10 Reasons To Install Panasonic Aircon (Updated)

An air conditioner is vital to one’s home, office, or business, especially when living in Singapore. The country’s weather is relatively hot all year long, making it almost impossible to survive without the precious equipment.

Panasonic is a respected aircon brand in Singapore and the world, making it the number one choice for all your air conditioning needs. In the market for quite some time now, Panasonic offers some of the best floor ceilings, wall-mounted and free-standing aircon’s.

Provided below are the 10 reasons why you should install a Panasonic Aircon.

Panasonic Air Conditioning
Panasonic Air Conditioning

a) Quietness
Having a loud air conditioner in a room can prove to be very frustrating and highly disturbing. This calls for the need to have equipment that effectively filters the air in a room while cooling the room temperature in a silent and non- intrusive manner.

Panasonic aircon has a quick button that allows users to achieve a quiet mode option in no time. The incredible feature is highly convenient as it allows one to significantly reduce their equipment’s noise levels by about 3 decibels. The air conditioners are also equipped with a built-in low ambient setting, making them remarkably quiet.

b) Energy efficiency
Air conditioners have a reputation for consuming a relatively high amount of electrical energy. This is not the case, as seen in Panasonic aircon, as they are all packed with an advanced inverter technology that helps significantly minimize potential energy usage.

That is why such products are often known to have a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The inverter technology achieves lower energy consumption through maintaining temperature and compressor speed using smart monitoring technology.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency

c) Durability
Consumers wishing to purchase aircon equipment are often required to dig a little deeper to receive better and effective machinery. This makes it crucial to look for products that are durable and reliable.

Panasonic air conditioners have made a name for themselves for being highly durable, even in the toughest of conditions. The ‘Blue Fin Condenser technology’ associated with the aircon usually boosts the equipment with durability and triple life due to the anti-rusting coating used.

Panasonic air cons are also designed using the durable ‘Super Tropical Compressor technology,’ making them high-quality equipment and efficient machines that can work flawlessly under rigorous and high loads.

d) Effective odor management
Aircons usually accumulate and produce unpleasant aircon odors when continuously used for some time without fail. This alone is likely to make the room’s environment a little inhospitable. This is not the case in Panasonic aircon, as they are equipped with effective odor prevention measures that prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, the equipment has long and wide airflow vanes that dispense air equally, bringing up the much-needed balance to the environment.

e) All round 24-hour protection
The sophisticated Panasonic air conditioner equipment can easily detect unwanted particles and microscopic dirt present in the air while dissolving them with ease without affecting the air’s overall quality.

What is even better is that the technology still works even when the equipment is turned off. The ‘Super Alleru Buster Filter’ is another effective mechanism that offers real-time anti-bacterial protection by filtering unwanted antigens and viruses, making the air safe and healthy.

Panasonic aircon
Panasonic aircon

f) Ease of maintenance
All the Panasonic aircon products come fitted with an easy to remove covering panel. This makes it a lot easier to carry out regular maintenance geared towards improving overall conditioning performance, lowering aircon energy consumption, prolonging the equipment’s life, and providing optimal performance. This makes it easier to clean the aircon’s panels with soap and water for servicing and maintenance.

g) Unique appearance
Just because air conditioners are mainly used to provide a cool and relaxing environment does not necessarily mean that they should be rugged and unpleasant to look at. All the aircon products from the manufacturer are designed with the element of aesthetics or beauty in mind.

The equipment has been accessorized to ensure that they add aesthetic value to the rooms they are used in. Consumers are also provided with a wide range of shapes and sizes that they can easily identify with. 

h) Smart features
This is one incredible aspect of the Panasonic air conditioners that puts the equipment ahead of others in the market. The smart feature technology in such machines is meant to provide users with optimal performance while minimizing the level of effort on their side.

For instance, the absence of detection technology can automatically reduce output in areas identified to be empty. On the other hand, activity detection works by reducing unnecessary cooling when there is no notable activity in a given room while maintaining comfortable environmental conditions. One can also easily program their equipment to work only when required.

Panasonic Smart features
Panasonic Smart features

i) Affordability/ Value for your hard-earned money
It is important for air conditioner equipment to be relatively affordable to consumers due to their increasing demand in Singapore. The Panasonic aircon comes in different sizes and shapes, colors, advanced technology features, among other factors ensuring that each and everyone gets a chance to own such equipment.

Regardless of the intended use, the manufacturer’s purchased aircon are likely to provide consumers with value for their hard-earned money due to their durable, efficient, and energy-saving nature. 

j) Advanced inverter technology
Panasonic aircon is designed using a unique advanced inverter technology that is likely to reduce energy consumption while providing optimal performance. An intelligent compressor motor fitted with such equipment normally slows down or adjusts on its own, ensuring a 30-50% guaranteed reduction in energy consumption.

The inverter technology is often a key factor used to measure an air conditioner’s efficiency and reliability. The fact that it is present in all Panasonic air conditioner equipment alone speaks volumes for itself.

The reasons provided above prove that Panasonic aircon is more than just air conditioner equipment. Most of the article’s factors are often used in identifying the most effective and efficient aircon equipment in the market, making them a must have on every serious buyer’s checklist. Try the Panasonic aircon equipment today for more satisfying results.

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