7 Possible Reasons Why Your Aircon Fan Is Noisy

It is important that the interior of a room be as comfortable as possible for its occupants. It should be just the right temperature and humidity. To achieve this, we make use of an air conditioning system. This is a system that controls the temperature and humidity of a room to ensure it is at the appropriate level. One of the main parts of the air conditioning system is the air conditioner fan. This fan is normally behind a set of vents. After some time of use, you may hear this fan making noises that indicate that it is malfunctioning. This noise is very disturbing. Moreover, it is risky to use an air conditioning system that is faulty. There are a number of reasons that can cause an aircon to be noisy.

1. Problems with the supply or return of air flow

The air conditioner fan sucks in hot air and fans cool it into the room where it is installed. This air is sucked in through an air filter. This device filters out and removes all dust particles, hair, fur and molds that may be floating around in the air. This is so that the cool air that s fanned into the room is clean and pure. Air filters should be replaced regularly. If it is not replaced, the air filter will collect these impurities from the air and get clogged. This will cause the air conditioner system to work much harder than it should. This can result in the machine making more noise than it should. If this continues for too long, the air conditioner heater can get severely damaged. Moreover, it can overheat and harm other parts of the air conditioner system. The blower wheels of the air conditioner can also get dirty and require cleaning or replacement. This can cause the air conditioner to work harder than it should and cause rattling noise. Moreover, the vents of air supply should be open to let in air. If they are closed, the air conditioner will rattle and make loud noises.

2. Drastic changes in the temperature

The air conditioner system can also make unnecessarily loud noise if it is turned on in the hot weather. This can be so that it cools down the room. Also, it can make this noise if its heating is turned on during the cold weather. The drastic temperatures can cause it to rattle. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to solve this problem. One of these is to insulate the air conditioner ducts in fiberglass. Fiberglass is a type of flexible and strong glass that does not conduct heat or radiate it. Thus, its insulating properties prevent the drastic change sin temperature for the air conditioner. As a result, ti does not rattle and make noises.

Another solution to this problem is to have an air conditioner technician install acoustic liners. These are rubber pads that are installed between the surfaces of the metal ducts and the wooden frame. When the metal expands, it can cause knocking sounds and noises. This is done to absorb the pressure in case the metal expands or contracts. As a result, the air conditioner does not make the unnecessary noises.

3. Duct dampers that are shut

Duct dampers perform a very important function in the air conditioner unit. Duct dampers control the direction that the conditioned air will flow around the house. This is accomplished by closing some of the dampers and opening others. If too many of these dampers are closed, then the air conditioner unit can rattle and produce unnecessary noises. Thus, if you have this problem, you can contact an air conditioning technician to open them and solve the problem.

4. Going for too long without regular service

Noises can be caused by simple and small problems such as loose screws and vents. These are replaced and repaired during servicing. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that your air conditioning system gets servicing at least once a year. This should be conducted by a certified HVAC technician. This servicing not only keeps the air conditioning system working properly, it also makes the machine work more efficiently. Thus, you pay less in terms of electricity bills for the system.

5. Badly designed duct networks

The air conditioner system can make rattling noises due to badly designed ducts. The ducts that provide the air conditioner with return air supply can have kinks. This prevents the machine form getting enough air. This causes the rattling noises.

6. Debris in the ducts

The air conditioner can make noises due to debris in the ducts. Examples of debris can be dirt, stones, dust, toys and screws or nails. When the machine is turned on, these can rattle and echo around the house. This makes for a very uncomfortable noise all over the house. This can be solved by regularly cleaning the ducts.

7. Broken supply registers

The air conditioner unit usually contains devices that are known as supply registers. Also known as vents, these devices are used to cover the supply inlet. There are three types of vents. These are diffusers, registers and grilles. When these vents are broken or loose, they can produce the uncomfortable noise. These can be repaired by a licensed air conditioning technician.

Some solutions for a noisy air conditioning unit

To solve the noise that is caused by the air conditioner, you can have it serviced regularly. Also, you can ensure that there are items or furniture placed next to the condenser. This can cause too much stress on the working of the air conditioner. Moreover, you can install acoustic panels around the air conditioner unit. The acoustic panels should be at least 2 inches taller than the air conditioning unit. They can be placed a few feet away from the air conditioning unit. This will allow for efficient air flow around it. Moreover, this will allow for comfortable access to the air conditioning unit. In addition to these methods, you can insulate the walls around the condenser. His will significantly reduce the noise that emanates from the air conditioning unit.

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