5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis

5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis – Air-con units are one of the foundations of our modern lifestyles. Without them, everyday tasks such as cooking or sleeping would become significantly more challenging. However, if you’re unsure that your aircon unit is functioning properly, here are a few indicators to watch out for during aircon diagnosis:

Read on – 5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis:

There’s no window air conditioner coming on

5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis

When you press the ‘On’ button, but your air-con doesn’t switch on, it is possible that the unit is broken and will require some major repairs. Before you panic, however, be sure that the power to your house hasn’t been switched off by a technician for repairs.

If power has been cut to your property, nothing electrical will function. If this is indeed the case, it recommends switching all of your electrical appliances back on and checking whether they work. If they do, your air conditioner is broken and you’ll need to call in a qualified technician.

The air-con has trouble maintaining the right temperature

One of the most common issues that are common with air-con units is random temperature fluctuation. The AC will randomly switch on and off, sometimes cooling the room down to uncomfortably low levels. If this occurs, there is likely an issue with your thermostat unit.

The thermostat is responsible for sending the right amount of cool air into your house, or heating it as required. If you have an older unit, it could be on the fritz and need some major repairs.

However, if this is not the case, you will need to check whether there are any issues with your cooling coils. If your air has stopped working every time you turn on the AC, it could be that the heating coils have been damaged.

It’s not blowing any air at all

If the air-con is most definitely turned on, and yet you’re still not getting any cool air, the problem is probably more serious than you think. If there are no obvious issues with your thermostat or cooling coils, then there’s a chance that your compressor has blown out. This will require a major fix from an HVAC technician.

Before you call anyone out to diagnose the issue, you may want to make sure that your air flow vents are properly aligned. This will allow your air-con to function as it was intended and get you the cool air that you need.

The air-con is not blowing cold air

5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis

Sometimes, the problem with your unit is that it’s either too cold or too hot. If you find that your room is too hot, there are a few things that you can try to fix the issue. If your furnace filters have become full of dust or hair, then they could be blocking airflow into your unit.

This will need to be removed and replaced before you can expect to get cool air again. You should also consider installing a dehumidifier to increase the amount of moisture in your home. This will aid in keeping your air-con unit running properly, and provide you with more comfort.

The unit is making strange noises

5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis

If you hear strange noises coming from your air-con, it’s probably because it’s not working properly. If you have managed to get the problem fixed and it’s now functioning again, there should no longer be any noise issues. If you are still hearing strange noises, it’s likely that your unit is broken and will require a major fix.

How to maintain your air-con unit

1. Make sure that your air filter is clean

This is the number one most common reason for air-con units to break. If your aircon filters are not clean or clogged, then the air-con cannot function properly.

You will find that it struggles to cool down your home adequately and may even stop working altogether. Before you start breathing a sigh of relief and thinking ‘oh, it’s nothing major, it’s important that you clean or replace your filter regularly.

2. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner on your air-con unit

If you’ve ever used a vacuum cleaner in your home, you’ll be aware that the powerful suction can cause a significant amount of damage if used in the wrong place. The best thing to do is to completely avoid using a vacuum on your air-con unit. In the long run, this could increase the cost of your repairs, and cause more serious problems with your unit.

3. Use a wet cloth to clean the exterior of your unit

You should never use any chemicals to clean the exterior of your air-con unit. This could cause damage to the unit and make it more likely to break. Always use a warm, damp cloth to clean it with and this should do the job just fine. If you need more information on how to clean your air-con, then you can find more information here.

4. If something isn’t working correctly, replace it immediately

If you find that your air-con is not working correctly and needs to be replaced, then this is the best way to go about doing it.

However, if you try to repair it yourself, there’s a high chance that you could cause even more damage. For example, if you are attempting to clean your air filter and it breaks in the process, then your whole unit will be broken beyond repair. You may want to consider replacing your air-con unit with one that is more energy efficient.

5. Consider investing in a thermostat

If your air-con unit is too hot, then there are a few things that you can do to make it cooler. For example, you should open the windows to let some cool air into the room and possibly turn down the temperature on your thermostat. This should be enough to cool down your home and make sure that your temperature is the way that you want it to be.

If you are still struggling, then you could consider investing in a new thermostat. It should help with ensuring that the temperature inside your home is just as you like it and will help you get more comfortable.

5 Signs Your Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis – Conclusion

If you find that your air-con is not working, then you need to get it fixed. These tips should help you to figure out what the problem is and how best to fix it.

Keep in mind that if your air-con unit is too hot, then there are a few things that will make it cooler. However, if this doesn’t work, you should consider investing in a different model of air-con. Alternatively, you could invest in some more insulation for the walls of your home to increase the temperature inside your house.

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