantial amount of money
– The ability to create a pleasant environment.

How you can recharge air con gas yourself

There are a number of items that you will need when you decide to top up gas in your air con yourself. Besides the practical basic knowledge required on how to go about the process, the other items that you will require are:

– A refrigerant
– A charging kit
– Gadgets for eye protection

You should consider that you will not be able to complete a professional job without the specifications from the manufacturer and the charging manifold that contain gauges. However, it is possible to top up the gas yourself using the kits that are available from retailers who deal with auto parts and at various departmental stores. You will need to get a kit with a pressure gauge to reduce troubleshooting and make charging easier.

Steps to follow as you top up air con gas yourself

The following are some of the steps that you will need to follow in order to ensure successful top up of air con gas. The first thing is that you should know how to check and top up the air con gas. You can do this by:

– Checking the temperature when your air con cannot produce cold air
– Checking the water leakage in the air con unit
– Calling a professional service company for inspection

In order to start refilling the gas, you should:

– Confirm the presence of a refrigerant in the system
– Ensure that no debris is obstructing the condensing coils and the operation of the compressor
– Tap on the refrigerant can
– Thread the tapping valve on the can securely and close the valve
– Open the valve to purge the charging hose. You should hear the refrigerant fill in.
– Locate the charging port with low pressure
– Crank the engine and turn the AC on high fan or high cool.
– Open the valve for you to hear the refrigerant going through the hose
– Give some time for the contents to be dispensed.
– Shut the valve and disconnect the hose

Most of the property owners who do not consider performing repairs to their cooling systems tend to pay more in terms of the cost of energy and a reduced rate of efficiency.

If you have been asking yourself can I top up air con gas on my own, it is now the time to relax. Having acquired most of the tips mentioned above, you will be in a better position to do it yourself. You will not only find it convenient in terms of cost and time saving, but you will also save yourself from most of the misinformation given by some of the air con technicians.

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